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A Detailed Study of a Primary Text - KEG4802
A Detailed Study of a Theological Theme or a Theologian - KEG4803
A Research Paper - ENN4805
A Thorough Study of a Period in the History of Philosophy - PLS4802
A Thorough Study of an Approved Philosophical Problem - PLS4804
ABET Teaching Practice - ABT2620
Abnormal Behaviour and Mental Health - PYC3702
Abstract Algebra - MAT3702
Academic Proficiency in English for student Teachers (Only available on second semester) - EST1501
Access to Mathematics - MAT0511
Accommodation Operations - HPS3703
Accounting Information Systems in a Computer Environment - AIN1501
Accounting for Managers - MBA4807
Accounting for Managers - MBL4807
Accounting for Managers - PBA4807
Additional Language endorsement - LPENGPN
Addressing Barriers to Learning - HBEDABH
Administration of the Correctional Service Act - PEN2607
Administrative Law - ADL2601
Administrative Law - MHR5901
Administrative Management IA - ADB1501
Administrative Management IB - ADB1602
Administrative Management IIA - ADB2601
Administrative Management IIB - ADB2602
Administrative Management IIIA - ADB3701
Administrative Management IIIB - ADB3702
Administrative Practice III (Experiential Training) - ADP3701
Admission and Release Mechanism - PEN2606
Adult Development and The World of Work - Med (Adult Education) - MEDAE2S
Adult Education and Extension - CX6003A
Adult Learning Facilitation - Med (Adult Education) - MEDAE1R
Adult Teaching and Learning - HBEDAT5
Adulthood and Maturity - PYC2603
Advance Intelligence - FOR5906
Advanced African Philosophy - PLS3703
Advanced Animal Breeding - ASA4802
Advanced Animal Nutrition - ASA4803
Advanced Animal Parasitology - LSH4804
Advanced Animal Physiology - ASA2601
Advanced Arabic - ARB3704
Advanced Arabic Literary Texts - ARB3707
Advanced Aspects of user Studies and Collection Development - HAI4803
Advanced Auditing (Namibian students only) - NAU4861
Advanced Auditing (Zimbabwean students only) - ZAU4861
Advanced Auditing - AUE4861
Advanced Biotechnology - BIT3701
Advanced Business Tourism - TRT4863
Advanced Consumer Science - CSR4802
Advanced Corporate Financial Reporting - FAC4865
Advanced Corporate Investigation III - SEP3713
Advanced Corporate Investigations IV - SEP4805
Advanced Creative Writing: A Practical Course (Theory of Literature 204) - KSK2601
Advanced Destination and Marketing Management - TRT4864
Advanced Development Economics - ECS4867
Advanced Development Software IV - DEV401I
Advanced E-Travel and E-Tourism - TRT4803
Advanced Econometrics - ECS4863
Advanced Field Crop Production - ASP4803
Advanced Financial Accounting I (Namibian students only) - NFA4861
Advanced Financial Accounting I (Zimbabwean students only) - ZFA4861
Advanced Financial Accounting I - FAC4861
Advanced Financial Accounting II (Namibian students only) - NFA4862
Advanced Financial Accounting II (Zimbabwean Students Only) - ZFA4862
Advanced Financial Accounting II - FAC4862
Advanced Financial Management - FIN4801
Advanced Financial Management - MBL93EV
Advanced Financial Systems - MBL93FW
Advanced Forensic Crime Intelligence - FOR3705
Advanced Genetics - GNE3702
Advanced Graphical user Interface Programming - ICT3611
Advanced Human Resource Development - HRD4803
Advanced Human Resource Management - HRM4801
Advanced Indigenous Law - LCP4804
Advanced Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology - LSH4802
Advanced Information and Knowledge Management - HAI4801
Advanced Integrated Social Work Practice (Offered from 2021) - BSW4805
Advanced Internal Audit Applications - AUI4863
Advanced Internal Audit Practice - AUI4861
Advanced Internal Audit Responsibilities in Risk, Control and Governance - AUI4862
Advanced International Economics - ECS4865
Advanced Internet Programming - ICT3612
Advanced Laboratory Techniques - LSH4807
Advanced Labour Law - MBA5906
Advanced Labour Law - MBL5906
Advanced Labour Relations Management - LRM4801
Advanced Landscape Design Techniques - LDS3701
Advanced Language Skills in Portuguese (Oral and Written) - PTU3703
Advanced Macroeconomics - ECS4861
Advanced Management Accounting (Zimbabwean students only) - ZMA4861
Advanced Management Accounting (Namibian students only) - NMA4861
Advanced Management Accounting - MAC4861
Advanced Marketing - MBL93J4
Advanced Mathematical Methods - PHY4801
Advanced Medical Microbiology - LSH4801
Advanced Metabolism - BCH3702
Advanced Microbial Genetics, Recombinant DNA Technology and Industrial Microbiology - MIB3702
Advanced Microeconomics - ECS4862
Advanced Molecular Genetics - GNE3701
Advanced Narrative Theory (Theory of Literature 821) - THL3701
Advanced Nutrition - NUT4801
Advanced Operating System Practice - ICT3631
Advanced Operations Management - AOM4801
Advanced Pastoral Care and Counselling - PTH4804
Advanced Physiology - ASA201P
Advanced Physiology IV - LSH4814
Advanced Plant Pests and Diseases - APP4701
Advanced Plant Physiology - ASP4801
Advanced Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature - BOT4802
Advanced Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature - LSH4809
Advanced Practical Course A - PRA004F
Advanced Practical Course B - PRA004N
Advanced Principles of Public International Law - MIL5901
Advanced Programming - COS3711
Advanced Public Economics - ECS4866
Advanced Research Report - COM4809
Advanced Security Management III - SEP3709
Advanced Security Risk Control Measures III - SEP3711
Advanced Security Risk Control Measures and Security Technology IV - SEP4803
Advanced Security Risk Management III - SEP3710
Advanced Security Risk Management IV - SEP4804
Advanced Security Technology & Information Security III - SEP3712
Advanced Solid State Physics - PHY4806
Advanced Strategic Tourism Management - TRT4861
Advanced Systems Development - INF3705
Advanced Tax Cap Selecta II - TAX4865
Advanced Tax Capita Selecta I - TAX4864
Advanced Tax Case Law - TAX4863
Advanced Taxation (Namibian students only) - NTA4861
Advanced Taxation - TAX4861
Advanced Theory of Drama (Theory of Literature) - THL3702
Advanced Theory of Poetry (Theory of Literature) - THL3703
Advanced Tourism Development and Ecotourism - TRT4862
Advanced Transport Finance and Marketing - TRL4863
Advanced Transport Management - TRL4861
Advanced Transport Planning and Development - TRL4862
Advanced Western Philosophy - PLS3709
Advertising and Public Relations - COM3708
Advertising and Sales Promotion - MNM2606
Africa in the World: Historical Perspectives - HSY1511
Africa's Religious Heritage - RST3707
Africa: Texts and Territories - ENN4802
African Archaeology - AGE2602
African Composition - CST3714
African Composition Resources - CST3701
African Customary Law - IND2601
African Ethics and Politics - PLS2602
African Ethnography - APY4802
African Language and Culture in Practice - AFL1502
African Languages: The Science of Language in Context - AFL3701
African Political Thought - APC4801
Afrikaans Beyond Boundaries: an Interdisciplinary Perspective - AFK3704
Afrikaans Grammar - AFK2602
Afrikaans Today (Literature) - AFK1501
Afrikaans and Dutch Drama - AFK4802
Afrikaans and Dutch Poetry - AFK4803
Afrikaans and Dutch Prose - AFK4801
Afrikaanse Grammatika vir Eerste Addisionele Sprekers - AFK2603
Agricultural Project Analysis I B (Offered from 2020) - AME4802
Agricultural Economics - AEA271V
Agricultural Engineering I - AGE111A
Agricultural Management I - AGM111A
Agricultural Management II - AGM211A
Agricultural Marketing Analysis (Offered from 2020) - AME4801
Agricultural Marketing and Management - AME2019
Agricultural Marketing and Risk Management - AME2701
Agricultural Mechanisation - AGM1501
Agricultural Policy Analysis - AME3703
Agricultural Practice III - AGP301A
Agricultural Production Economics (Theory and Practice) - AME2601
Agricultural Production Management II - GPM201A
Agricultural Production Techniques II - AGT201A
Agricultural Project Analysis IB - AME4803
Agricultural Resource Economics - AME3702
Agricultural Soil Science I - ASC111A
Agricultural and Rural Development - AME3701
Air Quality Control (Chemical) IV - AQC4701
Air Transport - TRL3703
Algebra for Intermediate and Senior Teachers - ACEME2D
Alternative Worlds in Fiction - WLL3702
Amenity horticulture - AMH4701
An Advanced Study of Problems Relating to Foreign Policy Analysis - IPC4803
An Introduction to Islam - ICS1501
An Introduction to Language Policy and Planning in South Africa: the Case of African Languages - AFL3703
An Introduction to Research Methodology in Criminology - CMY2606
An Introduction to the Finite Element Method - APM4810
An Orientation to Biblical Archaeology - HBA4806
Analyse Modelling in School Mathematics - HBEDAMU
Analyse the Impact of the Curriculum on Effective Mathematical Practices - HBEDAIQ
Analysis of Safety Incidents - MNO2605
Analytic Health Measurement - MPHAHMV
Analytic Health Measurement - PPH4802
Analytical Chemistry II (Practical) Semester 1 only - CHE2624
Analytical Chemistry II (Theory) - CHE2614
Analytical Chemistry III (Practical) Semester 2 only - CHE3724
Analytical Chemistry III - CHE3704
Analytical Chemistry IV - CHE4804
Anatomy and Physiology (Animal Health I) - PAH131S
Anatomy and Physiology AH II - PAH1502
Anatomy and Physiology Animal Welfare - APH1501
Anatomy and Physiology II (Extended) - XAH1502
Anatomy and Physiology Practical (Gauteng) - AHPRW2G
Anatomy and Physiology: AH I (Extended) - XAH1501
Anatomy and Physiology: AH I - PAH1501
Ancient Democracy - AHS3712
Ancient Empires - CLS2603
Ancient Mythology in Context - AHS1511
Ancient Near East and its "Outside" World - ATC3703
Ancient Rome: Society, Myth and Literature - CLS1502
Animal & Plant Diversity (Extended) - XLG1502
Animal Breeding [Theory and Practice] - ASA2702
Animal Breeding - ASA202Q
Animal Care and Handling - AAH1501
Animal Diseases - AND1016
Animal Diseases - AND301D
Animal Diseases - AND401D
Animal Diseases I - AND2601
Animal Diseases II - AND201A
Animal Diseases II - AND2602
Animal Diseases III - AND3701
Animal Diseases IV - AND3702
Animal Diversity I (Extended) - XOL1501
Animal Diversity I - ZOL1501
Animal Diversity II (Extended) - XOL1502
Animal Diversity II - ZOL1502
Animal Health Practice III - ANH301A
Animal Health Practice : Laboratory Diagnostics - ANH2601
Animal Health Practice: Portfolio (WIL) - ANH3605
Animal Health Practice: Project (WIL) - ANH3604
Animal Health Practice: Reproduction Management - ANH2602
Animal Health Practice: TB/CA - ANH3703
Animal Nutrition 1 - ASA102M
Animal Physiology (Theory and Practice) - XSA1501
Animal Physiology - ASA101L
Animal Physiology [Theory and Practice] - ASA1501
Animal Production I - ANP111A
Animal Production II - ANP211A
Animal Production III - ANP311A
Animal Production IV - ANP411A
Animal Production Physiology - ASA4801
Animal Studies I (Extended) - XNS1501
Animal Studies I - ANS1501
Animal Studies II - ANS2601
Animal Studies III - ANS3701
Animal and Plant Diversity - BLG1502
Anthropological Theory in Practice - APY2601
Anthropological and Archaeological Research Report - HRAAR81
Anthropology and Health Care - APY2602
Anthropology in a Diverse World - APY1501
Anthropology in an African Context - APY2613
Apparel Theories - CLO4801
Application of Financial Management Techniques - MAC3702
Application of Management Accounting Techniques - MAC3701
Applied African Language Communicative Competence for Second Additional Language - NDE1507
Applied African Language Communicative Competence for Second Additional Language - SPE1507
Applied African Language Communicative Competence for Second Additional Language - SSO1507
Applied African Language Communicative Competence for Second Additional Language - SWA1507
Applied African Language Communicative Competence for Second Additional Language - TSO1507
Applied African Language Communicative Competence for Second Additional Language - TSW1507
Applied African Language Communicative Competence for Second Additional Language - VEN1507
Applied African Language Communicative Competence for Second Additional Language - XHO1507
Applied African Language Communicative Competence for Second Additional Language - ZUL1507
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additioal language, Intermediate phase (Offered from 2020) - SPE2607
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additioal language, Intermediate phase (Offered from 2020) - TSW2607
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additioal language, Intermediate phase (Offered from 2020) - XHO2607
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional Language - NDE1508
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional Language - SPE1508
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional Language - SSO1508
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional Language - SWA1508
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional Language - TSO1508
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional Language - TSW1508
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional Language - VEN1508
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional Language - XHO1508
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional Language - ZUL1508
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional language, Intermediate phase (Offered from 2020) - NDE2607
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional language, Intermediate phase (Offered from 2020) - SSO2607
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional language, Intermediate phase (Offered from 2020) - SWA2607
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional language, Intermediate phase (Offered from 2020) - TSO2607
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional language, Intermediate phase (Offered from 2020) - VEN2607
Applied African Languages Grammar for First Additional language, Intermediate phase (Offered from 2020) - ZUL2607
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language Foundation and Intermediate Phase - TSO1505
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language Foundation and Intermediate Phase - XHO1505
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - NDE2604
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - SPE2604
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - SWA2604
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - TSO2604
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - TSW2604
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - VEN2604
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - XHO2604
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - ZUL2604
Applied African Languages Grammar for Home Language teaching in the Intermediate Phase(Offered from 2020) - SSO2604
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language (Offered from 2020) - NDE2606
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language (Offered from 2020) - SPE2606
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language (Offered from 2020) - SSO2606
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language (Offered from 2020) - SWA2606
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language (Offered from 2020) - TSO2606
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language (Offered from 2020) - TSW2606
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language (Offered from 2020) - VEN2606
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language (Offered from 2020) - XHO2606
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language (Offered from 2020) - ZUL2606
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language - NDE1509
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language - SPE1509
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language - SSO1509
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language - SWA1509
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language - TSO1509
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language - TSW1509
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language - VEN1509
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language - XHO1509
Applied African Languages Literature for First Additional Language - ZUL1509
Applied African Languages Literature for Home Language, Foundation phase - NDE1506
Applied African Languages Literature for Home Language, Foundation phase - SPE1506
Applied African Languages Literature for Home Language, Foundation phase - SSO1506
Applied African Languages Literature for Home Language, Foundation phase - SWA1506
Applied African Languages Literature for Home Language, Foundation phase - TSO1506
Applied African Languages Literature for Home Language, Foundation phase - TSW1506
Applied African Languages Literature for Home Language, Foundation phase - VEN1506
Applied African Languages Literature for Home Language, Foundation phase - ZUL1506
Applied African Languages Literature for Home Language, foundation phase - XHO1506
Applied African Languages Literature for Home language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - NDE2605
Applied African Languages Literature for Home language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - SPE2605
Applied African Languages Literature for Home language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - SWA2605
Applied African Languages Literature for Home language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - TSO2605
Applied African Languages Literature for Home language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - TSW2605
Applied African Languages Literature for Home language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - VEN2605
Applied African Languages Literature for Home language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - XHO2605
Applied African Languages Literature for Home language teaching in the Intermediate Phase (Offered from 2020) - ZUL2605
Applied African languages Grammar for Home Language Foundation and Intermediate Phase - NDE1505
Applied African languages Grammar for Home Language Foundation and Intermediate Phase - SPE1505
Applied African languages Grammar for Home Language Foundation and Intermediate Phase - SSO1505
Applied African languages Grammar for Home Language Foundation and Intermediate Phase - SWA1505
Applied African languages Grammar for Home Language Foundation and Intermediate Phase - TSW1505
Applied African languages Grammar for Home Language Foundation and Intermediate Phase - VEN1505
Applied African languages Grammar for Home Language Foundation and Intermediate Phase - ZUL1505
Applied Animal Health Care - AHC1501
Applied Animal Nutrition (Theory and Practice) - ASA2701
Applied Anthropology - APY4804
Applied Anthropology: Contemporary Human Issues and the Practice of Anthropology - APY3702
Applied Archaeology: Heritage Conservation, Cultural Resource Management and Archaeotourism - AGE3702
Applied Auditing (Namibian Students Only) - NAU4862
Applied Auditing (Zimbabwean Students Only) - ZAU4862
Applied Auditing - AUE4862
Applied Biblical Archaeology - HBA4803
Applied Business Informatics - MBA5908
Applied Communication in Policing Module 2 - EPP2602
Applied Communication in Policing Module I - EPP2601
Applied Dynamical Systems - APM2614
Applied English Language Foundation and Intermediate Phase First Additional Language - ENG1514
Applied English Language Studies: Further Explorations - ENG2601
Applied English Language for Foundation and Intermediate Phase First Additional Language - ENG2611
Applied English Language for Foundation and Intermediate Phase Home Language - ENG2612
Applied English Language for Foundation and Intermediate Phases - Home Language - ENG1515
Applied English Literature Foundation Phase First Additional Language - ENG1516
Applied English Literature Foundation Phase Home Language - ENG1517
Applied English Literature for Intermediate Phase First Additional Language - ENG2613
Applied English Literature for Intermediate Phase Home Language - ENG2614
Applied Financial Accounting I (Namibian Students Only) - NFA4863
Applied Financial Accounting I (Zimbabwean Students Only) - ZFA4863
Applied Financial Accounting I - FAC4863
Applied Financial Accounting II (Namibian Students Only) - NFA4864
Applied Financial Accounting II (Zimbabwean Students Only) - ZFA4864
Applied Financial Accounting II - FAC4864
Applied Food and Beverage Project - APH2601
Applied Functional Analysis - APM4811
Applied Human Resource Development Competencies - HRD3701
Applied Human Resource Management Competencies - HRM3701
Applied Labour Law for Forensic Auditors - APL4802
Applied Labour Relations Management Competencies - LRM3701
Applied Law for Forensic Auditors - ALF4861
Applied Linear Algebra (Extended) - XPM1513
Applied Linear Algebra - APM1513
Applied Management Accounting (Zimbabwean students only) - ZMA4862
Applied Management Accounting (Namibian Students Only) - NMA4862
Applied Management Accounting - MAC4862
Applied Mechanics I (Practical) - AMC1PRA
Applied Research Methodology in Corrections Management - HMPEN80
Applied Research Methodology in Criminology - HMCMY80
Applied Research Methodology in Penology - PEN4802
Applied Research Methodology in Police Science - HMPOL80
Applied Research Methodology in Security Science - SEP4801
Applied Science Practical - AGR101U
Applied Security Risk Management - SEP3701
Applied Statistics II - STA2601
Applied Statistics III - STA3701
Applied Strategic Marketing - MNM4802
Applied Strategic Retailing - MNM4804
Applied Strength of Materials III (Practical) - SOMPRB3
Applied Strength of Materials III (Theory) - SOM3602
Applied Taxation (Namibian Students Only) - NTA4862
Applied Taxation - TAX4862
Applied Zoology - ZOL3703
Applied labour Law - APL4801
Applying Research Methodology in Information Science - AIS3704
Appraisal and Disposal of Records - ARM2603
Approaches in Linguistics - LIN3701
Approaches to Programme Management III - PUB3711
Approaches to Research in Theological Ethics - HPTHE81
Approaches to Theology - STH4801
Aquatic Ecology - BOT3702
Arabic Grammar and Philology - ARB4801
Arboriculture - ARB4701
Archaelogy and Fossils: The Study of Human Evolution - AGE3705
Archaeological Fieldwork Techniques and Analytical Methods - AGE2601
Archeology of the Ancient Near East - ATC3701
Archival Programming and Advocacy - ARM3705
Art and Handwork - ATH1501
Art and Ideology II - ARH3701
Arts and Culture - PST210G
Aspects of Programme Management III - PUB3712
Assessing Environmental Impacts - GGH3705
Assessment and Learner Support - FDESE28
Assessment for Learning and Development - HBEDAAG
Assessment in Education - AED3701
Assessment in the Intermediate and Senior Mathematics - MAE104M
Astronomy Practical - AST2655
Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy - AST4884
Atomic and Nuclear Physics - PHY3708
Audio-Visual Archiving - ARM2601
Audit Planning and Tests of Controls - AUE3701
Auditing Theory and Practice - AUE2601
Auditing in Information Systems Environment - AUE4868
Auditing of Advanced Computer Applications - AUE4872
Automatic Control IV - AUC401M
Automation III - ATO331Q


