Undergraduate qualifications

College of Economic and Management Sciences

Your admission to Unisa is dependent on you meeting the minimum admission requirements for your chosen qualification and college. Meeting these minimum requirements does not, however, mean that your application will automatically be accepted, as each application will be considered individually.

If you don’t meet the minimum admission requirements...

If you don’t meet the minimum admission requirements for your qualification of choice, you might want to consider starting with a relevant lower-level qualification (eg a higher certificate or diploma) and then continuing with the degree on completion of your lower-level qualification. Work through the admission requirements for each level of qualification (eg degree, diploma and higher certificate) to determine whether you will be able to apply for a lower-level qualification related to your interests. Remember to keep in mind your career vision and goals, and how any qualification will contribute to these.

Identifying other study options if you don't meet the admission requirements for your qualification of choice

It may be that you do not meet the admission requirements for any qualification at Unisa. You now need to explore options to help you meet the admission requirements for your chosen qualification, or you could reconsider your career goals and how you will plan your career. Read more...

Applying for credits from other higher education institutions

Unisa may recognise previous learning from previous formal education. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Not all credits achieved at other institutions will count towards a Unisa qualification. Your request for exemption(s) will only be considered once we have received your completed DSAR04 form and a certified copy of an official academic record, a conduct certificate and, in some cases, the syllabus. In the case of international qualifications, SAQA evaluation and the syllabus are required. NB: No exemptions will be finalised on an academic record during the application period.

You must meet the admission requirements for the qualification for which you are applying for credits and/or exemptions. A maximum of 50% of the prescribed credits may be awarded in the form of credits and exemptions. No exemptions will be granted for Unisa's signature modules. Unisa reserves the right to grant and/or decline applications for exemptions or credit transfers.

I wrote matric before 2009. Do I qualify?

If you do NOT hold a Senior Certificate with an endorsement indicating that you have been exempted from the matriculation requirement, please refer to the documents below to ascertain whether or not you are eligible to apply for admission to undergraduate degree studies (not applicable to students who wrote the National Senior Certificate examinations from 2008):

Last modified: 2023/08/07