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Taxpayers, electricity consumers spent R300 billion on Eskom's 2 mega-mistakes

They are the most expensive projects in the world, according to Prof Makgopa Tshehla of the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership. Read more

Sought-after fellowship for Unisa academic

Prof Paul Prinsloo of the College of Economic and Management Sciences recently became the first academic from Africa to be awarded a fellowship by the European Distance and E-Learning Network. Read more

Unisa Library celebrates the spirit of collaboration

The Unisa Library took part in the annual South African Library Week celebrations during March 2019 by hosting an exhibition of world-renowned Ukrainian naïve artist Maria Prymachenko. Read more

Major ICT boost for Unisa students as first laptops are issued

Friday 29 March 2019 was a red-letter day for the University of South Africa and its students as it marked the start of a massive rollout of laptop computers to students funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Read more

He's the [ideas] man

A passion for research with a practical application resulting in innovation that benefits South Africa has seen Prof Lukas Snyman crowned as the top intellectual property creator at Unisa for 2010 to 2018 by the DST. Read more

But is it drinkable - or not?

Unisa's Suvania Naidoo, winner of the Principal's Prize for Excellence in Research, was part of a group that presented a workshop at Water Show Africa. She says that conflicting perceptions of water quality are a result of vested interests that vary according to the group of stakeholders, their professional stance and use for water. Read more

Keeping law up to date with science

One of four winners of the 2018 Unisa Principal's Award for Excellence in Research, Dr Safia Mahomed is shifting her research trajectory towards ethico-legal issues of the fourth industrial revolution in the context of healthcare. Read more

Authoritarian regimes strengthened by military structures limit the possibilities of democratic alternatives

Brian Raftopoulos, leading Zimbabwean scholar and researcher, delivered Unisa's annual Archie Mafeje Memorial Lecture, entitled "State and politics in Zimbabwe: Lessons for post-settler colonial politics in Southern Africa". Read more

Grass-eating, petrol-gulping, Doom-spraying, selfie-taking in heaven...

Unisa's NRF Y2-rated researcher Dr Solomon Kgatle reflects on and critically engages with current developments in African Pentecostal Christianity. Read more