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A need to bridge the gap between traditional and new media

The National Press Club, in partnership with Unisa and the Qoboza family, hosted the 10th Annual Percy Qoboza Memorial Lecture virtually. Press Ombudsman Pippa Green posed the question: "Why journalism matters. The challenges have changed but has its core purpose?" Read more

At the proverbial fork in the road

The eighth virtual research seminar held by the UNESCO Chair of Open Distance Learning at Unisa considered the issues involved in moving from challenges to opportunities and asked the question: What will become our "new normal" for teaching and learning in an ODL framework? Read more

Adding the X factor to agriculture

A Unisa diploma inspired a young farmer to shine and make a living for himself - and others - in the farming industry. Read more

Double the impact factor

Established in 1917, the South African Geographical Journal is the flagship journal of the Society of South African Geographers. For the first time in its modern history, the SAGJ is now 'hosted' by the Department of Geography at Unisa, with Prof Ashley Gunter as Editor-in-Chief Human Geography and Prof David Hedding confirmed as Editor-in-Chief Physical Geography from 2021. Read more

Oh yes, he is unstoppable

His passion for using research as an instrument to solve daily problems and make a difference in people's lives has seen Dr Vhahangwele Masindi, a research fellow in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at Unisa, elected as one of the ten new 2020 South African Young Academy of Science members. Read more

Where is the (OA) money?

Funding in open access scholarly publishing remains focused on journals at the expense of books, although in the northern hemisphere wider financial support is available, writes Hetta Pieterse from Unisa Press. Partnerships could benefit Africa in terms of resources sharing and collaboration. Read more

Keeping safe in cyberspace

Prof Elmarie Kritzinger from Unisa specialises in cyber-safety awareness. She has spent "Everyone should understand the impact and the consequences of their actions within cyberspace." Read more

A research degree is possible for all at Unisa

The university invests heavily in the research interests of its permanent specialist and support professional employees. Dr Sipho Makgopa is a Professional Research Group member who has struck academic gold, as he holds two master's degrees and managed to complete his PhD studies through the support services provided by the Professional Research Committee. Read more

Unisa researcher wins prestigious grant from WRC

Dr Hlengilizwe Nyoni, an instrument scientist and lab manager at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Water Sustainability, has received R500 000 from the Water Research Commission, which will result in the development of an all-inclusive toolbox for water quality assessment relevant to addressing water-related socio-economic issues. Read more

Pushing back the frontiers of poverty and improving lives

Prof Pumela Msweli, acting Executive Dean of the Unisa SBL, has developed a new project, the time banking volunteer programme for rural-urban global business skills transfer. This is particularly useful for mobilising resources to assist communities going through an economic crisis, such as that caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic. Read more