College of Education

Tateni success story continues

Tateni, a community engagement project in the Department of Psychology of Education, recently hosted an out-of-school youth and new matric student workshop at the Vlakfontein Secondary School in Mamelodi. Read more

The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher

“I am where I am because I had good teachers.” Buti Manamela, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, was speaking at a Unisa celebration to mark annual UN World Teachers’ Day. Read more

Project reflects true convergence and collaboration

CEDU’s Classroom interaction pedagogy team is raising the reading literacy skills levels of grades 4 to 6 teachers and learners at 14 public primary schools in the Mogodumo Circuit, Lebowakgomo, Limpopo. Read more

A learner is like a maize field

CEDU Together Making Schools Better project members told staff and governing body members at Mnxe Primary School in the Eastern Cape that teachers and parents need to work together to sustain development through activities such as preparing the soil, planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting. Read more

Make school management more integrated and inclusive

“Every primary school should strive to build a sustainable relationship with parents in order to achieve quality education, especially for developing countries,” said newly capped PhD Wakjira Gorman Mekonnen, Ethiopian MP, at his graduation at Unisa. Read more

Unisa academic develops new theory to teach technology education

CEDU’s Prof Tomé Mapotse’s Technology Education Cascading Theory has been published on the global information systems Springer Technology Education publications domain. Read more

Some grade threes have it—most don’t

Dr Donna Hannaway of the Department of Early Childhood Education and Development says not all learners have access to the technology-based learning they need in order to thrive in a modern, technology-driven world. Read more

CEDU committed to transformation

Speaking at the latest Leading Change round-table discussion, Prof Veronica McKay said that in higher education the equity of access and the equity of success were still unanswered questions. Read more

Included in every facet of education and life

CEDU's Dr Jacomina Motitswe is determined not to allow learners with disabilities to be marginalised through the lack of practical implementation at schools. Read more

Embracing open distance e-learning and multiple discourses

Prof Narend Baijnath, CHE CEO, spoke at CEDU’s seventh annual Teacher Education at a Distance Conference about the challenges faced by ODeL institutions when managing the task of educating teachers in an ever-changing, digitising world. Read more