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ODeL, Unisa and postgraduate studies

Have you ever successfully completed a postgraduate qualification through Unisa / distance learning?

No, I haven't sucessfully completed a qualification through Unisa / distance learning. Read the content below.      Yes, I have sucessfully completed a qualification through Unisa / distance learning but things have changed. Read the content below.     Yes, I have sucessfully completed a qualification through Unisa / distance learning. Proceed to the next step in the application process.

Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) is a different way of learning

ODeL is a different way of learning... there is a physical distance between you and your university. For most of us, this means that our previous learning experiences will not have prepared us for the Unisa study journey. In open distance e-learning, YOU are responsible for planning your studies and managing your time effectively. You don’t attend daily lectures. You learn from a distance and you connect to the university mostly via the internet. If you completed your previous qualification(s) at a residential institution, it is especially important that you think about the adjustments you need to make to be a successful Unisa student.

But this doesn’t mean that you are on your own. Unisa has several support services for our students - from tutorial support and counselling, to online tools. The "distance" in open distance e-learning means that most of your interactions with Unisa will take place at a distance - mostly in digital format.


How ready are you for postgraduate studies at Unisa?

What further career and study opportunities are you hoping to prepare for by completing your postgraduate qualification? Are you applying for postgraduate studies because you have a personal interest in your field of study? Or perhaps you expect to be earning a higher salary on completion? Maybe you want to be able to contribute more meaningfully to your community and society in general?

What do you expect from your postgraduate qualification? How do you see your circumstances changing when you complete your postgraduate qualification?


Prepare for Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL)

How ready are you for ODeL?

Many of us don't know what it’s really like to study through open distance e-learning, because most of our schooling and post-school education was completed through contact or face-to-face learning.

See what it takes to be a Unisa student

Take a look at the journey that some of our successful students have experienced to get a realistic idea of what it takes to be a Unisa student.


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