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14th Unisa International Piano Competition


Schedule for the 14th Unisa International Piano Competition

Selected Candidates for the 14th Unisa International Piano Competition

Congratulations to the following candidates who were selected to compete in the upcoming international piano competition that will take place from 20th January until 01 February 2020 at the ZK Matthews Great Hall in Pretoria, South Africa.

Classical Candidates:

  • Chen Yi-Yang (Republic of China, Taiwan)
  • De Beer Willem (South Africa)
  • Giacomelli Nicolas (Italy)
  • Han Hee Jun (South Korea)
  • Hayek Nabeel (Israel)
  • Khomicho Anna (Russia)
  • Kim Sherry (USA)
  • Konnov Evgeny (Russia)
  • Lin Hao Wei (Republic of China,Taiwan)
  • Nikiforov Osip (Russia)
  • Mascetti Danilo (Italy)
  • Park Yeon-Min (South Korea)
  • Reem Or (Israel)
  • Rossini Guilia (Italy)
  • Sham Aristo (Hong Kong)
  • Sun Yutong (China)
  • Tovstukha Kostiantyn (Ukraine)
  • Van Sittert Lezanti (South Africa)

Jazz Candidates

  • Clapper Eaton (South Africa)
  • Coxson Rouzanna (South Africa)
  • Kobedi Teboho (South Africa)
  • Korten Lex (USA)
  • Kyianytsia Vitaliy (Ukraine)
  • Mastrandrea Marika (Italy)
  • Meder Dave (USA)
  • Mfana Thabiso (South Africa)
  • Moyer Holly (USA)
  • Ngcapu Ntando (South Africa)
  • Orenstein Michael (USA)
  • Vitolo Lorenzo (Italy)
  • Wanglert Roykhien (Thailand)
  • Winklaar Kyle (Aruba)

We are pleased to announce the names of the jury for the 14th International Piano Competition

Classical Jury

  • Ben Schoeman (South Africa
  • Eleanor Wong (Hong Kong)
  • Leonel Morales (Spain)
  • Mariangela Vacatello (Italy)
  • Ratimir Martinovic (Serbia)

Jazz Jury

  • Hans Vroomans (Netherlands)
  • Jangeun Bae (South Korea)
  • Peruchin (Cuba)
  • Reggie Thomas (USA)
  • Xavier Davis (USA)
  • Karendra Devroop Jury Chair (South Africa)

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