Accounting Sciences

When women thrive

Embarking on a PhD offered me precisely the opportunity that I needed, says Dr Roshelle Ramfol, the first black female staff member at Unisa's College of Accounting Sciences to receive a doctorate.
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She's levelling (up) the playing fields

Unisa's Bojane Segooa is a Brand South Africa Play your Part Ambassador for empowering the youth and taking digital education to the next level through LevelsApp, an information portal that assists potential students to apply to universities by giving information about available courses and fees based on their subjects, results and location.
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Getting your research message across

The COVID-19 national lockdown has demonstrated the tremendous need of citizens for reliable, credible information. Platforms such as The Conversation are crucial in translating the results of research into something that is understandable and accessible. Read more

CAS gives Unisa students full academic support

68 students received BANKSETA Lesedi Bursaries to help them while they complete their Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA) in Unisa's College of Accounting Sciences (CAS). Read more

Unpacking the accounting profession in South Africa

A recent College of Accounting Sciences seminar reached the conclusion that there should be a single body that regulates all professional bodies within the fraternity. Read more

Bittersweet graduation

Unisa grants mother a posthumous degree for her deceased daughter. Read more

Women pulling up other women

In an interview aired last week on Channel Africa’s Womanity, Unisa's Prof Philna Coetzee said that this positive trend is aiding the recruitment of women into higher positions across the labour market. Read more

Thanks, Unisans!

Your donations are helping Manape Mokoena reach her dream of becoming a CA. Read more

The power to keep going conquers all obstacles

A 15-year-old dream comes true as Lotharice Nkomo graduates with a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences in Financial Accounting with 21 distinctions during Unisa's autumn graduations. Read more

College of Accounting Sciences budget overview 2019: South Africa desperately needs economic growth

How does this year's "pressure cooker budget" affect you? Unisa's Prof Sharon Smulders, from the Department of Financial Intelligence, explains. Read more