Undergraduate & honours qualifications

Miscellaneous fees

Apart from your general fees, there are various miscellaneous fees that you will encounter in the course of your studies, such as supplementary exams, remarks, exemption certificates and library cards. All miscellaneous fees are payable to Unisa and may be included with your student fees.

The following table details all these fees and indicates who they apply to:

Supplementary, special and aegrotat examinations R315.00

Per study unit

Remarking of examinations scripts R550.00

Examination scripts and closing dates for application (per examination script)
Closing dates for the receipt of applications to have examination answer scripts rechecked/remarked are as follows:

  • October / November 2023 examinations: 31 January 2024
  • January / February 2024 supplementary examinations: 30 March 2024
  • May / June 2024 examinations: 16 August 2024
Purchasing of examination scripts R65.00
Additional costs for practical modules Additional costs for practical modules must be paid as part of the minimum amount payable at registration.
R3,500.00 COC1501
R4,600.00 COC2602
R4,000.00 COC3601
R3,000.00 COC3602
R3,500.00 COC4701
R3,500.00 COC4702
R2,000.00 HES4807
Issuing of complete or conditional exemption certificates by the Matriculation Board R750.00 The fees are payable before or on registration.
Dishonoured payments R820.00 The levy will be charged per dishonoured transaction.
Levy on students in
foreign countries
Levy per
year module
Levy per
semester module
Students with an address outside the RSA must pay the additional compulsory levy on registration:
A R3,490.00 R1,745.00 Category A: Africa
B R6,680.00 R3,335.00 Category B: Rest of the world
Students who after registration change their postal address to a foreign address will be liable to pay the foreign levy as specified. The levy for foreign students is not transferable and also not refundable. This rule also applies to the change of address from foreign countries to South Africa.
Access card (Smart card) R80.00

Students who are liable for the access card fees are:

  • Students who apply for a card for the first time
  • Students who previously had a card but need a new one
  • Students whose previous card is lost or damaged

Students who are in possession of an access card and reregister do not need to apply or pay for a new card; the old card will be activated automatically.

If you indicated "yes" on the registration form with regard to the Access card, the card fees will automatically be payable upon registration as part of your minimum payment.

Amount forfeited in case of death prior to the examination period R2,045.00
Application fee R140.00 Internet or self-help
R225.00 Hard copy (fax or post)

Last modified: 2023/12/10