Banking III - BAN3701
Banking : Introduction To Treasury Management - BAN2602
Banking : Treasury Management - BAN3702
Banking Law and Usage - LML4807
Banking: Fundamental Principles - BAN1502
Banking: Introduction - BAN1501
Barriers to Learning: Impairments - FDESN3T
Basic Accounting - FAC1500
Basic Arabic Literary texts - ARB3705
Basic Biology (Extended) - XLG1501
Basic Biology - BLG1501
Basic Communicative Competence in Afrikaans - AFK1505
Basic Epidemiology in Health Sciences - CMH3701
Basic Financial Mathematics in Intermediate and Senior Phase - MAE203P
Basic Measurement and Questionnaire Design - PYC2606
Basic Numeracy - BNU1501
Basic Psychology - PYC1501
Basic Statistical and Financial Education - ACEME5G
Basic Statistics (Extended) - XTA1510
Basic Statistics - STA1510
Basic Text Skills (Afrikaans) - AFK1502
Becoming a Teacher - BTE2601
Becoming, Learning and Assessment of the Young Child in the Early Childhood Development Phase - HBEDBLV
Beef Practical - AGR3048
Beef Production - ASA303U
Beef Production [Theory and Practice] - ASA3703
Beginners Practical Course A - PRA003K
Beginners Practical Course B - PRA003N
Behaviour Change and Communication - SBH4802
Being a Professional Teacher - BPT1501
Beverage Studies - FOO3703
Biblical Archaeology and Every Day Life in the Biblical World - HBA4804
Biblical Archaeology of the Late Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Babylonian and Persian Periods - HBA4802
Bibliographic Control, Basic Descriptive Cataloguing and Classification - AIS2601
Bio-Systems I - BSY1015
Biochemistry (Practical) - BCH2604
Biochemistry (Practical) - BCH3704
Bioenergetics - BCH2602
Biological research methodology - BRM4701
Biology Practical - BLG1603
Biomedical Techniques - BMI3702
Biometry - AGB3701
Biopolymers of Heredity - BCH2603
Bioprocess Technology and Engineering - Practical - BIT3704
Bioresource Ecology - ASP101N
Biotechnology - BIT2601
Botany I (Practical) - BOT1603
Botany II (Practical) - BOT2604
Botany III (Practical) - BOT3704
Brand Management - MNM3710
Building a Portfolio of ABET Practice - ABT1520
Business Ethics - MBL926S
Business Informatics I (Extended) - XCT1541
Business Informatics I - ICT1541
Business Informatics IIA - ICT2641
Business Informatics IIB - ICT2642
Business Informatics IIIA - ICT3641
Business Informatics IIIB - ICT3642
Business Management IB - MNB1601
Business Management - by Portfolio - MNB2601
Business Management IA - BSM1501
Business Management IA - MNB1501
Business Management IB - BSM1602
Business Management IIA - BSM2601
Business Management IIB - BSM2602
Business Management IIIA - BSM3701
Business Management IIIB - BSM3702
Business Numerical Skills A - FBN1501
Business Numerical Skills B - FBN1502
Business Practice and Workplace Ethics - BWE1501
Business Research - MBA5944
Business Research - MBL5912
Business Research - MBL925R
Business Tourism - DTM3701
Business-to-Business Marketing - MNM2604


Calculus A (Extended) - XAT1512
Calculus A - MAT1512
Calculus B - MAT1613
Calculus in Higher Dimensions - MAT2615
Called and Sent: Missional Ecclesiologies - MSG4804
Cardiovascular System - FIS3702
Care and Support for Personal and Social Well-being - CSP2601
Career Guidance - FDEGD3V
Career Psychology & Professional Development (Masters) - IOP5963
Career Psychology - IOP3703
Caring for All: Exploring the Field of Pastoral Work - CGM3703
Case Work: Theories, Approaches and Models (Offered from 2020) - BSW3701
Category Theory - MAT4838
Change Management - IOP4867
Change Management - IRM4814
Change Management - MBL93AR
Channel Management - MNM2610
Chemical Engineering Fundamentals I - CHF1501
Chemical Engineering Fundamentals II - CHF2601
Chemical Engineering IV (Practical) - CHE4PRA
Chemical Engineering Practice I - CEP101E
Chemical Engineering Practice II - CEP201E
Chemical Engineering Practice: Work Directed Theoretical Learning I - CEP2602
Chemical Engineering Practice: Work Directed Theoretical Learning I - CEP3602
Chemical Engineering Technology II (Practical) - CEMPRA2
Chemical Engineering Technology III (Module A) (Practical) - CEMPRA3
Chemical Engineering Technology III Module B (Practical) - CEMPRB3
Chemical Engineering Technology IV: Fluid Flow (Module A) - CEM4701
Chemical Engineering Technology IV: Heat and Mass (Module B) - CEM4702
Chemical Environmental Engineering IV (Project) - CEE4701
Chemical Plant III (Module A) - CHP3601
Chemical Plant III (Module B) - CHP3602
Chemical Process Design IV: Equipment Design (Module A) - CPD4701
Chemical Process Design IV: Plant Design (Module B) - CPD4702
Chemical Process Design: Principles III - CPD3601
Chemistry I (Practical) - CHE1PRA
Chemistry I (Theory) - CHE181T
Child Development - EDT101G
Child Development - EDT1601
Child Development I - FDEGD1T
Child Development II: Problems in Childhood and Adolescence - FDEGD4W
Child and Adolescent Development (Only available on second semester) - CAD1501
Child and Adolescent Development - PYC2602
Child and Youth Misbehaviour - CMY2603
Child development (birth to 9) - CDE3701
Child, Youth, Family Care and Related Legislation (Offered from 2020) - BSW3704
Children's Literature - PRS2026
Children's Literature - CHL1501
Christian Action for Anti-Racism and Reconciliation - CMM3701
Christian Foundations: the Early Centuries - TIC3705
Christian Leadership and Church Management - CGM3705
Christian Moral Decision-Making - CMM3705
Christian Mysticism - CSP4804
Christian Origins: the Formation of Early Christian Discourse - ECH4802
Christian Social Ethics - CMM3703
Christianity and a Changing South Africa - TIC2602
Christianity in Africa - TIC3704
Chronic Lifestyle Diseases - NUT3702
Church Historiography and Methodology - HMKEG80
Church and Society Across the Ages - TIC3703
Circuit Analysis IV (Practical) - CANPRA4
Circuit Analysis IV (Theory) - CAN4701
Citizenship, Public Participation and Democracy - CPD1501
Civil Procedure - CIV3701
Claims Management - ISR1503
Classic and Romantic Music (offered from 2020) - MHS2611
Classical Heroes in Fact and Fiction - CLS3704
Classical Historical Writings - CLS3701
Classical Mechanics - PHY2601
Classical Thought and Roman History - CLS4803
Classroom Management (Educational Themes 201 (BEd)) - EDA201W
Clinical Biochemistry II - BMI2601
Clinical Engineering Technology Management IV - CET401J
Clinical Pathology II - BMI2606
Clinical Pathology III - BMI3707
Clothing Construction Theory (Extended) - XLO1501
Clothing Construction: Practical - CLO1602
Clothing Construction: Theory - CLO1501
Clothing Range Planning - CLO3702
Clothing and Textile Production Development - CTP4801
Clothing and Textile Project - CLO2604
Cognition: Thinking, Memory and Problem Solving - PYC3703
Cognitive Linguistics - HLIN482
Cognitive NeuroScience - PYC4813
Collective Bargaining and Negotiation - LRM4802
Collective Labour Law - LLW2602
Colonial and Postcolonial African Literatures - ENG2603
Commercial Insurance Products and Practice - ISR1502
Commercial Law IA - CLA1501
Commercial Law IB - CLA1502
Commercial Law IC - CLA1503
Commercial Law IIA - CLA2601
Commercial Law IIB - CLA2602
Commonwealth Values in Youth in Development - DYD111Q
Communicating in Inclusive Settings - INC4803
Communicating in a Global Context - DPR2604
Communication Contexts and Applications - COM1502
Communication Dynamics in African Languages - AFL2601
Communication Law - CML1501
Communication Research - COM3706
Communication Science for Public Relations I - COP1501
Communication Science for Public Relations II - COP2601
Communication Science for Public Relations III - COP3701
Communication Theory - DPR2602
Communication in Business Contexts - CBC1501
Communication in the Organisation - DPR1502
Communicative Scenario's - AFK3701
Community Development and the Basic Needs Approach - DVA2602
Community Extension Practice - AEX1602
Community Health Practical - CMH2601
Community Project - CP7002X
Community Psychology: Ecologies of Knowledge - PYC4814
Community Work (Project) - SCK4806
Community Work - SCK3703
Community Work: Planning and Integrated Practice - SCK4805
Community Work: Theories, Approaches and Models (Offered from 2020) - BSW3703
Community psychology: Building foundations - PYC2614
Community psychology: Working for change - PYC3716
Community, Society and Inequality in a Globalised World: Introduction to Sociology - SOC1501
Company Law - LML4806
Comparatism: Intertextual Dialogues - AFK3702
Comparative Animal Physiology - ZOL2601
Comparative Correctional Services Systems (Module B) - CSA4M2C
Comparative Corrections - PEN4805
Comparative Literature of the Ancient Near East - ATC3702
Comparative Politics: Africa and Beyond - APP4801
Comparative or Sexual or Medical Ethics - THE4801
Compensation Management - HRM3705
Compensation Practices - HRM2603
Complex Analysis - MAT3705
Composition Models I: Tonal Music - CST1501
Composition Models II: Modal and Tonal Counterpoint - CST1502
Composition Models III: Chromaticism - CST2602
Composition Models IV: Music Analysis - CST2603
Comprehensive Primary Health Care I - CMH1501
Comprehensive Primary Health Care II - CMH1502
Computational Modeling - PHY3709
Computer Aided Draughting I - CAD161S
Computer Algebra - APM2616
Computer Applications (Agriculture II) - CAA211A
Computer Graphics - COS3712
Computer Integration in the Classroom - FDEME3L
Computer Integration in the classroom - CIC2601
Computer Literacy for Teachers - ACECE2C
Computer Networks I - COS2626
Computer Networks IV - CMN401E
Computer Organisation - COS2621
Computer Systems: Fundamental Concepts - COS1521
Computer Systems: Fundamental Concepts(Extended) - XOS1521
Concrete Technology IV (Theory) - CNT4701
Concrete Technology IV (Practical) - CNTPRA4
Concrete Technology IV (Project) - CNT4702
Conflict Resolution Strategies and Skills - DYD213V
Conflict, Peace and Security Studies - PSC4803
Conquerors and Conquests in the Ancient World: from Text to Screen - CLS3706
Conservation Administration I (Extended) - XOA1501
Conservation Administration I - COA1501
Conservation Biology - NAT4801
Conservation Ecology - HES4807
Conservation Ecology I (Extended) - XEC1501
Conservation Ecology I - CEC1501
Conservation Ecology II - CEC2601
Conservation Ecology III - CEC3701
Conservation Interpretation I (Extended) - XIN1501
Conservation Interpretation I - CIN1501
Conservation Interpretation II - CIN2601
Conservation Management I - CVM111Y
Conservation Research Proposal Development - RPNAT81
Conservation Resource Management I (Extended) - XVM1501
Conservation Resource Management I - CVM1501
Conservation Resource Management II - CVM2601
Conservation Resource Management III - CVM3701
Conservation in the Face of Climate Change - NAT4805
Constitutional Law - CSL2601
Constitutional Law - MHR5906
Construction Materials I (Theory) - CMT1501
Construction Materials I (Practical) - CMTPRA1
Construction Methods I - CMD1501
Construction of Bodies, Gender and Sexuality in Early Christianity - ECH3704
Consumer Behaviour - MNM2605
Consumer Law - COL3704
Consumer Psychology - IOP4869
Contact Course I - COC1501
Contact Course I - COC4801
Contact Course II - COC2602
Contact Course III - COC3601
Contact Course IV - COC3602
Contact Session I - COC4701
Contact Session II - COC4702
Contemporary Afrikaans: Language Studies and Written Communication - AFK1503
Contemporary Crime Issues - CMY4803
Contemporary Criminological Issues - CMY3706
Contemporary Food Studies - CFS4801
Contemporary Hospitality Management - CHM4801
Contemporary International Art - ARH411R
Contemporary Islam - ICS4803
Contemporary Issues in Marketing - MNM4801
Contemporary Management Issues - MNG2602
Contemporary South African Art - ARH412S
Contemporary Theories of Learning and Implications for Teaching (Offered in Semester 1) - STE4801
Contemporary Theories of the Arts - HMV4802
Contemporary Trends in Health Sciences Education - HSE3702
Contemporary issues in Health Services Management - HMA3704
Contemporary issues in Human Resource Management - HRM3704
Contemporary issues in Politics: Capita Selecta - PSC3701
Contextual Studies - ABT1512
Contextualisation of Health Sciences Education - HSE1501
Contextualising the Old Testament - OTS4804
Continuous Time Stochastic Processes - APM4802
Contributions From Cognitive Science to Teaching and Learning (Offered in Semester 2) - STE4804
Control Systems III (Practical) - CSYPRA3
Control Systems III (Theory) - CSY3601
Control Systems IV (Theory) - CSY4701
Control Systems IV(Practical) - CSYPRA4
Conveyancing - LPL4804
Corporate Citizenship - MNN3701
Corporate Entrepreneurship - MNE3702
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation - MBL5911
Corporate Governance & Ethic - MBL5902
Corporate Governance - MBL93CT
Corporate Governance and Ethics - MBA5902
Corporate Governance in Accountancy - AUE2602
Corporate Investigation I - SEP1503
Corporate Investigation II - SEP2603
Corporate Investigation III - SEP3703
Corporate Strategic Management - MBL93DU
Correction and Care - PEN2608
Correctional Management Control Mechanisms - PEN3708
Correctional Management Principles - PEN3707
Correctional Services Administration I: Module 1: Correctional Security - PEN2605
Correctional Services Administration I: Module II: Introduction to Corrections Science - PEN1502
Correctional Services Administration II: Module I: Fundamental Penology - PEN2601
Correctional Services Administration II: Module II: Social Dynamics in a Correctional Centre - PEN2602
Correctional Services Administration III: Module I: Community Corrections - PEN2603
Correctional Services Administration III: Module II: Offender Development - PEN3706
Correctional Services Management IV (Module I) - CSM4M1V
Correctional Services Management IV (Module II) - CSM4M2V
Correctional Skills - PEN1503
Cosmology - APM4801
Counselling Skills - SCK2604
Creation of Wealth - PUB2603
Creative Writing Workshop and Portfolio - KSK3701
Creative Writing and Translation - AFL3705
Creative Writing for Public Relations - ENG2604
Credit Management I - CRM1501
Credit Management II - CRM2601
Credit Risk Management - RSK4804
Crime Information Systems for Policing - CRI3701
Crime Prevention Principles for Policing IA - POL1501
Crime Prevention Principles for Policing IB - POL1502
Crime Prevention Principles for Policing IIA - POL2601
Crime Prevention Principles for Policing IIB - POL2602
Crime Prevention Principles for Policing IIIA - POL3701
Crime Prevention Principles for Policing IIIB - POL3702
Crime Prevention Principles for Policing IV - POL4803
Crime Prevention Principles for Traffic Policing III Module 1 - POL3703
Crime Prevention Principles for Traffic Policing III Module 2 - POL3704
Crime Prevention Principles for Traffic Policing Module 1 - POL2603
Crime Prevention Principles for Traffic Policing Module 2 - POL2604
Crime Risk Perspectives - CMY2601
Crime Typologies - CMY3702
Criminal Justice Research Methodology - SEP3707
Criminal Law: Specific Crimes - CRW2602
Criminal Procedure - CPR3701
Criminological Evaluation and Assessment - CMY4804
Critical Reasoning - PLS2601
Critical Theory - THL4801
Crop Physiology - ASP214W
Crops Practical - AGR308C
Crystallography and Mineralogy - GEL1501
Crystallography and Mineralogy Practical - GEL1502
Cultural Change in the Ancient Near East - ATC2603
Cultural Diverse Education in Health Sciences - HSE3701
Cultural Diversity in Literary Contexts - WLL2601
Cultural Encounters - HML4804
Cultural Tourism I - DTM2605
Cultural Tourism II - DTM3605
Culture and Education - PUB2605
Current Concepts in Biochemistry - LSH4808
Current Concepts in Genetics - LSH4810
Current issues in Science Education - HBEDCIU
Current issues in Security Management - SEP3708
Curriculum Design and Evaluation for Science Education - HBEDCDP
Curriculum Development and Assessment in Adult Education - CUDAAEE
Curriculum Development for Odl - ODL5902
Curriculum Development in Education - ABT3724
Curriculum Practice - Med (Curriculum Studies) - MEDCR2V
Curriculum Studies - CUS3701
Curriculum Theory - Med (Curriculum Studies) - MEDCR1U
Customer Relationship Management - MNM3712
Customer Service - MNM1502
Customer Service in Tourism - IOP1502
Cytogenetics - GNE2603
Cytogenetics and Embryology - ZOL2602


