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Prof VI McKay

Executive Dean

AJH Building 6-03 Muckleneuk Campus

012 429 8636

Prof PM Sebate

 Deputy Executive Dean

AJH Building 6-03  012 429 8220

Prof LDM Lebeloane

Director: School of Educational Studies

AJH Building 6-16 Muckleneuk Campus

012 429 4433

Prof PL Mabunda

Director: School of Teacher Education

AJH Building 6-02 Muckleneuk Campus

012 429 4478

Prof FE Gouws (PQM)

Acting Manager: Tuition & Learner Support

AJH Building 07-03 Muckleneuk Campus

012 429 4778

Prof MD Magano (Tuition & Learning matters)

Acting Manager: Tuition & Learner Support

AJH Building 06-40

012 429 4115

Prof VG Gasa

Head: Office of Research and Graduate Studies

AJH Building 6-18 Muckleneuk Campus

012 429-4587


The College of Education strives to be the first choice provider of high quality Open and Distance Learning (ODL) education programmes in Africa and a recognized centre of excellence internationally for teaching, research and community engagement that focuses on the initial preparation of teachers and the continuous professional teacher development in:

  • Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Environmental Education;-
  • Early Childhood Development Education;
  • Inclusive Education; 
  • ABET;
  • Language Education;
  • and other subjects designated as national priorities.


The College of Education is committed to reaching out to all of humanity by providing scholarship, service, learning and continuous professional development opportunities to aspirant and serving educators, managers and policy makers, and other practitioners in education at home and abroad. 
In pursuit of its vision, the college further undertakes to provide its students, staff, and communities with a range of learning opportunities and knowledge through a variety of formal and non-formal Open and Distance Learning programmes that incorporate cutting edge learner support systems and approaches, innovative research initiatives and responsive community development interventions especially in the key focus areas identified in the college vision. 
In its attempt to contribute to an education agenda for sustained development, special focus will be given to the recruitment and support of foundation phase educators through targeted marketing and communication initiatives. 

Our role and contribution

Currently the College is responsible for the initial professional education and training of close to 50% of all teachers in South Africa. The College of Education was established as a response mechanism to address the needs of learners, schools, communities, national and provincial education departments for well qualified and excellent teachers.

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