Master's & doctoral degrees

Master's & doctoral research examination process

The examination process

Step 1: Complete the notice of intention to submit form

The examination process for master’s and doctoral students begins when a student submits a notice of intention to submit form.

Please note the procedure to follow:

  • Confirm with your supervisor that your dissertation / thesis is ready for examination.
  • Confirm with your supervisor that the title is the final and correct one that will appear on all copies of the dissertation / thesis to be examined.
  • Complete the form and submit it via e-mail to
  • The form must be submitted at least two months prior to the date of submission of the dissertation / thesis to make provision for the process of appointing examiners.

You may submit a notice of intention to submit form at any time of the year, but please take the following dates into consideration:

  • If you submit a dissertation / thesis by 15 November, you may qualify for the autumn graduation period of the following year. 
  • If you submit a dissertation / thesis by 15 June may qualify for the spring graduation of the following year.

The above is subject to the finalisation of the examination process in time for graduations. Please note that should you submit your dissertation / thesis after the end of January, you will be required to formally re-register online during the prescribed registration period and pay the full fee for the academic period.

Click here for the procedures for master's and doctoral degrees for the formal / technical requirements of the dissertation / thesis. 

Step 2: Submit the required copies for examination

For examination purposes, you are required to submit three copies of a master’s dissertation and four copies of a doctoral thesis, bound between soft covers with a glued spine. The university reserves the right to request the submission of additional copies.

The title of the thesis and the name of the candidate must appear on the cover and on the spine of each examination copy. The Master’s and Doctoral Research Examination Coordination Section will inform students of the process.

Results will only be released when all the formal approval processes have taken place. Please note that the examination process is a lengthy process and can take months before a student is informed of the outcome.

Last modified: 2018/07/25