D Compt - Applied Accountancy - TFACC01
D Ed - Education (Didactics) - TFDID01
D Lite Et Phil - Afrikaans - TFAFK05
D Litt et Phil (Environmental Management) - TFENM02
D Litt et Phil - African Languages (Northern Sotho) - TFNSO05
D Litt et Phil - African Languages (Southern Sotho) - TFSSO05
D Litt et Phil - African Languages (Tsonga) - TFTSG05
D Litt et Phil - African Languages (Tswana) - TFTSW05
D Litt et Phil - African Languages (Venda/Shona) - TFVEN05
D Litt et Phil - African Languages (Xhosa) - TFXHO05
D Litt et Phil - African Languages (Zulu) - TFZUU05
D Litt et Phil - Ancient Near Eastern Studies - TFANE05
D Litt et Phil - Anthropology - TFANT05
D Litt et Phil - Art History - TFARH05
D Litt et Phil - Biblical Archaeology - TFBAR05
D Litt et Phil - Biblical Studies (New Testament) - TFBSN05
D Litt et Phil - Biblical Studies (Old Testament) - TFBSO05
D Litt et Phil - Classical Studies - TFCLS05
D Litt et Phil - Communication - TFCOM05
D Litt et Phil - Consulting Psychology - TFCPS01
D Litt et Phil - Economics - TFECO02
D Litt et Phil - English - TFENN05
D Litt et Phil - Health Studies - DIS890B
D Litt et Phil - Health Studies - TFHLS05
D Litt et Phil - History - TFHST05
D Litt et Phil - International Politics - TFINT05
D Litt et Phil - Judaica - TFJCA05
D Litt et Phil - Linguistics - TFLIN05
D Litt et Phil - Other African Languages - TFOTH05
D Litt et Phil - Philosophy - TFPHL05
D Litt et Phil - Politics - TFPOL05
D Litt et Phil - Religious Studies - TFRLS05
D Litt et Phil - Semitic Languages - TFSEM05
D Litt et Phil - Sociology - TFSOC05
D Litt et Phil - Theory of Literature - TFTHL05
D Litt et Phil in African Politics - TFAFP05
D Litt et Phil in Development Studies - TFDVA05
D Litt et Phil in Information Science - TFACH05
D Litt et Phil in Information Science - TFINS05
D Litt et Phil in Musicology - TFMUS05
D Phil in Development Studies - TFDVA06
DADMIN - Business Management - TFABM02
DADMIN - Consulting Psychology - DIS508M
DADMIN - Consulting Psychology - TFCPS04
DADMIN in Development Studies - TFDVA07
DCom - Economics - TFECN02
DCom - Business Management - TFMNG01
DCom - Consulting Psychology - TFCPS03
DCom - Industrial and Organisational Psychology - DIS807V
DCom - Industrial and Organisational Psychology - TFIOP02
DED - Comparative Education - TFCIE05
DED - Curriculum Studies - TFCUR05
DED - Education (Adult Education) - TFADE01
DED - Education (Adult Education) - TFAED01
DED - Education (Comparative Education) - TFCED01
DED - Education (Curriculum Studies) - TFCUS01
DED - Education (Early Childhood Development) - TFECD02
DED - Education (Education Management) - TFEDM01
DED - Education (History of Education) - TFHED01
DED - Education (Inclusive Education) - TFIED01
DED - Education (Language Education) - TFLED02
DED - Education (Mathematics Education) - TFMED02
DED - Education (Natural Science Education) - TFNSE02
DED - Education (Philosophy of Education) - TFPHD01
DED - Education (Psychology Education) - TFPSE01
DED - Education (Socio Education) - TFSED01
DED - Education (Technology Education) - TFTED02
DED - Education Management - TFEDM05
DED - History of Education - TFHED05
DED - Inclusive Education - TFIED05
DED - Philosophy of Education - TFPED05
DED - Psychology of Education - TFPSE05
DED in Socio Education - TFSOE05
DPA Thesis - TFDPA01
DPHIL - Consulting Psychology - DIS506K
DPHIL - Consulting Psychology - TFCPS05
DPHIL - Scocial Work - TFSWK05
DPHIL - Sociology - TFSOC06
DTH - Church History - TFCHH05
DTH - Missiology - TFMIS05
DTH - Missiology with specialisation Urban Ministry - TFURB05
DTH - New Testament - TFNEW05
DTH - Old Testament - TFOLD05
DTH - Practial Theology - TFPTH05
DTH - Systematic Tehology - TFSYS05
DTH - Theological Ethics - TFTHE05
DTH - with specialisation in Christian Spirituality - TFCSP05
DTH Practial Theology with specialisation in Pastoral Therapy - TFPAS05
Daily Life in Early Christianity - ECH2602
Dairy Farming - ASA304V
Dairy Practical - AGR3036
Dairy Production [Theory and Practice] - ASA3704
Database Design - ICT3621
Database Design and Implementation - INF3707
Database Practice - ICT3722
Database Systems IV - IRM4723
Databases I - INF2603
Databases II - INF3703
Dbl - DIS805T
Dbl - Research Proposal - DPSBL01
Dbl - Thesis - TFSBL01
Dealing with Young Offenders - CMY2604
Death, Tombs and Burials in the Early Christian World - ECH3701
Decision Support Systems for Managers - PBA4804
Decoloniality: Africana Thought, Discourse and Critique - CHS4801
Decolonisation, Independence and Social Change in Modern Africa - HSY3701
Democracy and Other Forms of Regime - PLC3702
Describing Library user Group and Meeting their Needs - AIS2603
Descriptive Cataloguing - AIS3701
Descriptive Cataloguing and Subject Organisation - AIS4801
Descriptive Health Measurement - MPHDHM9
Descriptive Health Measurement - PPH4801
Descriptive Statistics and Probability (Extended) - XTA1501
Descriptive Statistics and Probability - STA1501
Design Law - DES5901
Design Project III - DPJ391U
Designing a Project - CP7001W
Detailed Study of one of the Major Cultures in Ancient Near East - ATC3704
Developing Academic Skills for Studying ABET - ABT1511
Developing Agriculture Production - AME203B
Developing Faith & Youth Work - CGM2604
Developing Health Science Curricula: Foundations - HSE3703
Developing Health Science Curricula: Principles and Process - HSE3704
Developing Information Skills for Lifelong Learning - INS1502
Developing and Managing Information Collections - AIS2605
Development Approaches - CX60018
Development Economics - ECS3707
Development Planning - DVA3704
Development Policy and Strategies - DVA3703
Development Problems and Institutions - DVA1502
Development Software IV - IRM4719
Development Software IV - IRM4724
Development Theories - DVA3701
Development debates and Issues - DVA4801
Development of Resources - RA5503R
Development of Urban Space - GGH3704
Developmental Psychology - PYC4805
Differential Equations - APM2611
Digestion, Endocrine Control and Metabolism - FIS2601
Digging up the Church History: Early Christianity in the Roman Empire - ECH4805
Digital Control Systems IV - DCS401E
Digital Logic - ICT2632
Digital Marketing - MNM3714
Digital Signal Processing IV (Practical) - DSPPRA4
Digital Signal Processing IV - DSP4701
Digital Systems I (Practical) - DIGPRA1
Digital Systems I (Theory) - DIG1501
Digital Systems II (Theory) - DIG2601
Digital Systems II (Practical) - DIGPRA2
Digital Systems III (Practical) - DIGPRA3
Digital Systems III (Theory) - DIG3601
Diplomacy - IPC3703
Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics - MAT3707
Discrete Optimisation - DSC4823
Dissertation (Full) in Logistics - DFLOG91
Dissertation (Full) in Transport Economics - DFTRE91
Dissertation (Full) in Public Administration - DFPUB91
Dissertation (Limited) in Public Administration - DLPUB91
Dissertation - Corrections Management - DFCMA91
Dissertation - Corrections Management - DFCRM91
Dissertation - Criminology (Full) - DFCMY91
Dissertation - Criminology and Security Management - DFCSM91
Dissertation - HE8002A
Dissertation - Police Science, Forensic Science and Technology - DFPFS91
Dissertation - Research Consulting Option 2 - DFRCO91
Dissertation in The School of Criminal Justice (Full) - DFSCJ91
Dissertation in The School of Criminal Justice (Limited Scope) - DLCRJ92
Dissertation in The School of Criminal Justice (Limited Scope) - DLSCJ91
Dissertation in The School of Criminal Justice - DFCRJ91
Dissertation of Limited Scope (Med - Inclusive Education) - DLIED95
Dissertation of Limited Scope (Med - Open Distance Learning) - DLODL91
Dissertation of Limited Scope (Med - Socio-Education) - DLSOE95
Dissertation of Limited Scope(Med - Adult Education) - DLABT95
Dissertation: Applied Mathematics - DFAPM90
Dissertation: Archival Studies - DFACH96
Dissertation: Astronomy - DFAST90
Dissertation: Auditing/Internal Auditing - DFAUE91
Dissertation: Chemistry - DFCHE91
Dissertation: Chemistry Education - DFMCH91
Dissertation: Computing - DFCOM92
Dissertation: Computing Education - DFMCO91
Dissertation: Engineering: Chemical - DFENC91
Dissertation: Engineering: Electrical - DFEEN91
Dissertation: Financial Accounting - DFFAC91
Dissertation: Financial Governance - DFGOV91
Dissertation: Financial Intelligence - DFFNT91
Dissertation: Information Science - DFINS95
Dissertation: Information Technology - DFINT91
Dissertation: Life Sciences Education - DFMLS91
Dissertation: Management Accounting - DFMAC91
Dissertation: Mathematics - DFMAT91
Dissertation: Mathematics Education - DFMMA91
Dissertation: Ornamental Horticulture - DFOHO91
Dissertation: Physics - DFPHY91
Dissertation: Physics Education - DFMPH91
Dissertation: Science Education - DFMSE91
Dissertation: Statistics - DFSTA91
Dissertation: Statistics Education - DFMST91
Dissertation: Taxation - DFTAX91
Dissertation: Technology Education - DFMTE91
Dissertation: Translation Studies - DFTLS95
Dissertation: Urban Ministry - DFURB92
Distinctive Financial Reporting - FAC3702
Distribution Theory I (Extended) - XTA1503
Distribution Theory I - STA1503
Distribution Theory II - STA2603
Distribution Theory III - STA3703
Diversity, Pedagogy and Practice - DPP1501
Divinity and Nature in Religious History - RST3705
Dlitt Et Phil - Public Administration - DIS830U
Dlitt Et Phil - Consulting Psychology - DIS504H
Doctoral Prop - CSET Fg 3 - DPSET03
Doctoral Prop - CSET Fg 4 - DPSET04
Doctoral Proposal - CHS - DPCHS01
Doctoral Proposal - CHS - DPCHS02
Doctoral Proposal - CHS - DPCHS04
Doctoral Proposal - CSET - DPSET02
Doctoral Proposal - Department of Agriculture and Animal Health - DPAAE00
Doctoral Proposal - Department of Environmental Sciences - DPENV00
Doctoral Proposal - Department of Geography - DPGGR00
Doctoral Proposal - Department of Life and Consumer Sciences - DPLCS00
Doctoral Proposal - Education - DPEDU01
Doctoral Proposal - Multi-, Inter- or Transdisciplinary - DPMIT00
Doctoral Proposal in Accounting Sciences - DPCAS02
Doctoral Research Proposal in Criminal Justice - DPSCJ00
Doctoral Research Proposal in Law - DPLLW01
Doctoral Research Proposal: Economic and Management Sciences - DPEMS01
Doctoral Research Proposal: Economic and Management Sciences - DPEMS02
Doctoral Research Proposal: Economic and Management Sciences - DPEMS03
Doctoral Thesis in The School of Criminal Justice - TFSCJ01
Documentation III (Project) - DCM3602
Documentation III (Theory) - DCM3601
Drawing I - DRW1501
Drawing I - GAR1501
Drawing II - DRW2601
Drawing: Chemical Engineering I - DCE1501


