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Tech makes new demands on teachers

Unisa’s Dr Motladi Angeline Setlhako writes in the Mail & Guardian that initial teacher training programmes should be structured to deal with the skills and competences required by the 21st-century teacher and prepare them for 4IR to meet the needs and demands of future generations. Read more

Do black lives matter asks NRF A-Rated Professor Extrodinarius, Anthony Reddie

The Department of Philosophy, Practical and Systematic Theology in the College of Human Sciences hosted their NRF A-Rated Professor Extrodinarius, Anthony Reddie. He spoke on the theological interrogating of the United States’ pro-black movement notion, Black Lives Matter. Read more

AUC disability expert obtains doctorate at Unisa

Conducting research into an inclusive framework for ODeL contexts, Thomas Ongolo, a Disability Expert Advisor at the Africa Union Commission (AUC) who is visually impaired, recently obtained a PhD in Curriculum and Instructional Studies at Unisa. Read more

My pen, my (isiNdebele) voice

The National Library of South Africa has acknowledged Unisa academic Johanna Nurse Malobola-Ndlovu for her immense contribution in preserving, promoting, and documenting her mother tongue. Read more

Collaboration vital for tourism research

Speaking at the Seventh International Tourism Studies Association Biennial Conference, hosted by Unisa, Derek Hanekom, Minister of Tourism, said that academics should not carry out research in isolation and pleaded for continued contact between researchers and practitioners. Read more

Breaking the silence

Unisa’s 2018 National Youth Research Conference focused on issues related to the online and offline sexual exploitation of children in South Africa. Read more

Still worried about listeriosis?

The open access peer-reviewed book, Listeria Monocytogenes, edited by Unisa’s Dr Monde Nyila, will fill you in on the use of medicinal plants in treating symptoms associated with this food-borne pathogen. Read more

Project reflects true convergence and collaboration

CEDU’s Classroom interaction pedagogy team is raising the reading literacy skills levels of grades 4 to 6 teachers and learners at 14 public primary schools in the Mogodumo Circuit, Lebowakgomo, Limpopo. Read more

Reasserting the academic and student voice in society

Unisa's Gauteng Region and the City of Johannesburg recently carried out a campaign aimed at connecting students with their local government political office-bearers. Read more

Why South Africa should look to biomass for clean, water-wise energy

Biomass that's been through a torrefaction process could do the same duty as coal, with far less water use and less pollution, says Unisa's Tirivaviri Augustine Mamvura. Read more