Indigenous Crops Research Group

Research on South African plants especially with commercial potential is an important research area in the country. South Africa hosts thousands of plants species used in various applications such as food, cosmetics, shelter, medicines etc.
This research theme is supported by a great deal of research experience in the Department of Life and Consumer Sciences at Unisa where a number of staff members have post graduate research training involving phytochemistry. These include Drs Mahlo, Nyila and Ms Setshedi.
Very few of South African plants have been commercially exploited although the potential is more and more realized. The research group therefore focuses on indigenous crops, the propagation, genetic diversity, endophytes, cultivation, processing and quality control aspects to develop these crops for the commercial market.

Research group profile

Research group focus

Indigenous crops would be investigated for the commercial market potentially for:

  1. Cosmeceuticals
  2. Beverages (Tea, Alcoholic drinks, Juice etc)
  3. Traditional medicine
  4. Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  5. Crop Production (Cultivation, Quality, Postharvest, Marketing)
  6. Medicinal and Biological value (Metabolomics, Proteomics, Genomics, and Physiology).

Research Group Goals

The goal is also to develop indigenous plants and plant products for the commercial market. Other goals include strengthening the capacity of developing academics as well as Masters and Doctoral students through supervision to obtain higher qualifications. The research profile of the college would be greatly improved as research output would increase in quantity and in quality. The group would also actively recruit postdoctoral fellows and collaborate with institutions in Africa and overseas to enrich the experiences and develop an international academic reputation.

MembersField of specialisationemail
Dr. G Prinsloo (Group Leader) Metabolomics; Cultivation and propagation methodology; Cosmeceuticals and Traditional medicine Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Ms. Noluyolo Nogemane Metabolomics; Cultivation and propagation methodology; Cosmeceuticals and Traditional medicine Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Prof. Fhatuwani Mudau Aromatic, Medicinal, Beverages (Tea, Alcoholic drinks, Juice, Plant physiology and Postharvest Technology etc)
Prof. David Modise Crop Production (Cultivation, Quality, Postharvest, Marketing etc)
Ms. Thuli Dweba Indigenous vegetables
Dr. Khaya Ntushelo Genomics (Beverages, Medicinal Plants and Vegetables)

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Last modified: 2017/07/10