E-Business and Technology Management - MBL93GX
E-Commerce in Business - MNM2612
E-Learning: Concepts and Principles - INF4860
Early African Farming Communities and Complex Societies - AGE4803
Early Childhood Teaching - PRS101Y
Early Christian Spirituality - ECH3705
Early Music to Baroque - MHS1511
Early State Formation, Slavery and Colonial Conquest in Africa - HSY2602
Earth Systems and Processes - HES4801
Ecological Management Plan - EMP3701
Ecological and Social Impact Assessment - HES4812
Ecology - ZOL3702
Econometrics - ECS3706
Economic History of South Africa - ECS2609
Economic History of the World - ECS2608
Economic Literacy and Entrepreneurship - PST311L
Economics 1500 - ECS1500
Economics IA (Extended) - XCS1501
Economics IA - ECS1501
Economics IB - ECS1601
Economics and The Global Business Environment - MBL916Q
Economics for Managers - MBA4801
Economics for Managers - MBL4801
Economics for Managers - PBA4801
Economics of Tourism - ECS2607
Ecosystemic Psychology - PYC4808
Ecosystems - RA5501P
Ecotourism - GGH3707
Ecotoxicology - HES4803
Education Law - EDL3703
Education Law - LCP4809
Education Law and Professional Ethics - EDA3058
Education Management in Health Sciences - HSE2601
Education Management in The South African Context - MEDEM7W
Education and Teaching of the Young Child in the Early Childhood Development Phase - HBEDETE
Education,Training And Development Practices - HRD2601
Educational studies - EDS3701
Electrical Distribution III (Practical) - ELDPRA3
Electrical Distribution III (Theory) - ELD3601
Electrical Engineering I (Practical) - ELEPRA1
Electrical Engineering I (Theory) - ELE1501
Electrical Engineering II (Practical) - ELEPRA2
Electrical Engineering II (Theory) - ELE2601
Electrical Engineering III (Practical) - ELEPRA3
Electrical Engineering III (Theory) - ELE3601
Electrical Engineering Practice I - EPR101E
Electrical Engineering Practice II - EPR201E
Electrical Machines II (Practical) - EMMPRA2
Electrical Machines II (Theory) - EMM2602
Electrical Machines III (Practical) - EMMPRA3
Electrical Machines III (Theory) - EMM3601
Electrical Machines IV (Practical) - EMMPRA4
Electrical Machines IV (Theory) - EMM4701
Electrical Protection III (Practical) - ELMPRA3
Electrical Protection III (Theory) - ELM3601
Electricity and Magnetism (Physics) - PHY2602
Electromagnetism - PHY4802
Electromagnetism and Heat (Fisika) - PHY1506
Electromagnetism and Heat (Physics) (Extended) - XHY1506
Electronic Communication II (Practical) - ECMPRA2
Electronic Communication II (Theory) - ECM2601
Electronic Communication IV (Practical) - ECMPRA4
Electronic Communication IV (Theory) - ECM4701
Electronic Measurements III (Practical - EKMPRA3
Electronic Measurements III (Theory) - EKM3601
Electronic Records Management - ARM1505
Electronics I (Practical) - ECTPRA1
Electronics I (Theory) - ECT1501
Electronics II (Practical) - ECTPRA2
Electronics II (Theory) - ECT2601
Electronics III (Practical) - ECTPRA3
Electronics III (Theory) - ECT3601
Electronics IV (Practical) - ECTPRA4
Electronics IV (Theory) - ECT4701
Elementary Arabic - ARB1501
Elementary Electromagnetism and Heat (Extended) - XHY1502
Elementary Electromagnetism and Heat - PHY1502
Elementary Financial Accounting and Reporting - FAC1602
Elementary Mechanics (Extended - XHY1501
Elementary Mechanics - PHY1501
Elementary Quantitative Methods - QMI1500
Emergent Literacy - EML1501
Emergent Mathematics - EMA1501
Employment Relations - IOP3704
Empowerment and Popular Initiatives - DVA3705
End-User Computing I (Theory) (Extended) - XUC1501
End-User Computing I (Theory) - EUC1501
Engaging with Society: Meeting the Challenges of a Changing World - EWS2601
Engineer Physics II: (Practical) - ENP2PRA
Engineering Design Project IV - EDP401M
Engineering Management II (Module A) - EMA2601
Engineering Management II (Module B) - EMA2602
Engineering Management III - EMA3601
Engineering Management IV - ENM401E
Engineering Mathematics IV - EMT4801
Engineering Physics II (Theory) - ENP291Q
Engineering Practice: Civil II (Project - Based) - PEC2602
Engineering Practice: Civil II (Workplace-Based Learning) - PEC2601
Engineering Practice: Civil III (Project Based) - PEC3602
Engineering Practice: Civil III (Workplace-Based Learning ) - PEC301C
Engineering Work Study I - EWS121Q
Engineering Work Study II - EWS271L
Engineering Work Study III - EWS381G
English Language Studies - ACEEN49
English Proficiency for University Studies - ENG1511
English for Academic Purposes - ENN103F
English for Economic and Management Science - ENG1512
English teaching for communication - ENC1501
Enrichment Liability and Estoppel - PVL3704
Enterprise Architecture - INF4883
Enterprise Risk Management - RSK2601
Enterprise Strategy - MAC4863
Entomology: Insects and Arachnids - LSH4803
Entrepreneurial Law - MRL2601
Entrepreneurial Skills - ETP2601
Entrepreneurship II (Module 2): Human Resource Management for Entrepreneurs - ETP2M2E
Entrepreneurship II (Module I): Entrepreneurship And Entrepreneurial Skills - ETP2M1E
Entrepreneurship IIIA - ETP301E
Entrepreneurship IIIA - ETP3701
Entrepreneurship IIIB - ETP3702
Entrepreneurship IV (Option I) - ENT401I
Entrepreneurship Practice III - EPC301E
Entrepreneurship Practice III - ETP3703
Entrepreneurship Theory And Practice - MNE2603
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management - MNE3701
Environmental Affairs - PUB2606
Environmental Awareness and Responsibility - GGH3708
Environmental Biotechnology and Bioremediation - BIT3706
Environmental Chemistry - CHE4807
Environmental Economics - ECS2606
Environmental Education - EDA3046
Environmental Education - EED2601
Environmental Education in Conservation - NAT4806
Environmental Education: Concepts and Principles - ENE2601
Environmental Engineering - EEN101M
Environmental Engineering: Civil IV (Module A) - EEN4701
Environmental Engineering: Civil IV (Module A) Project - EEN4703
Environmental Engineering: Civil IV (Module B) - EEN4702
Environmental Engineering: Civil IV (Module B) Project - EEN4704
Environmental Geology - GEL1503
Environmental Law - LCP4805
Environmental Literacy - ENL1501
Environmental Management - ENV301E
Environmental Management - MNO3704
Environmental Management for Chemical Engineering IV - EMC401C
Environmental Management for Engineers: Civil IV (Project) - EGE4PJT
Environmental Management for Engineers: Civil IV (Theory) - EGE401C
Environmental Monitoring - HES4802
Environmental Politics - GGH2605
Environmental Psychology - IOP1503
Environmental Remote Sensing and Modelling - HES4806
Environmental Research Project - HRENV82
Environmental Risk Assessment and Management - HES4808
Environmental Studies I - ENS2602
Enzymology - BCH3701
Epidemiology - EPD101T
Epidemiology - EPD201F
Epidemiology AH I - EPD2601
Epidemiology AH II - EPD2602
Epidemiology Animal Health I - EAH121T
Epidemiology II - EPD301J
Epidemiology III - EPD3701
Epidemiology IV - EPD401J
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, Including HIV and AIDS - MPHEPDK
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, Including HIV and AIDS - PPH4803
Ergonomics - IOP2603
Essay and Seminar - ATC3705
Essentials of Marketing - MNM2602
Estate Duty, Donations Tax and Transfer Duty - MES5901
Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions (Extended) - XUP1501
Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions - EUP1501
Ethics and Life - CMM1501
Ethics and Spirituality - CGM2601
Ethics in Public Administration and Administrative Justice - PUB3707
Ethnic and Entrepreneurial Clothing Production: Practical - CLO2602
Ethology and Project - ZOL3701
Evaluation of Apparel - CLO3703
Events Management - HPM2604
Excavating a Biblical City - OTS3702
Executive Project Management - MBLEPMY
Experimental Design and Layout (Offered from 2020) - HPAGR80
Exploring Adult Learning - ABT1513
Exploring Celebration and Worship - CGM2603
Exploring Information user Studies - INS2601
Exploring Molecular Interactions - LSH4816
Exploring World Musics - MHS1502
Exploring and Teaching Fiction - ACEEN38
Exploring the Nature and Context of Christian Leadership - CLC4801
Explosives I - EXP1501
Explosives IA - EXP1502
Explosives IB - EXP1601
Explosives II - EXP2601
Explosives III - EXP3701
Explosives IIIB - EXP3702
Explosives IIIB - EXP3703
Explosives IV - EXP4801
Explosives Industrial Practice III - EXI3701
Explosives Industrial Practice IIIA - EXL3701
Explosives Industrial Practice IIIB - EXL3702
Explosives Management IIA - EXP2602
Explosives Management IIIB - EXP2603
Explosives Project IV - ESJ4801
Extension Leadership and Group Dynamics - AEX2601
Extension Programme Planning and Evaluation - AEX3703


FET Subject Didactics Accounting - SDACT0M
FET Subject Didactics Computer Applications Technology - SDCAT0P
FET Subject Didactics Consumer Studies - SDC4701
FET Subject Didactics Economics - SDEC00N
FET Subject Didactics English - SDENG3J
FET Subject Didactics Geography - SDGEOGM
FET Subject Didactics History - SDHISTV
FET Subject Didactics Hospitality Studies - SDH4701
FET Subject Didactics Information Technology - SDCOS04
FET Subject Didactics Languages (Home, First and Second Additional Language) - SDLANGT
FET Subject Didactics Life Orientation - SDSGC0D
FET Subject Didactics Life Sciences - SDBIOLJ
FET Subject Didactics Mathematical Literacy - SDMATLK
FET Subject Didactics Mathematics Education - SDMAT04
FET Subject Didactics Physical Science - SDPSC08
FET Subject Didactics Religion Studies - SDRELSD
FET Subject Didactics Technology Subjects - SDTECSY
Facilitating Christian Discipleship and Leadership Development - CLC4802
Facilitating Learning and Development - HBEDOPW
Facilitation and Management of Practical Work - ACENS3G
Facilitative Communication in Groups and Communities - SCK2601
Facility Layout and Materials Handling - FLM271S
Faith, Church and Culture - TIC2601
Faith, Jesus and Social Change - TIC2603
Faith, Philosophy and Science - TIC3702
Faith, the Spirit and the Future - TIC3701
Family Business Management - MNE3704
Family Law - PVL2601
Family, School and Community Life in A Contemporary Society - Med (Socio-Education) - MEDSO1C
Farm Management - AME2605
Fashion Buying and Styling (Theory) - CLO3707
Fashion Buying and Styling Project - CLO3708
Fashion Development, Production and Marketing - CLO3706
Fashion Retail - CLO2606
Fashion and Visual Merchandising - CLO2605
Feminist/Womanist Ethics or Ethics and Spirituality - THE4803
Field Crop Production (Theory and Practice) - ASP3703
Film, Literature and Society - WLL2602
Fin Management and Production Economics - AME1015
Finance For Non-Financial Managers - FIN2603
Financial Accounting Principles for Law Practitioners - FAC1503
Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures - FAC1502
Financial Accounting and Reporting - FAC1601
Financial Accounting for Companies - FAC2601
Financial Analysis and Budgets - AME202A
Financial Fraud Schemes - AUE4863
Financial Institutions Management - BAN4801
Financial Management - FIN2601
Financial Management - FIN3701
Financial Management III (Module 1) - FMA3M1X
Financial Management IV - FMA401V
Financial Management in Health Services - HMA3701
Financial Modelling - DSC2604
Financial Modelling 1 - DSC4825
Financial Modelling 2 - DSC4826
Financial Reporting and Analysis - MBA5928
Financial Reporting and Analysis - MBL5928
Financial Risk Modelling - DSC3705
Financial Strategy - MAC4865
Financial and Management Accounting - MBL914N
Fire Prevention and Safety Strategies - SEP1502
First Practical Contact Course (Nature Conservation) - BTN001P
First Steps in Practical Theology - CGM1502
Fluid Mechanics II (Practical) - FMCPRA2
Fluid Mechanics II (Theory) - FMC2601
Fluid Mechanics III (Practical) - FMAPRA3
Fluid Mechanics III (Theory) - FMA3601
Fluid Mechanics IV - FMA401M
Focus areas and Fields of Social Work Practice - BSW2602
Food Behaviour - FO5501M
Food Preparation I (Extended) - XOO1501
Food Preparation I - FOO1501
Food Preparation II - FOO2601
Food Preparation Practical I - FOO1602
Food Preparation Practical II - FOO2602
Food Preparation for the Hospitality Industry (Practical) - FOO3705
Food Preparation for the Hospitality Industry (Theory) - FOO3704
Food Preservation (Practical) - FO60P2J
Food Preservation - FO6001A
Food Processing (Practical) - FO60P6N
Food Processing - FO6005E
Food Product Development - FOO2604
Food Product Packaging, Labelling and Visual Merchandising (Theory) - FOO2605
Food Product Packaging, Labelling and Visual Merchandising Project - FOO2706
Food Production Principles - FOO2603
Food Retail - FOO3706
Food Security - FO5502N
Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods - FNS2602
Food Service Organisation and Management - HPM2601
Food and Beverage Service - FOO3702
Food and Fodder Crops - ASP3165
Forecasting - DSC4812
Forecasting II - STA2604
Forensic Audit Reporting - AUE4801
Forensic Crime Intelligence - FOR2607
Forensic Industrial Psychology - IOP2608
Forensic Interviewing IV - FOI401F
Forensic Investigative Resources - FOR3706
Forensic Methods and Techniques - FOR1501
Forensic Methods and Techniques - FOR5905
Forensic Methods and Techniques II (Module A) - FOR2601
Forensic Methods and Techniques II (Module B) - FOR2602
Forensic Methods and Techniques IV - FOM401F
Forensic Methods and Techniques: Module A - FOR3701
Forensic Methods and Techniques: Module B - FOR3702
Forging Southern African Identities - HSY4803
Form and Motion - FRM1501
Formal Logic - COS4807
Formal Logic II - COS2661
Formal Logic III - COS3761
Formal Program Verification - COS4892
Formal Reaction to Crime - CMY3704
Forms of Business Enterprise - FBE2604
Foundation Engineering IV (Project) - FEN4702
Foundation Engineering IV (Theory) - FEN4701
Foundation Phase Teaching - FPT3701
Foundation Sources of Islam - ICS2603
Foundation phase Mathematics - FMT3701
Foundations in English Language Studies - ENG1502
Foundations in English Literary Studies - ENG1501
Foundations in English for University Study - ENG1513
Foundations of Human Rights - MHR5902
Foundations of Public Administration - PUB2601
Franchising - MNE2604
Fraud Investigation for Forensic Auditors - AUE4866
Fraud Prevention and Detection - AUE4864
Free Composition - CST3704
French Language and Culture: Advanced Oral - FRC3701
French Language and Culture: Beginners - FRC1501
French Language and Culture: Intermediate - FRC2601
French Language and Culture: Lower Intermediate - FRC1502
French Literature: France (Advanced) - FRC3703
French Literature: Francophone Countries (Advanced) - FRC3704
French Literature: Introduction - FRC2603
French for Professional Purposes: Hotel and Tourism - FRC3702
French for Professional Purposes: Introduction - FRC2602
Freshwater Management - NAT4802
From Dan to Beersheba: an Archaeological Tour through Ancient Israel - OTS2602
From Form to Meaning - AFL4802
From Text to Sermon: Reading and Creating Religious Texts - CGM3702
Front Office Operations - HPS3702
Fruit Practical - AGR306A
Fruit Production (Theory and Practice) - ASP3702
Fruit Production I - ASP3143
Fruit Production II - ASP3154
Functional Analysis I - MAT4841
Functional Analysis II - MAT4842
Fundamental Criminology - CMY4801
Fundamental Influence (Module A) - CSA4M1C
Fundamental Penology - PEN4801
Fundamental Rights - FUR2601
Fundamentals of Branding - MNM1522
Fundamentals of Communication - COM1501
Fundamentals of Conservation I (Extended) - XOC1501
Fundamentals of Conservation I - FOC1501
Fundamentals of International Politics - IPC1501
Fundamentals of Operational & Financial Risk - RSK2602
Fundamentals of Public Administration Research II - PUB2618
Fundamentals of Public Relations - MNM1520
Fundamentals of Retail Buying - MNM1525
Further Specialist Arabic Literary Texts - ARB4803


Galaxies I - AST4880
Galeh Ivrit Tanakhit - CLH1501
Game Ranching and Fodder Flow - ASA305W
Gender Theory - GEN4801
Gender and Development - DVA4805
Gender and Development - DYD115U
Gender and Representation - GEN4803
Gender in Context - GEN4802
General Chemistry I (Practical) - CHE1503
General Chemistry IA (Extended) - XHE1501
General Chemistry IA - CHE1501
General Chemistry IB (Extended) - XHE1502
General Chemistry IB - CHE1502
General Financial Reporting - FAC3701
General Genetics A - GNE2601
General Genetics B - GNE2602
General Introduction to Astronomy - AST1631
General Management - MNG2601
General Principles of Criminal Law - CRW2601
Genetic Engineering - BIT2602
Genetics (Practical) - GNE3704
Genetics (Practical) II - GNE2604
Genre and Theme - AFK2601
Genres in Literature and Language: Theory, Style and Poetics - ENG2602
Geographic Perspectives of Environmental Change - GGH4804
Geography of Tourism - GGH2606
Geology: Mining III - GMI3601
Geometric Design IV (Project) - GDS4702
Geometric Design IV (Theory) - GDS4701
Geometry (Mathematics 218 for BEd) - MSE2183
Geotechnical Engineering II (Practical) - GTE2PRA
Geotechnical Engineering II (Theory) - GTE2601
Geotechnical Engineering III (Practical) - GTEPRA3
Geotechnical Engineering III (Theory) - GTE3601
Global Business Environment - PBA4802
Global Business Management IA - MNB3701
Global Business Management IB - MNB3702
Globalisation - HSY3703
Globalisation and Social Change in South Africa - SOC2602
God, Creation and Environment - CMM3702
Governance and Development - DVA4803
Governance, Risk and Compliance Management - RSK4802
Governmental Planning and Policy Analysis in the Public Sector - PUB4862
Grammatical Patterns and Concepts - LIN1501
Graph Theory I - MAT4845
Graph Theory II - MAT4846
Graphic Processes - GAR2601
Graphical user Interface Programming - ICT2611
Greek History/Classical Society - CLS4802
Greenhouse Crop Production - GRC4701
Group Dynamics - SOC3704
Group Financial Reporting - FAC3704
Group Theory - MAT4833
Group Work: Theories, Approaches and Models (Offered from 2020) - BSW3702
Growth Media Management for Plant Production - GMM4701
Growth Physiology - ASA2602
Guidance, Counselling and Life Skills Development - EDT102H
Guidance, Counselling and Life Skills Development - ETH203Q
Guidance, Counselling and Life Skills Development - GCS1501
Guidance, Counselling and Life Skills Education for the Subject Teacher - EDA3013


