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The media often conflates malicious criticism with genuine critique—why it shouldn't

Prof Julie Reid of the Department of Communication Science at Unisa says the freedom of the press is important, and of course it must be protected. But the freedom of everybody else and of ordinary citizens is also important. Read more

Why does racism prevail? Leading scholars apply their minds

There are, scientifically, no human races. How did race come to have this power and this durability, asks Barney Pityana, Professor Emeritus of Law, Unisa. Read more

No stopping for CHS storytelling

Dr Jan Maluleka from Unisa's Department of Information Science says this vital CE project is an effort to compensate for the rise of child-headed households where youngsters miss the most important steps of their early development, and Covid-19 isn't slowing his team down. Read more

Academic freedom is sacrosanct. But so is ethical responsibility

The active and uninhibited dissemination of knowledge is vital for the advancement of knowledge. Yet all within the academy need to know that academic freedom is not being invoked to protect those who engage in unethical conduct, says Prof Jimi Adesina, incumbent of the South African Research Chair in Social Policy, Unisa. Read more

Making a difference in spite of Covid-19

Unisa's Ethiopian Regional Learning Centre continues to ensure that students are provided with services by using all means at its disposal to overcome the challenges posed by the international health crisis. Read more

Untold stories behind GBV in South Africa

An NSRC member shares his pain on how shattered gender roles contribute to femicide and the sexual abuse of children. Read more

Love and excess in a time of bubonic plague

Dr Julie Pridmore from Unisa's Department of English Studies in the College of Human Sciences presents a third talk on fiction and quarantine, this time focusing on Rose Tremain's 1989 novel, Restoration. Read more

Embrace your uniqueness in a diverse continent

SBL Prof Anton Grobler, an NRF C3-rated researcher, pleads with academics not to accept ideas, concepts and research material from other countries without scrutinising them in terms of their transferability. Read more

Keeping alive conversations on critical issues

The outbreak of Covid-19 has created serious challenges for education and we need to resort to new ways of thinking and engaging, said Prof Moeketsi Letseka, incumbent of the UNESCO Chair of Open Distance Learning at Unisa, at the opening of a new webinar series. Read more

Urgent need to understand climate change

Prof Michael Antwi, recipient of the 2019 Unisa Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research, says that farming communities need to realise the danger that weather variability poses, now and in the future. Read more