The College of Economic and Management Sciences (CEMS) is committed to providing relevant research that makes a significant contribution to the development of South Africa and Africa in the fields of Economic and Management Sciences. The research portfolio of the college is led by Prof Raphael Mpofu, Acting Executive Dean. In an effort to focus the research activities in the college, a number of research flagships have been identified and several structures put in place to motivate and support staff. These include financial assistance from the College Research Committee and research-related assistance provided by the College's Office of Graduate Studies and Research. CEMS researchers have access to several funding opportunities within and outside the university.

Building research capacity

CEMS has also embarked on an active process of improving the research capacity of researchers in the college. An ongoing research training programme is open to junior and senior staff members and they are encouraged to complete their master’s and doctoral studies.

As a result, CEMS is currently experiencing a steady growth in research activities and output within more than 19 disciplines in 13 academic departments as well as within the esteemed Bureau of Market Research (BMR) and the Institute of Corporate Citizenship (ICC). The academic departments are structured in three schools: Economic Sciences, Management Sciences and Public and Operations Management. 

NRF-rated researchers

Researchers in CEMS are spearheaded by ten NRF-rated researchers, of which one (Prof Willem Fouché of the Department Decision Sciences) is a B1 rated researcher. Prof Fouche is the leader of the research flagship focusing on computability, complexity and randomness in Decision Sciences. They are part of the prestigous EU-FP7-IRSES: Computable Analysis international project in collaboration with colleagues from various European, Russian and Japanese universities.

Master's and doctoral studies support

Research master's and doctoral degrees are offered in disciplines ranging from Economics, Public Administration and Management to Industrial and Organisational Psychology. Throughout the College research is undertaken in association with business and government.

Master’s or doctoral candidates in CEMS enjoy the support of dedicated supervisors which may even be one of our NRF-rated supervisors. Our Office for Graduate Studies and Research provides support by hosting research workshops and, where necessary, arrange for the appointment of online mentors.

Research focus areas

Master’s and doctoral candidates have the opportunity to conduct focused and meaningful research in one of our exciting research focus areas, enabling them to contribute to new knowledge making a contribution to the well-being of the South African society. These focus areas, of which some have already developed in research flagships, are as follows:

  • computability, complexity and randomness in Decision Sciences,
  • input-output modelling
  • demographic modelling and analysis
  • research competencies in the Economic and Management Sciences
  • personal finance
  • growth, poverty and macroeconomic policy analysis
  • corporate sustainability
  • business and climate change
  • the millennium development goals.
  • problems specifically related to the youth of this country, and
  • open and distance learning

The growing number of articles in accredited journals, research reports for industry and government, as well as master’s and doctoral dissertations and theses are testimony to the fact that the focused approach is working.

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