HIV/AIDS Care and Counselling - PYC2605
HIV/AIDS Programme Management - SBH4803
HIV/AIDS and the Law - HIL3705
HR Information Systems and Technology - HRM3703
Hadith Literature and Criticism - ICS4802
Haematology - BMI3704
Hamshekh Belvrit Tanakhit - CLH1502
Health Education - HEC101V
Health Sciences Education: Practical - HSE2603
Health Services Management Practical - HMA2603
Health and Safety Management IIA - TMA3601
Health and Safety Management IIB - TMA3602
Health and the Environment - CMH1503
Health in Communities - CMH2602
Health in Early Childhood Education A - PRS1023
Health, Lifestyle and Diseases - LSH4811
Health, Safety and Nutrition - PGC404C
High Voltage Engineering IV (Practical) - HVEPRA4
High Voltage Engineering IV (Theory) - HVE4701
Hinneh Ha'Arets - CLH2602
Hinneh Hatanakh - CLH2601
Historical Archaeology - AGE4804
Historical Foundations of South African Law - HFL1501
Historical Methodology and Classical Reception - CLS4801
History of Christian Spirituality - CSP4803
History of Costume - CLO2603
History of Economic Thought - ECS3705
History of Education in Foundation Phase - HED2601
History of Islam - ICS2602
History of Theology - STH4802
Home language Teaching - HLT3701
Honours Project (Practical) - CHE4808
Honours Report in Computing Education - HRMCO82
Honours Report in Life Science Education - HRMLS82
Honours Report in Mathematics Education - HRMMA82
Honours Report in Physics Education - HRMPH82
Honours Report in Statistics Education - HRMST82
Honours Research Project in Applied Mathematics - HRAPM81
Honours Research Report - HRCOS82
Honours Research Report in Mathematics - HRMAT81
Honours Research Report: Astronomy - HRAST81
Honours Research in Applied Mathematics - HRAPM82
Honours Research in Astronomy - HRAST82
Honours Research in Mathematics - HRMAT82
Horticultural Mechanisation I - HOR1604
Horticultural Production Management IV - HPM411H
Horticultural Production Technology IV - HPT411H
Horticultural Resource Management I - EMG2601
Horticultural Resource Management Practice (WIL) - EMG3702
Horticulture Contact Course - HCC4701
Horticulture Practical - AGR307B
Horticulture Practical I - HOR1504
Horticulture Practical II - HOR2604
Horticulture Practice I (WIL) - HOR2605
Horticulture Production Process Management - HPP4701
Horticulture Resource Management II - EMG3701
Hospitality Industry Regulations - HPM2603
Hospitality Management - TRT3701
Hospitality Operations - DTM2601
Hospitality Project - HPS3704
Human Capacity Development - IOP2605
Human Development and Fields of Practice in Social Auxiliary Work - SAW1502
Human Resource Maintenance and Retention - HRM2602
Human Resource Management I - FDEEL3A
Human Resource Management II - FDEEL4B
Human Resource Management and Employment Relations - MBL911K
Human Resource Management for Entrepreneurs - ETP2602
Human Resource Management for Line Managers - HRM2605
Human Resource Management in Health Services - HMA2601
Human Resource Provisioning - HRM2601
Human Rights Interpretation - MHR5904
Human Rights Litigation - MHR5903
Human Rights, Values and Social Transformation - HRV1601
Human Security and Development - DVA4802
Human Settlements Management I - PUB1602
Human Settlements Management IIA - PUB2621
Human Settlements Management IIB - PUB2622
Human Settlements Management IIIA - PUB3723
Human Settlements Management IIIB - PUB3724
Human anatomy and Physiology - FIS1601
Human-Computer Interaction - INF4820
Human-Computer Interaction I (Extended) - XNF1520
Human-Computer Interaction I - INF1520
Human-Computer Interaction II - INF3720
Hunter-Gatherers and Herders in Africa - AGE4802
Hydraulic Machines III (Practical) - FMAPRB3
Hydraulic Machines III (Theory) - FMA3602
Hydraulics IV (Project) - HDL4702
Hydraulics IV (Theory) - HDL4701
Hydrology IV (Project) - HDG4702
Hydrology IV (Theory) - HDG4701


ICT Applications in Archives and Records Management - ARM3702
ICT Applications in Library and Information Services - AIS4802
ICT Project Management - IRM4725
IT Project: Practical Project - PRJ4M1I
IT Project: Research Script - PRJ4M2I
IT Software Engineering and Design IV - SED401I
Identification IV - IDE401F
Illness, Health and Healing in the Early Christian World - ECH2603
Image and Identity - DPR2613
Immunology - BMI2607
Impact Mitigation and Management - HES4810
Incident and Problem Management - IRM4728
Inclusive Education - INC3701
Inclusive Education A - ETH302S
Inclusive Education B (Educational Themes 306) - ETH306W
Inclusive education in Foundation phase - IFP3701
Indigenous Cuisine - FO5503P
Indigenous Knowledge Systems and African Languages - AFL3702
Individual Differences and Work Performance - IOP2606
Individual Labour Law - LLW2601
Industrial Biotechnology - BIT3705
Industrial Electronics II (Practical) - INEPRA2
Industrial Electronics II (Theory) - INE2601
Industrial Engineering Practice I - IDP101E
Industrial Engineering Practice II - IDP201E
Industrial Project IV - IPR4701
Industrial Psychological Assessment - IOP4861
Industrial Psychological Testing and Assessment - IOP3701
Industrial Security Principles - SEP2601
Industrial Security in Practice - SEP2602
Industrial Sociology - SOC3702
Infectious Diseases - NUT3703
Inference - STA4812
Information & Computer Security - IRM4815
Information Administration II (Practical) - IAD2602
Information Administration II (Theory) - IAD2601
Information Administration III (Practical) - IAD3702
Information Administration III (Theory) - IAD3701
Information Gathering - FOR2608
Information Management - IMA4801
Information Organisation and Retrieval - INS3707
Information Resource Management - MBL924Q
Information Security - INF4831
Information Strategy - MAC4866
Information Systems Development Software - DSO401I
Information Systems IV - INY401I
Information Systems and Control - AUE4869
Information Technology Computer Security - CPS401I
Information Technology Database Systems - DBS401I
Information Technology Ethics - IRM4722
Information Technology Management and Governance - AUE4870
Information Technology for the Organisation and Retrieval - HAI4802
Information Technology: Operating Systems - OPS401I
Information Users and Use - INS4801
Information and Communication Technology Project Implementation - ICT3714
Information and Communication Technology for Information Science - INS2701
Information and Communication Technology project - ICT3715
Information and Knowledge Entrepreneurship - AIS3717
Information and Knowledge Management - INS3705
Information and Knowledge Management - PBA4808
Information and Technology Management IV - INT401I
Innovation and Intellectual Property Management - INP5901
Inorganic Chemistry II (Practical) Semester 1 only - CHE2621
Inorganic Chemistry II (Practical) - INC2PRA
Inorganic Chemistry II (Theory) - CHE2611
Inorganic Chemistry II (Theory) - INC251U
Inorganic Chemistry III (Practical) Semester 2 only - CHE3721
Inorganic Chemistry III - CHE3701
Inorganic Chemistry IV - CHE4801
Insolvency Law - MRL3701
Instructional Techniques and Multimedia in Adult Education - INTMAEU
Instructional studies - ISC3701
Instrumentation and Orchestration (offered from 2021) - CST3713
Insurance Law - LML4805
Integrated Auditing Procedures - AUE5963
Integrated Communication and the Organisation - COM4805
Integrated Environmental Management - HES4809
Integrated Environmental Management Systems and Auditing - HES4811
Integrated Fields of Auditing - AUE5962
Integrated Financial Accounting - FAC5963
Integrated Financial Management Techniques - MAC5963
Integrated Logistics - TRL2604
Integrated Logistics Management - TRL4864
Integrated Management Accounting - MAC5962
Integrated Management Practice - PBA4809
Integrated Management Project - MBA5929
Integrated Marketing Communication - MNM2611
Integrated Natural Resource Management - NAT4804
Integrated Organisational Communication - COM2602
Integrated Principles of Tax Administration - TAX5962
Integrated Reporting - FAC5964
Integrated Security Risk Project Management - SEP3702
Integrated Service Delivery in Social Welfare (Offered from 2021) - BSW4802
Integrated Social Work Practice (Offered from 2020) - BSW3705
Integrated Tax Strategy - TAX5963
Integrated Theological Praxis - BTH3720
Integrating Computers in Education - ACECE3D
Integration and Disintegration: African and International Institutions - AIP4801
Integration of Theory and Practice - SAW1504
Intellectual Property Aspects of Global Information Networks - GIN5901
Intelligence IV - INL401F
Interactive Programming - ICT2612
Intercultural Christian Communication - CMM2603
Intercultural, Development and Health Communication - COM2603
Interhistory of Religions - HRS4801
Intermediate Arabic - ARB2603
Internal Auditing: Theory and Principles - AUI2601
International Business - INT4801
International Communication - COM3705
International Communication and Political Communication - COM4804
International Cuisine - FOO3701
International Economic Law - MIL5902
International Finance - BAN2603
International Finance - ECS3703
International Financial Management - FIN4802
International Human Rights Law - LCP4807
International Human Rights Law - MHR5905
International Law - LCP4801
International Law On Foreign Investment - MIL5903
International Marketing - MNM3711
International Organisations - IPC2601
International Political Dynamics - IPC2602
International Political Economy - IPC3702
International Political Theory - IPC3701
International Political Theory - IPC4802
International Tax Law - MTX5904
International Trade - ECS3702
Internet Programming - ICT2613
Interpretation of Statutes - IOS2601
Intersections: Race, Class, Gender - ENN4804
Intersectoral Collaboration - PUB3722
Introducing Applied Information Science - AIS1501
Introducing Archives and Records Management - ARM1501
Introducing Information Management - INS2603
Introducing Information Records and Sources - AIS1503
Introducing Management in Libraries and Information Centres - AIS1602
Introducing Music Studies - MHS1501
Introducing Religions of the World - RST1501
Introduction To Human Resource Development - HRD1501
Introduction To Human Resource Management - HRM1501
Introduction To Labour Relations Management - LRM1501
Introduction to African Music - MHS1512
Introduction to African Philosophy - PLS1502
Introduction to Agri-Business Management (Theory and Practice) - AME2603
Introduction to Agricultural Economics (Extended) - XME1501
Introduction to Agricultural Economics [Theory and Practice] - AME1501
Introduction to Agricultural Policy - AME2703
Introduction to Ancient Israelite Literature - OTS1501
Introduction to Animal Behaviour - ANB1501
Introduction to Animal Diseases - AWD1501
Introduction to Animal Science [Theory] - ASA1503
Introduction to Animal Science (Theory) - XSA1503
Introduction to Animal Welfare - ANW1501
Introduction to Anthropological Research - APY4801
Introduction to Applied Sciences (Extended) - XSP1501
Introduction to Applied Sciences - CSP1501
Introduction to Archaeology - AGE1501
Introduction to Art History - ARH1502
Introduction to Art History in Africa - ARH2602
Introduction to Assessment in ABET - ABT1516
Introduction to Auditing - AUE1501
Introduction to Biblical Archaeology - OTS1502
Introduction to Business Information Systems (Extended) - XNF1505
Introduction to Business Information Systems - INF1505
Introduction to Category Theory - MAT4837
Introduction to Communication - DPR1501
Introduction to Computers in Education - ACECE1B
Introduction to Consumer Behaviour - MNM1505
Introduction to Correctional Management - PEN2604
Introduction to Creative Art - ICA1501
Introduction to Creative Writing: A Practical Course - KSK1601
Introduction to Crime Information Management Systems for Policing - CRI2601
Introduction to Criminology: Crime, Offenders and Criminal Behaviour - CMY1501
Introduction to Criminology: Reaction to Crime - CMY1503
Introduction to Criminology: Victims and Reduction of Crime - CMY1502
Introduction to Databases (Extended) - XCT1521
Introduction to Databases - ICT1521
Introduction to Development Studies - DVA1501
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics - MAT2612
Introduction to Early Christian Literature, Theology, History and Archaeology - ECH1501
Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management - MNE2601
Introduction to Environmental Education - IED1501
Introduction to Fundamental Penology - PEN1501
Introduction to General Relativity - APM4804
Introduction to Geographical Information Systems - GGH3703
Introduction to Grade R Teaching - GRT1501
Introduction to Heuristics - DSC4824
Introduction to Housekeeping (Hps3701) - HPS2601
Introduction to Inclusive Education - FDESN1R
Introduction to Inclusive Education - HBEDIE6
Introduction to Information Science - INS1501
Introduction to Interactive Programming (Extended) - XCT1512
Introduction to Interactive Programming - ICT1512
Introduction to Law - ILW1501
Introduction to Law for Social Work IIA - SCW2601
Introduction to Law for Social Work IIB - SCW2602
Introduction to Literary Genres - THL1502
Introduction to Management Accounting - MAC1501
Introduction to Marketing - MNM1503
Introduction to Marketing Communication - MNM1507
Introduction to Mechanics of Fluids - APM4812
Introduction to Medicinal Plants - BOT2605
Introduction to Merchandising - MNM1506
Introduction to Nutrition and Energy Yielding Nutrients (Extended) - XUT1501
Introduction to Nutrition and Energy Yielding Nutrients - NUT1501
Introduction to Paralegal Studies - PAR1501
Introduction to Personal and Social Wellbeing - IPS1501
Introduction to Petrology and South African Stratigraphy - GEL1504
Introduction to Plant Production - PTP1501
Introduction to Population Studies and Reproductive Health - MPHIPSH
Introduction to Population Studies and Reproductive Health - PPH4804
Introduction to Professionalism for Policing IIA - PRF2601
Introduction to Professionalism for Policing IIB - PRF2602
Introduction to Programming (Extended) - XCT1511
Introduction to Programming - ICT1511
Introduction to Programming I (Extended) - XOS1511
Introduction to Programming I - COS1511
Introduction to Programming II (Extended) - XOS1512
Introduction to Programming II - COS1512
Introduction to Public Relations - DPR1503
Introduction to Pulp and Paper Making I - IPM101P
Introduction to Research Methodology for Law and Criminal Justice - IRM1501
Introduction to Retailing - MNM1504
Introduction to Social Auxiliary Work - SAW1501
Introduction to Social Auxiliary Work to Social Work as a Profession - SAW1506
Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work - BSW1501
Introduction to Social Welfare, Social Work and Social Auxiliary Work - SAW1505
Introduction to Social Work as a Profession - BSW1502
Introduction to Statistics (Extended) - XTA1610
Introduction to Statistics - STA1610
Introduction to Theory of Literature - THL1501
Introduction to Theory of Religion - RST1502
Introduction to Web Design (Extended) - XCT1513
Introduction to Web Design - ICT1513
Introduction to Western Philosophy - PLS1501
Introduction to the Ancient Near Eastern Culture - ATC1601
Introduction to the General Principles of Criminal Law - CRW1501
Introduction to the Landscape of Social Work Practice - BSW1503
Introduction to the Study of Church History - TIC1502
Introductory Biochemistry - BCH2601
Introductory Chemistry - CHE1500
Introductory Financial Accounting - FAC1501
Introductory Financial Mathematics - DSC1630
Introductory Landscape Design Techniques - LDS2601
Introductory Microbial Genetics, Immunology and Epidemiology - MIB2603
Introductory Microbiology - MIB2601
Introductory issues in the Study of Christian Spirituality - CSP4802
Investigating Information Ethics in the Information Era - INS2602
Investigation of Crime IV - IOC401P
Investigation of Selected Crimes and Transgressions (Module A) - FOR2603
Investigation of Selected Crimes and Transgressions - FOR1502
Investigation of Selected Crimes and Transgressions: Module A - FOR3703
Investigation of Selected Crimes and Transgressions: Module B - FOR3704
Investigative Principles for Policing IA - OVM1501
Investigative Principles for Policing IB - OVM1502
Investigative Principles for Policing IIA - OVM2601
Investigative Principles for Policing IIB - OVM2602
Investigative Principles for Policing IIIA - OVM3701
Investigative Principles for Policing IIIB - OVM3702
Investigative Principles for Policing IV - OVM4801
Investments: Derivatives - INV3703
Investments: Equity Asset Valuation - INV3701
Investments: Fixed Income Analysis - INV3702
Investments: Portfolio Management - INV4801
Investments: an Introduction - INV2601
Investor Psychology - IOP3708
Invitation to Theology - CGM1501
Irrigation and Water Management (Theory and Practice) - SSW2601
Irrigation and Water Management - SSW201G
Islamic Law and Jurisprudence - ICS3707
Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Mysticism - ICS3706
Islamic Politics and Economics - ICS3705
Issues Management and Social Responsibility - DPR3706
Issues and Factors in Applied Linguistics - HAPL481
Issues in ABET Assessment - ABT2615
Issues in Basic Learning and Alphabetisation - ABT3623


Jazz Studies - MHS2605
Jazz Studies - MHS2614


Know Your World: Introduction to Geography (Extended) - XGH1501
Know Your World: Introduction to Geography - GGH1501
Knowledge Management - IRM4813


