Chief Albert Luthuli Research Chair



The Research Chair’s vision is aligned with that of the College of Human Sciences, to produce quality research and participate in engaged scholarship with the aim of making a positive difference in the lives of the individuals and communities we serve...

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As part of its recognition of Luthuli’s role in fighting for liberation and peace globally, Unisa made a formal commitment to honour his memory and legacy through the establishment of a Research Chair, as well a progressive partnership with the Luthuli Museum. As an institution that takes seriously the project of decolonisation and Africanisation, Unisa’s vision connects with Chief Luthuli’s vision of forging global solidarities and striving for social justice and equality for all...
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Research chair objectives

  • Creating platforms for interdisciplinary research projects: These include archiving of history, creating space that allows for the centering of indigenous knowledge systems, incorporating community knowledges in methodological approaches, and building research networks.
  • Establishing collaboration hubs:...
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Niche Research focus area

  • Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS)
  • Reclamation of African intellectual traditions
    (futures, civilization, philosophies)
  • Excavation of hidden/distorted histories
  • Gender and social justice scholarship
Current Projects

  • Covid19 and gender-based violence: Meaning making through embroidery
  • Gender and transformation in Higher Education
  • South African Music, Cultural Policy, Cultural Management
Research Collaboration: Mobile universities

This project is a collaboration between
The Albert Luthuli Research Chair (UNISA),
Gender and Women’s Studies Centre (Nelson Mandela University),
department of Political Sciences (Rhodes University),
and the department of English Studies (University of Pretoria).

Research Collaboration: Africa Research and Partnerships

This collaboration with the Chair in
Africa Research and Partnerships based at the
University of Bristol in the UK.

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21 November 2023

Reliving Luthuli: Reflecting on the past to reimagine the future

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17 November 2023

The Fifth Chief Albert Luthuli Research Chair Founders Lecture

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14 November 2021

We need to re-examine Albert Luthuli’s ethos and principles to truly realise freedom
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