Department of Science and Technology Education

Discipline Information Communication Technologies in Education (ICTE)

To communicate, create, transmit, save, and manage information, schools use a variety of ICT tools. The use of students' personal smartphones or other devices for learning during class time, as well as the "flipped classroom" model, where students watch lectures at home on computers and use class time for more interactive exercises, are some examples of how ICT has become an essential part of the teaching-learning interaction.

These methods can promote higher-order thinking skills, offer unique and creative ways for students to communicate their understandings, and leave them more equipped to deal with the constant technological change in society and the workplace when teachers are digitally literate and trained to use ICT.

We offer modules in Advanced Diploma Computer Integrated Education, BE.D degree and PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education).

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Mr S Mampa Unit representative:Junior Lecturer
Prof L Goosen Professor
Prof EO Mashile Associate Professor
Prof AR Molotsi Associate Professor
Mr RCA Raseale Lecturer
Ms MV Chuene Junior Lecturer

Last modified: 2024/01/16