LLB Research Report - RRLLB81
LLD - Criminal and Procedural Law - TFCRI02
LLD - Jurisprudence - TFJUR02
LLD - Mercantile Law - TFMCL02
LLD - Private Law - TFPLW02
LLD - Public, Constitutional and International Law - TFCIL02
LLM - Advanced Land and Housing Law - PRL5908
LLM - Advanced Property Law - PRL5905
LLM - Banking Law 1 - BAN5901
LLM - Banking Law 2 - BAN5902
LLM - Capita Selecta From The Law of Civil Procedure - CMP5903
LLM - Capita Selecta From The Law of Criminal Procedure and Evidence - CMP5901
LLM - Child Law - PRL5902
LLM - Civil and Criminal Law Aspects of Media Law - CMP5902
LLM - Collective Labour Law - MLL5902
LLM - Company Law 1 - MCL5901
LLM - Company Law 2 - MCL5902
LLM - Constitutional Property Law - PRL5907
LLM - Copyright Law - COP5901
LLM - Corporate Insolvency Law - MCL5903
LLM - Credit Security Law - PRL5906
LLM - Criminal Law - CMP5904
LLM - Criminal and Procedural Law - DFCRI91
LLM - Criminal and Procedural Law - DFCRI92
LLM - Customary, Religious and Contemporary Families - PRL5904
LLM - Divorce Law - PRL5903
LLM - Drafting of Commercial Contracts - PRL5901
LLM - Employment Discrimination Law - MED5901
LLM - Individual Insolvency - MPL5901
LLM - Individual Labour Law - MLL5901
LLM - Information Technology Law 1 (Evidence and Criminal Law) - TLW5901
LLM - Information Technology Law 2 (Private Law) - TLW5902
LLM - Information Technology Law 3 (Intellectual Property Law) - TLW5903
LLM - Information Technology Law 4 (Select Aspects) - TLW5904
LLM - Insurance Law 1 - SUR5901
LLM - Insurance Law 2 - SUR5902
LLM - Jurisprudence - DFJUR92
LLM - Law of Delictual Damages - PRL5909
LLM - Mercantile Law - DFMCL92
LLM - Private International Law Perspectives On The Proprietary Consequences of Marriage - JUR5901
LLM - Private Law - DFPLW91
LLM - Private Law - DFPLW92
LLM - Public, Constitutional and International Law - DFCIL92
LLM - Short Dissertation (Corporate Law) - DLMCL91
LLM - Short Dissertation (Corporate Law) - DLMCL93
LLM - Short Dissertation (Family Law) - DLFLW91
LLM - Short Dissertation (Family Law) - DLFLW92
LLM - Social Security Law - MSL5901
LLM - The Law Relating to Negotiable Instruments - MNG5901
LLM Short Dissertation (Banking Law) - DLBAN91
LLM Short Dissertation (Banking Law) - DLBAN92
LLM Short Dissertation (Commercial Law) - DLCLA92
LLM Short Dissertation (Constitutional and International Law) - DLPIL92
LLM Short Dissertation (Criminal and Procedural Law) - DLCRI92
LLM Short Dissertation (Information Technology Law) - DLTEC92
LLM Short Dissertation (Insurance Law) - DLSUR91
LLM Short Dissertation (Insurance Law) - DLSUR92
LLM Short Dissertation (Jurisprudence) - DLHIA92
LLM Short Dissertation (Labour Law) - DLLLW91
LLM Short Dissertation (Labour Law) - DLLLW92
LLM Short Dissertation (Mercantile Law) - DLMCL92
LLM Short Dissertation (Private Law) - DLPLW92
LLM Short Dissertation (Property Law) - DLPRP91
LLM Short Dissertation (Property Law) - DLPRP92
LLM Short Dissertation (Tax Law) - DLTAX92
Laboratory Diagnostics I - LDS141Q
Laboratory Diagnostics (Practical) - AHPR02G
Laboratory Diagnostics: AH I - LDI2601
Labour Economics - ECS2604
Labour Law - MRL3702
Labour Relations Management: Macro - LRM2601
Labour Relations Management: Micro - LRM3702
Labour Relations Practices - LRM3601
Labour Relations in Health Services - HMA2602
Land Use Planning - SSW203J
Land and Housing - LAH3701
Landscape Construction and Installation - LDS3601
Landscape Design Practical - LDS3702
Landscape Design Practice (WIL) - LDS3703
Landscape Maintenance (Extended) ) - XDS1501
Landscape Maintenance - LDS1501
Language Acquisition in a Natural Environment - LIN2601
Language Contact and Variation - HLIN481
Language Planning and Linguistic Description - LIN3704
Language Planning in Education - HAPL484
Language Proficiency (English Communication for Education) - LPENGTS
Language Proficiency - LPAFRT8
Language Studies and Translation Practice - HML4803
Language Teaching - PST131J
Language Technology, Terminography and Lexicography - AFL3704
Language Through an African Lens - AFL1501
Language Variation and Language Politics - AFK3703
Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language I - AFL1503
Language and Communication Skills Acquisition in an African Language II - AFL1504
Language in a Changing World - LIN2602
Law for Credit Managers IIIA - LFC3701
Law for Credit Managers IIIB - LFC3702
Law of Contract - PVL3702
Law of Damages - LPL4802
Law of Delict - PVL3703
Law of Evidence - LEV3701
Law of Income Tax I - MTX5901
Law of Income Tax II - MTX5902
Law of Persons - PVL1501
Law of Property - PVL3701
Law of Sale and Lease - LPL4801
Law of Succession - PVL2602
Leadership - MNL2601
Leadership Development - MBL5908
Leadership and Organisational Behaviour - PBA4806
Leadership and Organisational Dynamics - MBL921M
Leadership in Health Services Management - HMA3703
Leadership, Management and Support Systems in Adult Education - LMSSAES
Leading People - MBL5904
Leading Strategic Change - MBL5905
Leading and Control in Health Services Management - HMA1502
Leading and Managing ABET - ABT2616
Learner Support for Learners Experiencing Learning Difficulties - FDELD4G
Learning How to Provide Reference Services - AIS2602
Learning Processes - DYD116V
Learning Support in An Inclusive Education Setting - MEDSN2B
Learning and Learning Problems - FDEGD2U
Learning and Teaching Strategies in the Adolescent Years - EDT1602
Learning and Teaching an additional Language - LIN3703
Learning and Teaching of Intermediate and Senior Mathematics - ACEME1C
Legal Aspects in Accountancy - AUE1601
Legal Aspects of Electronic Commerce - LML4810
Legal Aspects of Environmental Management - LEG2601
Legal Aspects of HIV and AIDS: HIV and AIDS in the Healthcare Context - PLH4801
Legal Aspects of HIV and AIDS: HIV and AIDS in the Workplace - PLH4804
Legal Aspects of HIV and AIDS: Medical Law - PLH4802
Legal Aspects of HIV and AIDS: the Impact of HIV and AIDS on Women and Children - PLH4805
Legal Aspects of HIV and AIDS: the Rights and Duties of Persons Living with HIV and AIDS - PLH4803
Legal Aspects of Small Businesses - LSB2605
Legal Philosophy - LJU4801
Legal Research Methodology - LME3701
Legal issues in Educational Leadership - FDEEL5C
Legislation and Standards in Archives and Records Management - ARM3701
Legislation: AH - TLG3601
Legislation: Animal Health I - TLG1016
Library and Information Practice - AIS4803
Life Orientation: Biblical Perspectives - OTS2603
Life Skills: Creative Arts and Music in Foundation Phase - LSK2603
Life Skills: Physical Education in Foundation Phase - LSK2602
Life Skills: Science and Technology in Foundation Phase - LSK2601
Lifelong Learning - ABT2611
Linear Algebra (Extended) - XAT1503
Linear Algebra - MAT1503
Linear Algebra - MAT2611
Linear Algebra - MAT3701
Linear Mathematical Programming - DSC2605
Linear Models - STA4803
Literary Studies in African Languages - AFL4804
Literary Texts and Historical Sources - CLS4804
Literary Theory in Context - THL3705
Literature and Society: a Perspective on African Languages - AFL2603
Litigation Process IV - LTP401F
Livestock Production Systems - ASA103N
Local Government Accounting III - LGA301L
Local Government Accounting III - PUB3714
Local Government Finance I - LGF161Y
Local Government Finance I - PUB1502
Local Government Finance II - LGF271V
Local Government Finance IIA - PUB2612
Local Government Finance III - LGF381T
Local Government Finance Systems IIB - PUB2613
Local Government Finance: Control Measures III - PUB3708
Local Government Finance: Functions III - PUB3709
Local Government Functions I - PUB1503
Local Government Law - LGL3702
Local Government Management - PUB1511
Local Government Management I - LGM111P
Local Government Management II - LGM211P
Local Government Management II - PUB2614
Local Government Management III - LGM311P
Local Government Management III - PUB3710
Logic-Based Reasoning - COS4851
Logistics Activities - TRL3707
Logistics Engineering IV - LGE401I
Logistics Strategy - TRL3709
Logistics Systems - TRL3708
Lusophone African Literature - PTU3705


MA (Clinical Psychology) - DLCPS95
MA (Environmental Science) - DFENS92
MA (Health Studies) - DFHLS95
MA (Nursing Science) - DFNUR95
MA - African Languages (Northern Sotho) - DFNSO95
MA - African Languages (Southern Sotho) - DFSSO95
MA - African Languages (Tsonga) - DFTSG95
MA - African Languages (Tswana) - DFTSW95
MA - African Languages (Venda) - DFVEN95
MA - African Languages (Xhosa) - DFXHO95
MA - African Languages (Zulu) - DFZUU95
MA - Afrikaans - DFAFK95
MA - Anthropology - DFANT95
MA - Arabic - DFARB95
MA - Archaeology - DFARC95
MA - Art History - DFARH95
MA - Biblical Archaeology - DFBAR95
MA - Biblical Studies (New Testament) - DFBSN95
MA - Biblical Studies (Old Testament) - DFBSO95
MA - Classical Studies - DFCLS95
MA - Communication - DFCOM95
MA - English - DFENN95
MA - French - DFFRN95
MA - German - DFGMN95
MA - History - DFHST95
MA - International Politics - DFINT95
MA - Italian - DFITL95
MA - Judaica - DFJCA95
MA - Linguistics - DFLIN95
MA - Other African Languages - DFOTH95
MA - Philosophy - DFPHL95
MA - Politics - DFPOL95
MA - Portuguese - DFPTG95
MA - Psychology - DFPSY95
MA - Religious Studies - DFRLS95
MA - Russian - DFRUS95
MA - Social Work - DFSWK91
MA - Sociology - DFSOC95
MA - Theory of Literature - DFTHL95
MA - in Ancient Near Eastern Studies - DFANE95
MA in African Politics - DFAFP95
MA in Applied Linguistics - Dissertation - DFAPL95
MA in Development Studies - DFDVA95
MA in Islamic Studies - Dissertation - DFISL95
MA in Public Health - DFMPH95
MA in Sociolinguistics - Dissertation - DFSCL96
MA in TESOL- Dissertation - DFTES96
MCom - Business Management - DFMNG92
MCom - Economics - DFECO92
MCom - Entrepreneurship - DFENT92
MCom - Finance - DFFIN92
MCom - Human Resource Management - DFHRM92
MCom - Industrial Psychology (Full Dissertation) - DFIOP91
MCom - Industrial Psychology - DLIOP91
MCom - Logistics - DFLOG92
MCom - Marketing - DFMKT92
MCom - Operations Management - DFOPS93
MCom - Quantitative Management - DFQMT93
MCom - Statistics - DFSTA92
MCom - Tourism Management - DFTRT92
MPH Dissertation of Limited Scope - DIS4986
MSc (Agriculture) - Dissertation - DFAGR91
MSc (Environmental Dissertation) - DFENM91
MSc (Environmental Dissertation) - DFENS91
MSc (Geography) - Dissertation - DFGGR91
MSc (Life Sciences) - Dissertation - DFLSC91
MSc (Nature Conservation) - Dissertation - DFNCO91
MSc - Operations Research - Dissertation - DFOPR93
MSc - Research Consulting Option 2 - DFRCO97
MTH (Missiology) - Dissertation of Limited Scope - DLMIS95
MTH (Missiology) - Paper 1 - MTHMS15
MTH (Missiology) - Paper 2 - MTHMS26
MTH (Missiology-Spes. Urban Ministry) - Dissertation of Limited Scope - DLURB95
MTH (Missiology-with specialisation in Urban Ministry) - DFURB95
MTH - Christian Leadership in Context (Old Testament) - DFOTS95
MTH - Christian Leadership in Context (Practical Theology) - DFPTH96
MTH - Christian Leadership in Context (Theological Ethics) - DFTHE96
MTH - Church History - DFCHH95
MTH - Missiology - Dissertation - DFMIS95
MTH - New Testament - DFNEW95
MTH - Old Testament - DFOLD95
MTH - Practical Theology - DFPTH95
MTH - Systematic Theology - DFSYS95
MTH - Theological Ethics - DFTHE95
MTH in Christian Spirituality - Dissertation - DFCSP95
MTH in Pastoral Therapy (Full Dissertation) - DFPAS96
Machine Design III - MEA361B
Machine Learning - COS4852
Macroeconomics - ECS2602
Maintenance Engineering I - MEG101T
Maintenance Engineering II - MEG291X
Maintenance Management - MMN101M
Making Christianities: Competing Identities in a Religiously Diverse World - ECH4803
Management IA - MNG1502
Management IB - MNG1602
Management IIA - MND2601
Management IIB - MND2602
Management IIIA - MND3701
Management IIIB - MND3702
Management Information Systems II - MNI231R
Management Practice IV - MGP437U
Management Skills - DYD117W
Management and Assessment - PGC405D
Management and the Public Sector - PUB4865
Management as a Process - RA5502Q
Management in Foundation phase - MFP2601
Management of Early Childhood Development Institutions - EDT305S
Management of Employee Wellbeing, Health and Safety - HRM3702
Management of Human Resource Development - HRD3601
Management of Information III - PUB3718
Management of Information Systems III - PUB3719
Management of Knowledge and Information Services - INS4802
Management of Odl - ODL5904
Management of Training and Development - HRD3702
Management: Civil I - MCL1501
Management: Civil II - MCL2601
Managerial and Organisational Psychology - IOP4862
Managing ABET in Context for Development - HBEDMAB
Managing Archaeological Heritage - AGE4805
Managing Archives - ARM1503
Managing Human Capital - MBA5904
Managing Records - ARM1502
Managing and Resolving Employment Relations Issues - MBL93BS
Managing the Internal Audit Activity - AUI3704
Managing the School as an Organisation - HBEDMSV
Mandarin Chinese: Advanced Level I - MAN3702
Mandarin Chinese: Advanced Level II - MAN3703
Mandarin Chinese: Beginners - MAN1501
Mandarin Chinese: Elementary Level - MAN1502
Mandarin Chinese: Intermediate Level I - MAN2601
Mandarin Chinese: Proficient Level I - MAN3704
Mandarin Chinese: Proficient Level II - MAN3705
Mandarin Chinese: Upper-intermediate level - MAN3701
Mandarin Chinese: intermediate level II - MAN2602
Market Risk Management - RSK4805
Marketing Applications - MNM3705
Marketing Communication - COM3701
Marketing Communication, Advertising and Public Relations - COM4808
Marketing II - MAR221U
Marketing III - MAR332S
Marketing Management - MBL913M
Marketing Management - MNM2601
Marketing Metrics - MNM4803
Marketing Planning - MNM3701
Marketing Project - MNM3704
Marketing Research - MNM3702
Marketing in Africa - MNM2615
Marriage Guidance and Counselling - MGG2601
Mass Communication Theory - COM4801
Master Proposal - CSET Fg 3 - MPSET93
Master Proposal - CHS - MPCHS91
Master Proposal - CHS - MPCHS92
Master Proposal - CHS - MPCHS94
Master Proposal - Department of Environmental Sciences - MPENV90
Master Proposal - Department of Environmental Sciences - MPNCO90
Master Proposal - Department of Environmental Sciences - MPOHO90
Master Proposal - Department of Geography - MPGGR90
Master Proposal - Department of Life and Consumer Sciences - MPLCS90
Master Proposal - Education - MPEDU91
Master Proposal - MPSET92
Master in Visual Arts - Dissertation - DFVAR95
Master of Consumer Science (Dissertation) - DFCON91
Masters Proposal - CSET Fg 4 - MPSET94
Masters Proposal - Department of Agriculture and Animal Health - MPAAE90
Masters Proposal in Accounting Sciences - MPCAS92
Masters Proposal in Ems - Industrial and Organisational Psychology - MPEMS94
Masters Research Proposal in The School of Criminal Justice - MPSCJ90
Masters Research Proposal: Economic and Management Sciences - MPEMS91
Masters Research Proposal: Economic and Management Sciences - MPEMS92
Masters Research Proposal: Economic and Management Sciences - MPEMS93
Material Culture of the Ancient Near East - ANE4804
Material Testimonies to the Classical World - CLS2602
Materials Selection, Adaptation, Development and Evaluation in ABET - ABT3625
Mathematical Modelling (Extended) - XPM1514
Mathematical Modelling - APM1514
Mathematical Modelling II - DSC3707
Mathematical Practices for Intermediate and Senior Teachers - ACEME4F
Mathematical Techniques in Statistics - STA3710
Mathematics 1 for Teachers - MTE1501
Mathematics 2 for Teachers - MTE1502
Mathematics I (Engineering) - MAT1581
Mathematics II (Engineering) - MAT2691
Mathematics III (Engineering) - MAT3700
Mathematics Teaching (Intermediate and Senior Phase) - PST201F
Mathematics Teaching - PRS401C
Mathematics for Foundation Phase Teachers - MFP1501
Mathematics for Intermediate II - MIP1502
Mathematics for Intermediate Phase teachers I - MIP1501
Mathematics for Intermediate Phase teachers III - MIP2601
Mathematics for Intermediate Phase teachers IV - MIP2602
Mathematics of Optimization Theory - APM4805
Matrix Methods in Statistics - STA4801
Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra I - MAT4857
Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra II - MAT4858
Meal Management - HPM2602
Measure Theory and Integration - MAT4831
Measurement in Intermediate and Senior Mathematics - MAE103L
Meat Hygiene Practical - AHPR05G
Mechanical Engineering Design II - MEE231V
Mechanical Engineering Design III - MEA351A
Mechanical Engineering Drawing I - MED161Q
Mechanical Engineering Practice I - MCP101E
Mechanical Engineering Practice II - MCP201E
Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering I (Practical) - MMEPRA1
Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering I (Theory) - MME1501
Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering II (Practical) - MMEPRA2
Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering II (Theory) - MME2601
Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering III - MME3601
Mechanics (Physics) - PHY1505
Mechanics (Physics)(Extended) - XHY1505
Mechanics I (Practical) - MCA1PRA
Mechanics II - APM1612
Mechanics and Calculus of Variations - APM3712
Mechanics of Machines II (Practical) - MOMPRA2
Mechanics of Machines II (Theory) - MOM2601
Mechanics of Machines III (Practical) - MOMPRA3
Mechanics of Machines III (Theory) - MOM3601
Mechanics of Machines IV - MOM401M
Med - Comparative Education - DFCED95
Med - Curriculum Studies (Dissertation of Limited Scope) - DLCUR95
Med - Didactics - DFDID95
Med - Education Management (Option 2) - DLEDM95
Med - Education Management - DFEDU95
Med - Environmental Education (Dissertation) - DFENE96
Med - History of Education - DFHED95
Med - Inclusive Education - DFIED95
Med - Mathematics Education (Dissertation) - DFMED96
Med - Natural Science Education (Dissertation) - DFNSE96
Med - Philosophy of Education (Until 1993: Fundamental Pedagogics) - DFPED95
Med - Psychology of Education - DFPSE95
Med - with specialisation in Guidance and Counselling - DLGDC95
Med in Socio-Education - DFSOE95
Media Law - LCR4803
Media Liaison - DPR2612
Media Management, Policy and Regulation - COM4803
Media Research - COM4802
Media Studies for Public Relations I - MDS181Z
Media Studies for Public Relations II - MDS291R
Media Studies: Content, Audiences and Production - COM3703
Media Studies: Institutions, Theories and Issues - COM3702
Media Studies: Mass Communication and Media Theory - COM2604
Medical Epidemiology - BMI2602
Medical Equipment III (Module A) (Practical) - MEQPRA1
Medical Equipment III (Module A) (Theory) - MEQ3601
Medical Equipment III (Module B) (Practical) - MEQPRA2
Medical Equipment III (Module B) (Theory) - MEQ3602
Medical Equipment IV (Module A) (Practical) - MEQPRA4
Medical Equipment IV (Module A) (Theory) - MEQ4701
Medical Law - LCR4802
Medical Microbiology - BMI2603
Medicinal Plant Use - BOT4801
Meditation and Mysticism - RST2604
Membrane and Effector Physiology - FIS3703
Memory and Identity - ARH4801
Methodology of Life Orientation - FDEGD5X
Methods and Testing in Applied Linguistics - HAPL482
Methods of Multivariate Analysis - STA4810
Metrology III (Practical) - MTRPRA3
Metrology III (Theory) - MTR3601
Microbial Diversity - MIB3703
Microbial Ecology - MIB2602
Microbial Physiology - MIB3701
Microbiology II (Practical) - MIB2604
Microbiology III (Practical) - MIB3704
Microeconomics - ECS2601
Microwave Communication III (Practical) - MCEPRA3
Microwave Communication III (Theory) - MCE3601
Microwave Engineering IV (Practical) - MWEPRA4
Microwave Engineering IV (Theory) - MWE4701
Mine Engineering II - MEN2601
Mine Engineering III - MIE3601
Mine Survey II - MSG211Q
Mine Survey III - MSG3601
Mine Survey Practice I - MSP101R
Mine Survey Practice II - MSP242S
Mine Survey Practice III - MSP352T
Mine Survey and Valuation II - SAV2601
Mine Survey and Valuation III - SAV3601
Mine Valuation II - MVA231Q
Mine Valuation III - MVA3601
Mineral Beneficiation II - MBE2601
Mineral Exploitation I - MEP171X
Minf - Archival Science - DFACH98
Minf - DFINS97
Mini Project and Seminar - AGP3701
Mini-Dissertation: Auditing - DLAUE91
Mini-Dissertation: Financial Accounting - DLFAC91
Mini-Dissertation: Financial Governance - DLGOV91
Mini-Dissertation: Financial Intelligence - DLINT91
Mini-Dissertation: Management Accounting - DLMAC91
Mini-Dissertation: Taxation - DLTAX91
Mining Engineering Practice I - MPR101E
Mining Engineering Practice II - MPR201E
Mining Geology II - MGY2601
Mining II - MIN2601
Mining III - MIN3601
Mining Technical Services III - MTS351X
Missiology Today: Discerning Trends and Challenges - MSG4803
Mmus - DFMUS96
Models for Strategic Decision-Making - DSC3704
Modern Brazilian Literature and Society - PTU3704
Modern Philosophy - PLS3702
Modern Physics (Extended) - XHY1604
Modern Physics - PHY1604
Modern Portuguese Literature and Society - PTU2602
Modern South Africa: Afrikaner Power, the Politics of Race and Resistance, 1902 to the 1970's - HSY3704
Modern South Africa: From Soweto to Democracy - HSY3705
Modern and Postmodern Literature in English - ENG3705
Modernism and Postmodernism - ARH3704
Modernism and Twentieth Century Music (offered from 2021) - MHS3711
Modernist Composition Resources - CST3702
Molecular Biology - BMI2604
Molecular Cell Biology - BIT3702
Molecular Cell Signalling - BIT3703
Molecular Genetics - BCH3703
Molecular Symmetry - CHE4805
Molecular Techniques - LSH4813
Monetary Economics - ECS3701
Money And Banking - BAN2601
Money, Banking and Financial Markets - ECS4864
Monitoring and Evaluation - PM7007C
Multicultural Education (Educational Themes 305) - ETH305V
Multilingualism: the Role of Language in the South African Context - LIN1502
Multivariate Distribution Theory - STA4802
Music Bibliography - MBY1501
Music Business - MHS2613
Music Technology (offered from 2020) - CST2612
Music Technology - CST1512
Music Technology I: MIDI - CST2601
Music Technology II: Digital Audio - CST3706
Music Theory and Composition I - CST1511
Music Theory and Composition II (offered from 2020) - CST2611
Music and Gender - MHS3703
Music and Movement Activities - PRS2015
Music and Patronage - MHS2603
Music and Society - MHS2602
Music in Postcolonial Africa (offered from 2020) - MHS2612
Music in Religion - MHS3701
Music in South Africa - MHS3704
Music in Vienna from the Late 18th Century - MHS2604
Musical Entrepreneurship - MHS2601
Mythology of the Ancient Near East - ATC1502


