Sprinkler guard stands up to save water

The device invented by Prof Hennie Stoffberg of Unisa's School of Environmental Sciences physically protects irrigation risers from life's little knocks, containing their spray coverage and preventing wastage. Read more

Technology made in Africa set to mop up oil spills and save water

"Our team of researchers from Nigeria and South Africa wanted to ensure that when a spillage happens, we have a solution ready," says Prof Titus Msagati of the NanoWS research unit at Unisa. Read more

What do ☆ ☆ ☆ do? They shine

In a night of accolades and achievements, Unisa's best and brightest researchers and innovators came out of their libraries and laboratories to stand in the spotlight and receive the recognition they deserve for their work in 2019. Read more

Excelling in research requires commitment and consistency

Prof Godwell Nhamo, recipient of one of the 2019 Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Research, urges aspiring researchers to never stop dreaming big while being mindful that the process takes sacrifice and dedication. Read more

It's a double exposure for Unisa Press

Kora: A lost Khoisan language of the early Cape and the Gariep, by Dr Menán du Plessis, and Tiyo Soga: A literary history, by Joanne Ruth Davis, are the joint winners of the prestigious 2018 Hiddingh-Currie Award presented at the Research and Innovation awards ceremony on 6 March 2020. Read more

The best PhD Paper award goes to…

"My journey has just begun but soon my research will be able to assist organisations on a digital transformation journey with a modern leadership framework – I am convinced that my research will have a positive impact for the African Continent as well as the rest of the world," said Mr Mervyn Christoffels. Read more

Start by fixing boys and men, to fix society

What are we to do when daily news reports are about fathers killing their children, women being physically abused by their partners and learners being beaten by teachers as a corrective action to improve bad behaviour? Read more

Postgrads supported to do valuable and transformative research

The role of postgraduate students at Unisa is to conduct research that has a positive impact on society – this was the theme that guided the first ever Annual Postgraduate Research Indaba hosted by the College of Graduate Studies (CGS) in collaboration with the National Student Representative Council. Read more

Expanding access to higher education

The inaugural lecture of Prof Mpine Makoe, Institute for Open Distance Learning, entitled 'Reinvigorating openness: Trends and futures for open education practices', took place on 14 October 2019. Read more

Prof Maaza achieves a first for Africa

Prof Malik Maaza from the College of Graduate Studies can now add the International Commission for Optics’ Galileo Galilei 2019 Medal to his impressive collection of national and international recognitions. This is the first time in the award’s illustrious 35-year history that the recipient is from Africa. Read more