Research on acid mine drainage set to influence change

AMD is a threat to the environment, posing a direct risk to the Vaal River System, says Suvania Naidoo, lecturer in Development Studies at Unisa. By collaborating with affected communities and the country's water policy makers, she is contributing to the development of workable solutions. Read more

Inspired to mentor budding researchers

Prof Kealeboga Maphunye, the Chair of the Department of Political Sciences in Unisa's College of Human Sciences, says that his recent NRF C2 rating will assist him to hand over the baton to future scholars by showing them the ropes. Read more

CHS CE project on climate change and its links to Covid-19

Prof Monika dos Santos from Unisa's Department of Psychology says that, in many ways, the pandemic can be seen as a test of what may well be on the horizon in terms of climate change and the extreme burdens it will place on (fragile) healthcare infrastructures. Read more

What Ramaphosa's Covid-19 decisions say about SA's democracy

The President has emphasised inclusive decision-making informed by scientific evidence. Such an approach would serve to depoliticise and rationalise decision-making, says Unisa's Prof Dirk Kotzé. Read more

Research that benefits its consumers

Prof Omwoyo Onyancha from the Department of Information Science at Unisa is inspired to focus on studies that provide practical solutions and not only theoretical benefits to advance the societal impact of his research. Read more

You too can become an NRF-rated researcher

Prof Mookgo Solomon Kgatle from the Department of Christian Spirituality, Church History and Missiology in the College of Human Sciences tells you how. Read more

Digging deeper to preserve the past

Unisa's Dr Forget Chaterera-Zambuko, an NRF Y2-rated researcher, believes that museums should find modes of interpreting, presenting and promoting the cultures of Africans in a manner that enhances understanding of the past and the present. Read more

Getting your research message across

The COVID-19 national lockdown has demonstrated the tremendous need of citizens for reliable, credible information. Platforms such as The Conversation are crucial in translating the results of research into something that is understandable and accessible. Read more

Unisa Political Sciences alumnus to head IAPSS research committee

Ian Fleming-Zhou is thrilled to apply the knowledge and skills gained through his studies with the university to thrive in his new international position. Read more

African feminist researcher challenging patriarchy

Unisa's Prof Madipoane Masenya, an NRF B3-rated researcher, has coined a word that speaks to the kind of women's liberationist framework that makes sense to the unique context of African-South African women. Read more