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Each Unisa qualification is structured in such a way that you need to pass a certain number of modules within a certain amount of time in order to graduate.

Structured / coursework master's degree students must select and pass two modules before registering for the research proposal module, unless otherwise stated in the curriculum of the qualification. A student must pass at least two modules after two years of study to be able to continue to the next academic year. The completion of the research proposal module is a pre-requisite for registration for the mini-dissertation. If a student fails the research proposal module, the student will be excluded from studies in the same college for two academic years.

The outcome of the research proposal module for coursework master's degree students is an acceptable research proposal, which means that you either comply or do not comply with the requirements. No mark is awarded for this module. Students may submit two draft proposals, and a third and final proposal. If the third attempt is not successful, you won't be able to continue with your studies. Refer to section 6.6 in the Procedures for master's and doctoral degrees

MBA and MBL students follow a structured curriculum with a fixed number of modules to be registered in the first and second years of study. For more information, visit the Graduate School of Business Leadership website. There are also compulsory study schools to attend. 

Research master's and doctoral degree students must register for the research component (dissertation or thesis) which incorporates a research proposal.

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Last modified: 2023/12/18