College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Unisa's Horticulture Centre goes green(er)

The Horticulture Centre at the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (CAES) achieved a new milestone in its endeavours to lead the way in greenhouse production in South Africa. Read more

Greater participation and increased access

The Unisa Science Campus hosted the 2018 National Science Week under the aegis of CAES and CSET to promote science, engineering, and technology to the broader South African society. Read more

How stable are our staples?

Southern African countries should step up efforts to fund projects that will reduce the negative impacts of climate change and build the resilience of farmers for sustainable food production, says CAES African Visiting Scholar Dr Anthony Onoja. Read more

Unisa Mobile Clinic—“the innovation training tool”—on the move in service of communities

A dedicated team of Unisans accompanied by animal health technician students and a matric learner aspiring to pursue her veterinary studies treated more than 300 dogs and cats in Westonaria, west of Johannesburg. Read more

Science Campus wows government heavyweights

It is not often that the venue of a meeting takes centre stage. However, this was the case when Unisa’s modern buildings and high-end facilities dazzled high-profile delegates attending the Human Resources Development Committee meeting hosted at the Florida campus last week. Read more

Doing a little bit to save a life before a bite

A dedicated team of Unisans from the Department of Agriculture and Animal Health and staff members from the Animal Anti-Cruelty League spent time with the community in Jackson’s Drift discussing Rabies and the importance of vaccinating and taking care of pets. Read more

Source of listeriosis outbreak found

The statistics as at 2 March 2018 showed that the current listeriosis outbreak had caused close to 180 fatalities and almost 950 laboratory-confirmed cases of listeriosis in South Africa since December 2017. Read more

Let’s not take listeriosis lightly

Unisa's Dr Prudence Kayoka-Kabongo tells us more and advises on how to avoid contracting what could be a fatal infection. Read more

CAES scientist has the earth at her feet in quest for knowledge about soil

Unisa’s Prof Veronica Ngole-Jeme has covered vast amounts of ground, from Nigeria and Central Africa to South Africa, in her fascination with soil. Read more

Unisa campaign puts a bite on rabies

A dedicated team from CAES and the PDSA took the mobile veterinary clinic to Soweto to bring awareness of rabies, the importance of vaccinating pets, and why pets should be spayed. Read more