Natural Language Processing - COS4861
Natural Science and Technology - NST1501
Nature Conservation Application IA - NCA2603
Nature Conservation Application IB - NCA2604
Nature Conservation Application IIA - NCA2605
Nature Conservation Application IIB - NCA2606
Nature Conservation Application IIIA - NCA3601
Nature Conservation Application IIIB - NCA3602
Network Technical Skills (Extended) - XCT1532
Network Technical Skills - ICT1532
Networking and Advocacy in ABET - ABT3627
Networks IV - IRM4721
Networks IV - NTW401I
New Media Technology - COM3704
New Testament and Early Christian Studies Research Report - HRECH86
Nonlinear Mathematical Programming - DSC2606
Nonparametric Regression - STA4809
Nonverbal Communication in Ancient Near East - ATC2602
Notarial Practice - LPL4805
Nuclear Physics - PHY4807
Numbers and Operations in Intermediate and Senior Phase - MAE101J
Numerical Methods I - COS2633
Numerical Methods II - APM3711
Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations - APM4808
Nursery Design and Layout - HOR2601
Nursing Dynamics - NUD2601
Nutrition During the Life Cycle - NUT3701
Nutrition Education - CN6001G
Nutrition Education and Development - CN6002H
Nutrition Education and Extension - CN6003J
Nutrition and Alternative Medicine - NUT3705
Nutrition and Health Promotion - NUT3704
Nutrition and Nutrient Deficiency Diseases (Extended) - XUT1602
Nutrition and Nutrient Deficiency Diseases - NUT1602
Nutritional Care - NUT2601


Object-Oriented Analysis - ICT2622
Occupational Health and Safety Law I - OHS101S
Occupational Health and Safety Law IIA - OHS2601
Occupational Health and Safety Law IIB - OHS2602
Occupational Health and Safety Law III - OHS301S
Old Testament Research Report - HROTS85
On-Line Learning - ACECE4E
Ontdek die Afrikaanse Letter - AFK1506
Ontology Engineering - COS4840
Opera - MHS3702
Opera and Choral Music (offered from 2021) - MHS3714
Operating Systems Practice - ICT2631
Operating Systems and Architecture - COS3721
Operational Research III - OPR371S
Operational Risk Management - RSK4801
Operations Management - MBA5926
Operations Management - MBL912L
Operations Management I - OMN101M
Operations Management II - OMN201M
Operations Management III - OMN301M
Operations Management IV - OMN401M
Operations Management Techniques IV - OMT4801
Operations: Data Systems - HPS3705
Optimal Control - APM4809
Optimisation of Resources - DSC3702
Opto-Electronics IV (Practical) - OPEPRA4
Opto-Electronics IV (Theory) - OPE4701
Orature in African Languages - AFL4803
Ordinary Differential Equations I - MAT4843
Ordinary Differential Equations II - MAT4844
Ordinary Differential Equations - MAT3706
Organic Chemistry II (Practical) - ORC2PRA
Organic Chemistry II (Practical) Semester 2 only - CHE2623
Organic Chemistry II (Theory) - CHE2613
Organic Chemistry II (Theory) - ORC221F
Organic Chemistry III (Practical) Semester 1 only - CHE3723
Organic Chemistry III - CHE3703
Organic Chemistry IV - CHE4803
Organic Polymer Chemistry - CHE4806
Organisation Development Interventions - IOP4865
Organisation Development and Change Approaches - IOP4864
Organisation Development and Learning in the Context of Human Resource Development - HRD4802
Organisation Diagnosis - IOP4866
Organisational Behaviour in Education and Education Law - HBEDOBG
Organisational Communication - COM2601
Organisational Communication Research - COM4806
Organisational Communication Theory - COM4807
Organisational Development and Change - IOP3705
Organisational Dynamics - DPR2603
Organisational Psychology (Masters) - IOP5961
Organisational Psychology - IOP2602
Organisational Research Methodology - IOP2601
Organisational Studies in the Public Sector - PUB3704
Organising Archives: Arrangement and Description - ARM3703
Organising Records: Classification Systems - ARM2602
Orientation in Early Christian Archaeology - ECH4807
Orientation to Intermediate Phase Mathematics - OPM1501
Orientation to teaching Economic and Management Sciences - OTE2601
Ornamental Crop Production - HOR3601
Ornamental Plant Propagation (Extended) - XOR1501
Ornamental Plant Propagation - HOR1501
Ornamental Plant Use II - PMS2601
Ornamental Plant Use I (Extended) - XMS1501
Ornamental Plant Use I - PMS1501
Ornamental Plant Use III - PMS2602
Ornamental Plant Use Practice (WIL) - PMS3601
Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programme Management and Policy Development - DYD2195
Our Living Earth (Extended) - XGH1503
Our Living Earth - GGH1503


Painting - TWF1501
Paralegal Advice Centre - PAC2602
Partial Differential Equations I - MAT4847
Partial Differential Equations II - MAT4848
Partial Differential Equations - APM3701
Pasture Management [Theory and Practice] - ASP2701
Pasture Management - ASP211T
Pasture Science I - PAS111A
Pasture and Nutrition (Animal Health I) - PNH151U
Pasture and Nutrition: AH - PNH1501
Pasture and Nutrition: Animal Health (Extended) - XNH1501
Patent Law - PAT5901
Patent and Copyright Law - LML4801
Pavement Technology IV (Project) - PVT4702
Pavement Technology IV (Theory) - PVT4701
Peace Education and Conflict Resolution - Med (Socio-Education) - MEDSO2D
Pedology and Soil Classification - SSW103F
People and the Environment - GGH2604
People-Centred Schools - HBEDPCK
Performance Management - HRM3706
Performance Management Practices - HRM2604
Performance Strategy - MAC4867
Performing Practice - CST3705
Personal Financial Management - FIN2602
Personal Insurance Products and Practice - ISR1501
Personal Selling - MNM1501
Personality Theories - PYC2601
Personality in Work Context - IOP1601
Personnel Psychology (Masters) - IOP5962
Personnel Psychology: Employee Retention - IOP3706
Personnel Psychology: Organisational Entry - IOP3702
Personnel and Career Psychology - IOP4863
Personology - PYC4804
Perspective in Inclusive Education - INC4801
Perspectives on Accountancy - CAS1501
Perspectives on North Africa in Antiquity - AHS2611
Perspectives on Translation and Interpreting Studies - HTR4803
Persuasive Texts - TEX3701
PhD (Mst ) - Astronomy Education - TFASE01
PhD - Agriculture and Animal Health - TFAGR01
PhD - Anthropology - TFANT04
PhD - Archaeology - TFARC01
PhD - Art - TFART03
PhD - Business Management - TFBMN02
PhD - Communication - TFCOM02
PhD - Consulting Psychology - DIS509N
PhD - Consulting Psychology - TFCPS02
PhD - Consulting Psychology - TFCPS06
PhD - Consumer Science - TFCON01
PhD - Corrections Management - TFCMA01
PhD - Criminal Justice - TFCRJ01
PhD - Criminology and Security Management - TFCSM01
PhD - Economics - TFECO01
PhD - Education (Comparative Education) - TFPCE01
PhD - Education (Curriculum Studies) - TFPCU01
PhD - Education (Early Childhood Development) - TFECD01
PhD - Education (Education Management) - TFPEM01
PhD - Education (Environmental Education) - TFENE01
PhD - Education (History of Education) - TFPHE01
PhD - Education (Inclusive Education) - TFPIE01
PhD - Education (Language Education) - TFLED01
PhD - Education (Mathematics Education) - TFMED01
PhD - Education (Natural Science Education) - TFNSE01
PhD - Education (Open Distance Learning) - TFODL01
PhD - Education (Socio-Education) - TFPSD01
PhD - Education (Technology Education) - TFTED01
PhD - Entrepreneurship - TFENT02
PhD - Environmental Management - TFENM01
PhD - Environmental Science - TFENS01
PhD - Finance - TFFIN02
PhD - Geography - TFGGR01
PhD - History - TFHST01
PhD - Human Resource Management - TFHRM02
PhD - Industrial and Organisational Psychology - TFIOP04
PhD - Information Science - TFNFS02
PhD - International Business - TFINB02
PhD - Law - TFLAW01
PhD - Life Sciences - TFLSC01
PhD - Logistics, Transport Economics, Purchasing and Supply Chain - TFLOG02
PhD - Marketing - TFMKT02
PhD - Music - TFMUS04
PhD - Nursing - TFNUS02
PhD - Operations Management - TFOPS02
PhD - Operations Research - TFOPR03
PhD - Police Science, Forensic Science and Technology - TFPFS01
PhD - Psychology - TFPSY01
PhD - Psychology - TFPSY07
PhD - Psychology Education - TFPSY02
PhD - Public Administration - TFADM01
PhD - Sociology - TFSOC02
PhD - Tourism Management - TFTOU02
Pharmacology - BMI2605
Pharmacology and Toxicology - PHT201J
Pharmacology and Toxicology: AH I - PHT2601
Pharmacology and Toxicology: AH II - PHT2602
Philosophy Research Report - HRPLS81
Philosophy and History of Education - PGC402A
Philosophy of Education - PDU3701
Philosophy of Science - PLS2607
Physical Chemistry II (Practical) - PCH2PRA
Physical Chemistry II (Practical) Semester 2 only - CHE2622
Physical Chemistry II (Theory) - CHE2612
Physical Chemistry II (Theory) - PCH241P
Physical Chemistry III (Practical) Semester 1 only - CHE3722
Physical Chemistry III - CHE3702
Physical Chemistry IV - CHE4802
Physical Education and Sports Coaching - PES3701
Physical Education and Sports Coaching - PST312M
Physics Honors Research Methods and Project - HRPHY82
Physics Honours Research Methods - - HMPHY80
Physics Honours Research Project - HRPHY81
Physics I (Practical) - FIC1PRA
Physics I (Theory) - FIC181C
Physics Practical Work I - PHY1503
Physics Practical Work II - PHY2604
Physics Practical Work III - PHY3706
Physiological Defence Mechanisms - FIS2603
Physiology (Practical) - FIS3704
Physiology II (Practical) - FIS2604
Physiology of the Nervous System - FIS3701
Pig Practical - AGR3014
Pig Production [Theory and Practice] - ASA3702
Pig Production - ASA302T
Planning and Administering ABET Classes and Projects - ABT1515
Planning and Organising in Health Services Management - HMA1501
Plant Studies IV - PST4701
Plant Anatomy, Structure and Function - BOT2601
Plant Biodiversity and Environmental Botany (Extended) - XOT1502
Plant Biodiversity and Environmental Botany - BOT1502
Plant Genetics and Biotechnology (Theory and Practice) - ASP3701
Plant Growing and Care (Extended) - XOR1503
Plant Growing and Care - HOR1503
Plant Growth Structures - HOR2602
Plant Pests and Diseases - ASP313Y
Plant Pests and Diseases - HOR3602
Plant Physiology - BOT3701
Plant Physiology, Water Relations and Plant Nutrition - BOT2603
Plant Production II - PTP211A
Plant Production III - PTP311A
Plant Production I - PTP111A
Plant Production IV - PTP411A
Plant Production Systems (Theory and Practice) - ASP2602
Plant Protection - ASP2603
Plant Structure: Cytology, Morphology & Anatomy (Extended) - XOT1501
Plant Structure: Cytology, Morphology and Anatomy - BOT1501
Plant Studies I (Extended) - XSO1501
Plant Studies I - PSO1501
Plant Studies II - PSO2601
Plant Studies III - PSO3701
Plant Studies IV (Module A) - PSO411Z
Plant Studies IV (Module B) - PSO421Y
Playing with History: the Early Music Movement and Its Impact on Recent Performing Trends - MUS4801
Poetry, Theatre and Society - ACEEN5A
Policing IV - PLC401P
Policy Studies III - PUB3720
Policy Studies V - PUB5970
Policy, Planning and Implementation - DYD212U
Political Change in Contemporary Africa - APC2601
Political Conflict and Conflict Resolution - PSC3702
Political Development and Political Economy - PLC3703
Political Dynamics - PLC4802
Political Economy of Africa - APC2602
Political Evolution of the African State - APC1501
Political Ideas - PLC3701
Political Knowledge - PSC3703
Political Philosophy - PLS3705
Political Sciences and Research - HPPSC81
Political and Government Communication and Media Ethics - COM3707
Politics and Public Policy - PLC2602
Politics as Social Activity - PLC1501
Politics in the Twenty-First Century: National, African and International Perspectives - PSC4802
Politics, Power and Prophecy in Ancient Israel - OTS3701
Pomology & Olericulture - ASP4802
Popular Culture and the Practices of Reception - ENN4803
Popular Music (offered from 2021) - MHS3715
Population Genetics - GNE3703
Portfolio - MEDFOLF
Portuguese Language and Culture: Beginners - PTU1501
Portuguese Language and Culture: Intermediate Level - PTU2601
Portuguese Language and Culture: Lower Intermediate - PTU1502
Portuguese Language and Culture: upper Intermediate Level - PTU2603
Portuguese Language for Specific Purposes: Advanced - PTU3701
Portuguese Translation Practice - PTU3702
Post Harvest Technology (Theory and Practice) - ASP3704
Postmodern Composition Resources - CST3703
Postmodern Philosophy of Religion - RST3708
Poultry Practical - AGR3025
Poultry Production [Theory and Practice] - ASA3701
Poultry Production - ASA301S
Power Electronics III (Practical) - PCEPRA3
Power Electronics III (Theory) - PCE3601
Power Electronics IV (Practical) - PCEPRA4
Power Electronics IV (Theory) - PCE4701
Power Systems IV (Practical) - PSYPRA4
Power Systems IV (Theory) - PSY4701
Practical - Med (Spec in Guidance & Counselling) - MEDVOP9
Practical Accounting Data Processing - AIN2601
Practical Agriculture IP - AGR102V
Practical Animal Science - AGR201X
Practical Computer Assisted Audit Techniques - AUE4871
Practical Crop and Plant Science - AGR202Y
Practical Educational Computing - ACECE5F
Practical Food Security and Behaviour - FO55P5Y
Practical Pasture and Plant Science - AGR2033
Practical Portfolio - AIS3705
Practical Science for the Classroom - PSC1501
Practical Translation from and Into French - FRC3705
Practical Weeds, Soil and Water - AGR2044
Practical Work - SCK2602
Practical Work in Social Case and Group Work - SCK3704
Practical Work: Community Work - SCK3705
Practising Workplace English - ENN1504
Pre-Algebra and Algebra Education in Intermediate and Senior Mathematics - MAE201M
Pre-Intermediate Arabic - ARB2602
Preaching and Worship in African Context - PTH4802
Preaching in a Context of Poverty - CGM2602
Precalculus Mathematics A (Extended) - XAT1510
Precalculus Mathematics A - MAT1510
Precalculus Mathematics B (Extended) - XAT1511
Precalculus Mathematics B - MAT1511
Pregnancy and Infant Nutrition - NUT2602
Prehistoric Rock Art - AGE3704
Preservation Management of Archives and Records - ARM3704
Preserving Records and Archives - ARM1504
Price Management - MNM2609
Primary Animal Health Care I - PHC1501
Primary Animal Health Care II - PHC1502
Primary Factors of Tourism - TRT1502
Principle Concepts of ITSM - IRM4720
Principles and Methods of Health Research - PPH4805
Principles and Practices of Youth in Development Work - DYD113S
Principles and Theories of Adult Education - ABT3621
Principles of Animal Nutrition - ASA2605
Principles of Crime Prevention, Reduction and Control - CMY2602
Principles of Evidence in Forensic Investigation - FOR2609
Principles of Health Sciences Education - HSE1502
Principles of International Law - PRI3701
Principles of Life Insurance - ISR1505
Principles of Management Accounting - MAC2601
Principles of Marketing Management - MNM1601
Principles of Strategy, Risk & Financial Management Techniques - MAC2602
Principles of Taxation - TAX2601
Private International Law - LJU4804
Probability and Stochastic Processes - STA4811
Problematising Modernity - SOSTH1X
Process Control III - PCT3601
Process Control IV - PRC4701
Process Instrumentation I (Practical) - PRIPRA1
Process Instrumentation I (Theory) - PRI1501
Process Instrumentation II (Practical) - PRIPRA2
Process Instrumentation II (Theory) - PRI2601
Process Instrumentation III (Theory) - PRI3601
Process Instrumentation IV (Practical) - PRIPRA4
Process Instrumentation IV (Theory) - PRI4701
Product And Price Management - MNM2614
Product Management - MNM2608
Production - Analogue - DPR3703
Production - Digital - DPR3704
Production Engineering: Chemical Industry IV - PCI401C
Production Engineering: Industrial I - PEI191V
Production Engineering: Industrial II - PEI281S
Production Technology IV - PRT401I
Production and Operations Management - MNO2601
Production and Operations Management - MNO3701
Professional Art Practice I - PAT3701
Professional Art Practice II - PAT4801
Professional Ethics - LJU4802
Professional Multimedia Practice - PMP3701
Professional Practice - HTR4804
Professional Studies Theme A: Social Sciences and Environmental Education - PFC101Q
Professional Studies Theme B: Teaching Mathematics And Natural Sciences - PFC102R
Professional Studies Theme C: Technology Education, Economic Literacy and Entrepreneurship - PFC103S
Professionalism for Policing IIIA - PRF3701
Professionalism for Policing IIIB - PRF3702
Programme and Course Planning in ABET - ABT2613
Programming: Contemporary Concepts - COS2614
Programming: Data Structures - COS2611
Project Engineering IV - PRE401I
Project Management - PRM3701
Project Management - PRO4801
Project Management IIA - PUB2615
Project Management IIB - PUB2617
Project Management and Evaluation of ABET - ABT3626
Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation - DYD211T
Project Programme Management - PM7008D
Project Research IV - PTR401I
Project: Chemical Engineering IV - PCE401C
Projects and Programmes as Instruments of Development - DVA2601
Promoting Enterprise and Economic Development - DYD214W
Proposal for Doctors in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education - DPSTE00
Proposal for Honours in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education - HPSTE81
Proposal for Masters in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education - MPSTE90
Protection Services - PUB2602
Protection Technology IV (Practical) - PRTPRA4
Protection Technology IV (Theory) - PRT4701
Proteins, Integral to Cellular Function - LSH4812
Psychological Adjustment in the Work Context - IOP2604
Psychological Assessment (Masters) - IOP5964
Psychological Assessment - PYC4807
Psychological Processes in Work Context - IOP1501
Psychological Research - PYC3704
Psychology in Society - PYC1502
Psychology of Education - PED3701
Psychology of Education and Socio-Pedagogics - PGC4019
Psychology of Leadership - IOP3707
Psychology of Music - MHS3713
Psychology of Work - PYC4810
Psychopathology - PYC4802
Psychosocial Support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children - DYD2184
Public Decision-Making I - PUB1509
Public Economics - ECS3704
Public Financial Accountability - PUB4870
Public Financial Administration and Management - PUB3705
Public Financial Control II - PUB2608
Public Financial Management - PUB4861
Public Financial Management - PUB5973
Public Financial Management II - PUB2607
Public Financial and Procurement Management IIIA - PUB3715
Public Financial and Procurement Management IIIB - PUB3716
Public Human Resource Management - PUB3702
Public Human Resource Management - PUB4860
Public Human Resource Management IIA - PUB2619
Public Human Resource Management IIB - PUB2609
Public Human Resource Management III - PUB3717
Public Human Resource Management V - PUB5971
Public Information Practices II - PUB2611
Public Information Services I - PUB1507
Public Leadership - PUB5972
Public Management Practice III - PUB3721
Public Management Skills - PUB3701
Public Office Management I - PUB1506
Public Policy - PUB3703
Public Policy Management - PUB4869
Public Procurement & Logistics Management II - PUB2610
Public Relations - MNM2607
Public Relations I - PRO131V
Public Relations II - PRO251X
Public Relations III - PRO371Q
Public Relations Practice - PREPRAC
Public Relations Research - DPR2601
Public Relations in Industry - DPR3702
Public Resource Management I - PUB1504
Public Service Delivery I - PUB1508
Public Supply Chain Management - PUB1505
Publicity - DPR3701
Pulp and Paper Chemistry II - PCY2601
Pulp and Paper Chemistry III - PCY3601
Pulp and Paper Practice I - PUP1501
Pulp and Paper Practice II - PUP2601
Pulp and Paper Practice III - PUP3601
Pulp and Paper Technology I - PTL101P
Pulp and Paper Technology II - PTL2601
Pulp and Paper Technology III - PTL3601
Purchasing Management - MNP2601


