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Looking for an editor?

Students may use any of the editors listed with the South African Translators' Institute:

Click here to open the website.

Using Turnitin

Contact the Unisa Turnitin office for assistance with access at

Once you have access, use the Unisa Student Guide to navigate the programme.

How to prepare for a meeting on Microsoft Teams

Need a way to communicate with your supervisor face-to-face? Make use of Microsoft Teams

College of Graduate Studies training for postgraduate students

The College of Graduate Studies is offering a number of online workshops for postgraduate students. See the schedule for details.

Additional application forms for Department of Environmental Science qualifications

If you intend to apply for the postgraduate qualifications in the Department of Environmental Science, you must also complete the relevant form below and submit as part of your application:

MSc Ornamental Horticulture

MSc Nature Conservation

MSc/PhD Environmental Management & Environmental Science

Last modified: 2023/08/07