Directorate Music

New Teachers: Unisa Music Teacher Accreditation

All teachers wishing to enter students for the Unisa graded music examinations must apply for Unisa Music Teacher Accreditation and be endorsed by the Directorate Music at Unisa. More information regarding the accreditation process and the  application form can be found in Circular 1 available online at

Music diplomas (such as licentiates, fellowships and others) and music degrees are recognized for accreditation purposes. Teachers with formal, specialized music qualifications, such as a BMus degree or higher, will receive full accreditation. The level at which teachers with a BA (Music) degree is accredited will be determined by the music courses the teacher completed for the degree, and such an applicant must also submit a certified copy of the complete academic transcript of the degree.

Special provision was also made for teachers who do not have formal music qualifications and who have passed only graded Music examinations.

The minimum requirements for accreditation are a matric or high school completion certificate and both Unisa Grade 5 Practical and Unisa Grade 5 Theory of Music, or equivalent (Grade 6 ABRSM or Trinity College). A teacher who has passed Unisa Grade 5 Practical and Unisa Grade 5 Theory of Music will be allowed to enter students for the practical examinations up to Grade 3 level, and for the Theory of Music examinations up to Grade 4 level.

Music teachers who do not yet have the minimum practical requirement for accreditation, but have passed Unisa Grade 5 Theory of Music, or equivalent, can receive conditional accreditation. They will be allowed to enter Theory of Music students only for our examinations, for a period of two years, during which they must pass a Unisa Grade 5, or equivalent, practical examination. If this requirement is not met within the two-year period, the teacher will forfeit the conditional accreditation.

In order to expedite the accreditation process, ensure that all of the necessary supporting documentation listed on the application form are submitted with your application.

Teachers do not have to apply for accreditation every year. Once you have been accredited, you do not need to apply again unless you have improved your qualifications and this will have an effect on the level at which you have been accredited.

Last modified: 2023/08/07