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Combining forces to tackle the emotional wellbeing of postgrads

The College of Graduate Studies, College of Education and Directorate: Counselling and Career Development recently collaborated on a roundtable discussion on the impact of Covid-19 on postgraduate students. Read more

Unisa makes a significant contribution to transforming the chartered accounting profession

Almost a third of the African candidates who recently passed the professional assessment examination of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants are alumni of Unisa's College of Accounting Sciences. Read more

Examining the progress of South African youth

After 27 years of democracy in South Africa, and while we remember the youth of 1976, Unisa students reflect on the progress made by South African youth. Read more

Unisan nominated to the SA Film and Publication Board

Prof Siya Tyali will apply his expertise to ensure the regulation of films, games and publications. Read more

Preserving the legacy of an ethical leader

Unisa, in partnership with the Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation, held a memorial lecture to preserve and promote the legacy of OR Tambo. Read more

The Basdeo we all knew - A tribute by Prof Puleng LenkaBula

Unisa's Principal and Vice-Chancellor bids farewell to the late Prof Vinesh Basdeo, Executive Dean of the university’s College of Law. Read more

Unfinished business: Exploring the dark history of the church

One of the issues discussed by Prof Erna Oliver in her inaugural lecture is the fact that many churches were essentially complicit in past atrocities and supported the evils of apartheid. Read more

The New Frontier: Where does Africa stand?

Africans and their descendants are still on a painful quest for three magic kingdoms: peace and democratic governance, socioeconomic transformation and cultural equality, said Prof Tal Edgars in his keynote at the latest instalment of the Africa Intellectual Scholar Series, Knowledge Systems and Africa Futures Programme. Read more

Enabling Africa’s small businesses to flourish

As part of its lecture series, the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences hosted a visiting scholar, Prof Lucy Maliwichi, who focused on the role of small clothing manufacturing businesses in creating employment and generating income. Read more

Dr Feleni wins grant for Cofimvaba Science Centre Exhibits

Dr Usisipho Feleni spoke to the news team about recently being awarded an NRF-SAASTA Engaged Scholarship Grant of R500 000 Read more