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Linking your interests to Unisa qualifications

Interests are important to our choices, since choosing a career and qualification linked to your interests can encourage you to be eager to learn more. It may also contribute to your motivation. For example, if you are interested in working with people, and you are learning more about the different ways of responding to people who share their problems with you, you will feel interested and motivated to learn even more about this field. Even when you experience challenges related to your career and studies, you will find ways to manage the challenges since you have an interest in what you are doing and learning.

It is important to think about and understand the different ways that you can choose to do work related to your interests. For example, if you are interested in working with people, how would you want to work with people? If you want to help people, will it be from a social work or legal perspective (or others)? If you want to work with money, how would you want to work with money? Would you be interested in investing money for others, detecting fraud or helping others to manage taxes?

Activity: My interests and Unisa qualifications

Below is a list of career interest areas and a short description of each. Choose the TWO areas that interest you the most. Click on the names of these areas to learn more about interests, job titles, work environments and qualifications linked to these areas.

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