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Why publish with us

Positioned within the University of South Africa as one of the largest distance education institutions within Africa, Unisa Press forms part of the Research and Innovation Portfolio. We invite the submission of highly original scholarly works of merit which addresses topical issues touching the lives of people on the African continent.

Given that Unisa is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, we publish scholarly voices dealing with contemporary aspects of service delivery, higher education, the sciences and industry, sustainable development and the economic and humanitarian well-being of all people on this continent. Our authors enter into global scholarly debates which resonate well beyond Africa, attracting copublishers and thus widening the Unisa Press scope and reach.

During 2017 Unisa Press won an Award for its scholarly output, and our course remains set on deepening the value of what we publish to change people’s lives and to trigger wider debates on the contentious issues raised within our publications.

As the only African scholarly press with a vigorous journals publishing programme, we collaborate with Routledge Taylor & Francis, Sabinet and others to host our over 50 journals online and in print. Our books publishing programme is being diversified to offer print and select online options, while we boast a backlist collection of 158 open access books in our Unisa Heritage Collection, available via the Unisa Library’s Institutional Repository. This digital collection is fully searchable by author and title and content is freely downloadable.

Unisa Press offers its authors a royalty payment well above market levels, apart from our royalty incentive programme for Unisa authors as well as the publication of converting doctorates into books (subject to extensive reworking). We are streamlining our contracts, royalties and editorial processes, and have welcomed changes in our managerial structures to this effect. We collaborate with our counterparts in the South African scholarly industry, specifically to align ourselves with benchmark standards for our double-blind peer review processes.

Annually, Unisa Press offers its Hiddingh Currie Award to the author(s) of the work deemed to be of the highest academic merit and original scholarship. We have actively steered away from textbook publishing and creative writing, in favour of the pursuit of published works dealing with cutting-edge research and innovation.

Unisa Press follows a classic university press model where manuscripts are subjected to a double-blind peer review process overseen by our Senate Publications Committee (SPC). Contact Unisa Press for more guidance on the submissions and refereeing process – we look forward to consider your work.

Manuscript submission:
Manuscript development enquiries:
Ms Sharon Boshoff
Publishing Assistant
Tel: 012 429 3316
E-mail: boshosm@unisa.ac.za
Ms Hetta Pieterse
Commissioning Editor 
Tel: 012 429 3182
E-mail: pietehc@unisa.ac.za

Last modified: 2019/12/06