Undergraduate qualifications

Identifying other study options

Identifying other study optionsWhat should you do if you do not meet the admission requirements for any undergraduate qualification at Unisa?

You now need to explore options outside of Unisa to help you meet the admission requirements for your chosen qualification or you could reconsider your career goals and how you will plan your career.

Where to start?

If you have not completed matric or your results do not grant you admission to Unisa, you may want to consider other study alternatives related to your career goals. You will need to research the different options you have based on your circumstances and what you want.

Upgrading your National Senior Certificate or Senior Certificate

  • If you completed your Senior Certificate before 2008, you may contact your local district of the Department of Education for more information about completing the Amended Senior Certificate or search for institutions that offer tuition for this online.
  • You can search for institutions that offer contact and distance learning options to complete or upgrade your NSC. Search online for institutions that offer this option.

It is important that you enquire about the accreditation of programmes offered by private institutions before you register for a qualification or programme.

What else can you consider?

Some websites to help you get started with exploring other study options:

Who can you talk to if you want to reconsider your career plans?

Contact a Unisa career counsellor at counselling@unisa.ac.za to have a conversation about your career and appropriate study options.

Last modified: 2023/08/07