Master's & doctoral degrees

Application approval & registration

What will Unisa do upon receiving your application?

Unisa will assess your application to ensure that you meet the necessary admission requirements and that you have uploaded all the necessary supporting documents.

Your application will then be referred to the relevant academic department, where a selection process will take place during December 2018 and January / February 2019. The Master's and Doctoral Administrative Section will inform applicants during February / March 2019 of the outcome of their application.

Please note:

  • You have 10 days from the date of application to upload your supporting documents (this date does not apply after the closing date for applications).
  • If your application is declined because it is incomplete (ie no supporting documents uploaded), you will have to re-apply for admission during the prescribed dates and upload your supporting documents. This means that you cannot upload supporting documents after your application has been declined.


What happens next?

  • Successful application: Unisa will confirm this via e-mail and will also provide you with the contact details of a specific member of staff, normally your supervisor, within the relevant academic department. Please ensure that you make contact with this person after registration.
  • Unsuccessful application: Unisa will inform you of this via e-mail.

Please note:

  • If you are a first-time Unisa applicant and do not have a myLife e-mail address, Unisa will communicate with you via the e-mail address and cellphone number you provided during the application period.
  • If you were previously registered with Unisa, Unisa will send the outcome of your application to your myLife e-mail account. Please check this e-mail account regularly for information. If you have forgotten your myUnisa / myLife password, please go to myUnisa ( to update your password.
  • Unisa provides all registered students with a free myLife e-mail address. It is your responsibility to activate your myLife e-mail account as soon as your registration is finalised. Your myLife e-mail account will be the only e-mail account recognised by Unisa for official correspondence to and from the university, and will remain the official primary e-mail address on record at Unisa. Click here for Unisa's rules for students.
  • You must register online for your approved qualification during the prescribed registration period. If you want to change the qualification for which you have applied and received confirmation, you will need to re-apply for admission during the next academic year.
  • Download your study material from myUnisa. If you do not find any module information or study material, please contact the relevant academic department. If you are registered for a research proposal module or the research component of your qualification, please contact your supervisor (if you have already been informed who the person will be; alternatively, contact the relevant academic department).
    GSBL (MBA / MBL) students must register on myUnisa and on the SBL's portal (EDSonline) to download their study material.

Last modified: 2018/07/25