College of Accounting Sciences

College of Accounting Sciences meets rigorous requirements established by the Institute of Internal Auditors

Following its pursuit to keep up with industry best practices, especially for the benefit of its students, Unisa’s College of Accounting Sciences has once again been confirmed to be on the right trajectory following endorsement by the Institute of Internal Auditors. Read more

Unisa's College of Accounting Sciences tackles ITC pass rate

Committed to its mandate to transform the accounting profession, Unisa’s College of Accounting Sciences is dedicated to going beyond the call of duty by preparing former students for their Initial Test of Competence board examination. Read more

College of Accounting Sciences committed to transforming accounting profession in South Africa

The College of Accounting Sciences recently convened a gathering with industry leaders to provide mentoring opportunities for accounting students. The college is committed to providing its students with stepping stones to help them shape their academic careers. Read more

A university that defies barriers to deliver education for the marginalised

In celebration of Unisa's 150th anniversary, esteemed scholars and industry giants share their thoughts on how this august university positively impacts society in South Africa and the globe. Read more

CAS declares 2023 the year for excellent student support

Committed to advancing and achieving its targets and mandate of strengthening student support services, the College of Accounting Sciences has declared the 2023 academic year for excellent student support by lining up a range of programmes to help students achieve their goals. Read more

Long live Unisa, long live!

Unisa staff and students share their well wishes ahead of the university's 150th anniversary (#Unisa150) official academic opening ceremony on Friday 10 February 2023. Read more

SAICA reaffirms the status of Unisa's accounting qualifications

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants has moved programmes offered by Unisa's College of Accounting Sciences from a previous rating of three to continued full accreditation. This serves as affirmation that Unisa's accounting qualifications meet, to an appropriate extent, the education and related requirements. Read more

Unisa plays a lead role in the transformation agenda of the CA profession

Kebaabetswe Ramushwana enrolled at Unisa to study for a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences while she worked as a radiographer. After graduating, she joined the university as a student assistant in the College of Accounting Sciences while completing her CTA exams. Today, she works for Unisa as a Senior Lecturer and Chair of the Department of Financial Governance. Read more

Ready to change the world

"I am proud of myself," says the former student leader, Rudorwashe Mpofu, who completed her accounting sciences degree through Unisa after four years of difficulties. Mpofu recently graduated from Unisa and is ready to change the world. Read more

Creative Unisans conquer investment challenge

Keeping their eyes on the prize, Unisa’s Value Creators Team, innovative students Khanyisile Ndlovu and Junior Mahlangu, have won the JSE Investment Challenge’s Spectacular University Category in two consecutive months and made it to the top three of the overall rounds. Read more