College of Economic & Management Sciences

Entrepreneurship Hub

Entrepreneurship has been identified as a key focus area to achieve sustainable socio-economic development through the support to entrepreneurs, both aspiring and existing. The Entrepreneurship Hub is the College flagship initiative that interrelates to support the growth and capacitating of SMMEs and their owners through developmental programmes and business services. These initiatives are an important priority to address the challenges of inequality, poverty and unemployment.

The College facilitates engagements and workshops in collaboration with various stakeholders for beneficiaries in many sectors of our society, including the automotive, financial and hospitality industries, as well as members in a specific community. This facilitation process is to promote the development of businesses that will create employment and reduce the inequality gap in our nation and promoting the realisation of the aspirations of the National Development Plan (NDP).

The College of Economic and Management Sciences (CEMS) envisages the establishment of a sustainable entrepreneurship and small business development hub in various regions. The need for such an innovation in emanates from its aim to create local jobs and reduce unemployment. The flagship initiative will serve as a centre to facilitate the support of entrepreneurs and smme owners, and also promote research and student in-service learning. The first regional hub will be located in Daveyton at the Unisa Regional Centre.

Student Entrepreneurship Week (SEW)

The development of SMMEs offers potential for sustainable solutions to problems faced within our SMMEs and our communities. To assist in this regard, the College will dedicate 2-3 days during August every year to promote student entrepreneurs through a series of presentations, training opportunities, as well a platform to present ideas to a panel of successful entrepreneurs. The SEW will be the platform where student entrepreneurs, SMMEs and other stakeholders can engage in discourse on both theoretical and practical matters that affect the SMME sector to achieve sustainability. The SEW is hosted annually with presentations, seminars, exhibitions and workshops to the benefit of existing and prospective student entrepreneurs. We work with key partners to ensure that relevant information and resources are availed for the duration of SEW and that the participants have access to information

Last modified: 2023/08/07