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Women's Month and the publication of The Secret Thread by Deborah Ewing

In Women’s Month, Unisa Press celebrates women who have published books from their research material this year. The secret thread by Deborah Ewing is a social history of the Christian Fellowship Trust study tour of 1988. Read more

Storytelling as part of a participatory design project

Administrators and researchers in Unisa’s School of Computing collaborate on research drawing on this African tradition and combine that with digital visualisation of administrative processes for improving knowledge communication. Read more

Are we making a better world with technology?

The focus of the 2018 International Development Informatics Association Conference to be hosted by CSET next week is on making ICT research locally relevant. Read more

Unisa and Mintek partner for science

The two institutions launched a state-of-the-art 3D imaging facility that will enhance collaboration between researchers by being accessible to all. Read more

Greater participation and increased access

The Unisa Science Campus hosted the 2018 National Science Week under the aegis of CAES and CSET to promote science, engineering, and technology to the broader South African society. Read more

Research integrity—a continental concern

A fact-finding team from Kenya’s Moi University visited Unisa to benchmark issues around research integrity and academic misconduct. Read more

How will digital immigrants meet the learning needs of the digital natives?

Teachers in the developing world are confronted by ways of engaging and educating students who are gadget toting and plugged-in, says Unisa’s Prof Mmankoko Ramorola. Read more

Is decolonisation the answer to democratic policing?

In his inaugural lecture, Unisa’s Prof Doraval Govender critically evaluated the structure and functioning of SAPS, and took stock of the difficulties confronting police officers in their day-to-day policing activities. Read more

Changing the academy into a site of ecologies of knowledges and multilingualism

Prof Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni tells Unisans more about his latest book, Epistemic freedom in Africa: Deprovincialisation and decolonisation. Read more

How stable are our staples?

Southern African countries should step up efforts to fund projects that will reduce the negative impacts of climate change and build the resilience of farmers for sustainable food production, says CAES African Visiting Scholar Dr Anthony Onoja. Read more