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Community engagement

Educational research focusing on schools

College of Education (CEDU) Community Engagement (CE)

CEDU 2019 CE project activities are aimed at addressing the following objectives:

  • To optimally utilize CEDU academics’ capacity to support nation building, development efforts and the deepening of democracy;
  • To create and mobilize knowledge for the purpose of widening access for South African communities to cutting edge, current and transformative knowledge;
  • To create  access  for  CEDU academics  and  students  to  a  range  of  South  African communities for the purpose of widening scholarly engagement through effective community collaborations;
  • To bridge the knowledge and information gap experienced by distressed and marginalized communities through greater access to informal and life-long learning;

All CEDU academics include learning and insight from CE into CEDU curriculum. Currently ,there are 33 Community Engagement (research) projects taking place across CEDU.

  • Academic Support PGCE and BEd Foundation phase students: teaching reading and mats in foundation phase
  • Rural Youths and Adults upliftment programme
  • Prison and Special Schools
  • Language and communication skills/Hearing loss
  • Ilima Lemfundo
  • Improvement of Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Maths Proficiency
  • Maths and Science for the blinds
  • SA-ZIM Maths Science Project
  • Sustaining and strengthening  the implementation of curriculum policy statement (CAPS) for quality teaching and learning
  • Tateni - Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
  • Empowering of teachers at PHL Moraka High School
  • Embrace our Children
  • Gratitude in Education
  • Sustaining the teaching of Technology through Action Research
  • PESASC: Empowering school counsellors
  • Strategic intervention in Maths, Science and Technology Education
  • Parent Involvement in developing learning culture in Hlanganani
  • Tubatse Education District Schools Enhancement Project
  • Together Making Schools Better
  • Senior Phase Natural Science Teachers' Experience with ADHD and inquiry based classroom practices
  • Moses Kotane West Maths and Science Intervention Project
  • Assessment Practices in multi-grade teaching
  • Classroom Interaction Pedagogy in teaching English First Additional Language in the Intermediate Phase
  • An investigation on the possibility of the development and testing of an online programme to teach practical to science ODL students.
  • Preparing students to teach reading  and writing in high schools
  • School Youth Leadership
  • Developing Grade R Teachers for Inclusive Education
  • Transition of learners with intellectual and learning impairments from Special School to the world of work
  • Institution of Higher Education intervention to enhance curriculum implementation in schools
  • Schools as enabling spaces: Bullying in primary schools
  • Bizana Teachers’ Journey with FET mathematics
  • Women principals empowerment
  • Deputy Principal and Instructional Leadership

Last modified: 2019/08/08