As a Department in the leading educational institution, service is at the core of our business model. We remain mindful of our significant role in building ongoing relationships with the communities we serve. Unisa’s Community Engagement and Outreach Policy are centred on the philosophy and vision of Unisa becoming the African university shaping futures in the service of humanity. To that end, Unisa has operationalised Community Engagement (CE) as referring to initiatives and processes through which the institution's expertise in the areas of teaching and research are applied to address issues relevant to its community to the mutual benefit of the community and the institution.

In line with the College of Human Sciences’ aims, the Department of Psychology projects and initiatives are grounded on the principles of mutuality, generosity, reciprocity and equality. As a result, our initiatives benefit the communities and offer the Department opportunities to inform and shape research, academic programmes, and pedagogic approaches.

Last modified: 2021/05/25