Qualitative Research Methodology in Criminology - CMY3708
Qualitative Research Methodology: the Anthropological Strategy - APY3701
Qualitative Techniques I - QUT151Z
Quality Assurance II - QAS221U
Quality Assurance IV - QAS401I
Quality Education for All: Theoretical Perspectives - MEDSN1A
Quality Management IA - TQM1501
Quality Management IB - TQM1502
Quality Management IB - TQM1602
Quality Management Systems III - QMS301Q
Quality Management Systems IIIA - QLS3701
Quality Management Systems IIIB - QLS3702
Quality Management and Techniques - MNO2602
Quality in Health Services Management - HMA3702
Quantitative Modelling I - DSC1520
Quantitative Research Methodology in Criminology - CMY3709
Quantum Mechanics I - PHY4803
Quantum Mechanics II - PHY4804
Quantum Physics - PHY3702
Qur'Anic Sciences - ICS4801
Qur'anic Translation and Commentary - ARB4802


Radiative Processes - AST4883
Radio Engineering III (Practical) - RAEPRA3
Radio Engineering III (Theory) - RAE3601
Radio Engineering IV (Practical) - RAEPRA4
Radio Engineering IV (Theory) - RAE4701
Rail Transport and Pipelines - TRL3705
Rational Decision Making - DSC2602
Re-Reading the Literary Canon - HML4801
Reactor Technology IV - RTE4701
Reading Africa - WLL3701
Reading and Writing in Applied Linguistics - HAPL483
Reading in the foundation Phase - RFP2601
Reading the Old Testament - OTS4803
Reading, Writing and Spelling - First Language - PRS302A
Reading, Writing and Spelling-Second Language - PRS303B
Reading, Writing and Spelling: First and Second Language - PCF4076
Real Analysis - MAT2613
Real Analysis - MAT3711
Reception Year and Foundation Phase Didactics - PCF4065
Recording Information Resources - AIS3711
Redeeming Memories: Constructing New Mission Histories - MSG4802
Reflections of Faith - TIC1501
Reflective Public Administration - PUB3706
Reflective Public Administration - PUB4871
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning IV - RAC401M
Regression - STA4804
Reinforced Concrete Design IV (Project) - RCD4PJT
Reinforced Concrete Design IV (Theory) - RCD4701
Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Design III (Project) - RCD3602
Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Design III (Theory) - RCD3601
Religion and Social Issues - RST3709
Religion in Private and Public Life - HRS4804
Religion, Worship and Prayer in the Early Christian World - ECH3702
Religious Discourse and Practices Surrounding HIV/AIDS - SBH4806
Religious Education - EDT303Q
Religious Education and Christian Ministry - PTH4803
Religious World of the Ancient Near East - ANE4802
Reproduction Management (Practical) - AHPR03G
Research Approaches to Christian Leadership - HPCLC81
Research Article in Penology - PEN4803
Research Article: Applied to Ancient Near Eastern Studies - HRANE85
Research Dissertation - DFSBH95
Research Methodologies in Musicology - MUS4803
Research Methodology (Med) - MEDRES9
Research Methodology - CSR4801
Research Methodology - HMATL80
Research Methodology - HMEMS80
Research Methodology - HMLSC80
Research Methodology - HMPYC80
Research Methodology - RME101Q
Research Methodology - RMY101Q
Research Methodology and Religious Hermeneutics - HRS4803
Research Methodology and Theoretical Foundations in Education Management - MEDEM6V
Research Methodology for Law - MPLLW91
Research Methodology in Development Studies - HMDVA81
Research Methodology in History - HSY4801
Research Methodology in Information Science - HIN4801
Research Methodology: Gender Studies - HMGEN80
Research Methods - ABT3728
Research Methods and Proposal - HPCOS81
Research Methods in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (Offered in Semester 1) - STE4803
Research Paper - HE8003B
Research Paper in Logistics - HRTRL83
Research Paper in Tourism Management - HRTRT83
Research Paper in Transport Economics - HRTRE83
Research Project (Nature Conservation) - PRO101N
Research Project (Botany) - BOT4803
Research Project - ABT3729
Research Project - CSR4803
Research Project - DSC4830
Research Project - HRENV83
Research Project - HRSBH81
Research Project - RNA4701
Research Project Report in Organisation Development - IOP4868
Research Project in Business Management - HRBUS83
Research Project in Financial Management - HRBUS86
Research Project in Human Resource Management - HRBUS85
Research Project in Life Sciences - HRLSC81
Research Project in Marketing - HRBUS84
Research Project in Statistics - HRSTA82
Research Project in Statistics - STA4805
Research Project: Planning and Execution - SCK4810
Research Proposal in Ancient Near Eastern Studies - HPANE81
Research Proposal in Biblical Archaeology - HPHBA81
Research Proposal in Christian Spirituality, Church History and Missiology - HPCSP81
Research Proposal in Missiology - HPMSG80
Research Proposal in Philosophy - HPPLS82
Research Proposal in the Old Testament - HPOTS81
Research Report (Offered from 2020) - HRAGR81
Research Report (MBL) - MBLREPP
Research Report - ABT3730
Research Report - HRAFL81
Research Report - HRATL81
Research Report - HRCWL81
Research Report - HRKEG81
Research Report - HRMSG82
Research Report - HRPSC82
Research Report - HRPYC81
Research Report - HRS4805
Research Report - HRSTH85
Research Report in Biblical Archaeology - HRHBA85
Research Report in Christian Leadership - HRCLC85
Research Report in Christian Spirituality - HRCSP85
Research Report in Corrections Management - HRPEN81
Research Report in Criminology - HRCMY81
Research Report in Development Studies - HRDVA82
Research Report in Economics - HRECS83
Research Report in Gender Studies - HRGEN81
Research Report in History - HRHSY82
Research Report in Information Science - HRINS81
Research Report in Linguistics - HRLIN81
Research Report in Management Accounting - HRMAC83
Research Report in Police Science - HRPOL81
Research Report in Practical Theology - HRPTH85
Research Report in Security Science - SEP4802
Research Report in Theological Ethics - HRTHE85
Research Report in the Field of Work and Social Identity - HRSOC81
Research Report on the Arts - HRHMV81
Research Report: Consumer Psychology - HRIOP85
Research Report: Employee and Organisational Wellness - HRIOP84
Research Report: Employment Relations - HRIOP86
Research Report: Public Administration - HRPUB83
Research Script - IRM4729
Research Support Tools - DSC4810
Research and Critical reason - RCE2601
Research in Inclusive Education - INC4805
Research in Information Technology - RIT4801
Research in New Testament and Early Christian Studies - HPECH81
Research in Practical Theology - HPPTH81
Research in Social Sciences - RSC2601
Research in Systematic Theology - HPSTH81
Researching ABET - ABT2618
Resource Management IV - RMM4701
Resource Allocation and Gender - RA5504S
Resource Allocation and Participation - PM7006B
Resource Development in Foundation Phase - RDF2601
Resource Management IV (Module A) - RMM451U
Resource Management IV (Module B) - RMM461T
Respiration and Excretion - FIS2602
Restorative Justice in Corrections - PEN3701
Retail Buying - MNM3602
Retail Management - MNM3708
Retail Planning and Operations - MNM3603
Retail Store Management - MNM1524
Reticulation Design and Management IV (Project) - RDM4702
Reticulation Design and Management IV (Theory) - RDM4701
Revising Modernism - ARH4802
Riemannian Geometry and Tensor Calculus - APM4806
Rings and Fields - MAT4834
Risk Financing - RSK4803
Risk Financing and Short Term Insurance - RSK3701
Risk Management I - RMN111Z
Risk Management II - RSM271Z
Risk Management and Insurance - ISR1504
Risk Management for Bankers - RSK1501
Risk Management: Long Term Insurance - RSK3702
Road Transport - TRL3706
Roman Ancient History - ANH1502
Rural Agricultural Finance - AME3704
Rural Development - DVA3706


Safety Management IA - MNO1501
Safety Management IB - MNO1502
Safety Management IIA - MNO2603
Safety Management III - SMN301S
Safety Management IV - SMN401S
Safety Principles & Practice I - SPP101S
Safety Principles and Practice II - SPP201S
Sales Management - MNM3703
Salesmanship - MNM2603
Sampling Techniques - STA3705
Satellite Communications IV (Practical) - SCMPRA4
Satellite Communications IV (Theory) - SCM4701
Scene of Incident - FOR2605
Scene of Incident IV - SCI401F
School Management - FDEEL29
School Management: Human Resource Management - MEDEM9Y
School Management: Structures and Processes - MEDEM8X
Schools and Society - HBEDSSC
Science and Technology - PRS402D
Science for the Classroom 1 - SCC1501
Science for the Classroom 2 - SCC1502
Science: Mining I - SMI181Q
Sculpture - THF1501
Sea Transport - TRL3704
Second Practical Contact Course (Nature Conservation) - BTN002P
Secondary Factors of Tourism - TRT1602
Security Principles and Practices I - SEP1501
Security Risk Control Measures I - SEP2606
Security Risk Control Measures II (Module 1) - SEP3714
Security Risk Control Measures III - SEP3704
Security Technology and Information Security I - SEP1505
Security Technology and Information Security II - SEP2605
Security Technology and Information Security III - SEP3705
Selected Accounting & Financial Management Techniques - MAC3703
Selected Accounting Standards and Simple Group Structures - FAC2602
Selected Crimes & Transgressions ( Module B ) - FOR5908
Selected Crimes & Transgressions (Module A) - FOR5907
Selected Private and Criminal Law Principles of the Internet - LCR4805
Selected Topics for Operations Research - DSC3706
Selected Topics of Criminal Law - CRW2603
Self Management I - PUB1510
Seminar (Nature Conservation) - SEM171N
Separation Principles I - CES2601
Separation Principles II - SEP4701
Service Design Management - IRM4811
Service Level and Supplier Management - IRM4812
Service Management Functions (Service Desk) - IRM4726
Service Operation Processes - IRM4727
Service Validation, Testing and Evaluation - IRM4816
Services Marketing - MNM3713
Serving the user in Library and Information Practice - AIS3703
Set Theory - MAT4835
Sexual Ethics - CGM3701
Sexual Trauma - MGG2602
Shakespeare's Dramatic Art - ENG3704
She Management III - TMA301P
Sheep Practical - AGR3059
Shopper Marketing - MNM3604
Simulation - DSC3703
Skills Course for Law Students - SCL1501
Small Stock Production [Theory and Practice] - ASA3705
Small Stock Production - ASA306X
Social Auxiliary Work Practical Skills - SAW1503
Social Auxiliary Work screening and assessment tool - SAWC00M
Social Behaviour in Health and Nutrition - SBH4804
Social Behavioural Aspects of HIV/AIDS - SBH4801
Social Case Work - SCK3701
Social Casework: Working with Couples and Families- Integrated Theory and Practice - SCK4802