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Dedication to archival outreach and advocacy research earns Saurombe NRF C2 rating

Prof Nampombe Saurombe recently attained a prestigious National Research Foundation (NRF) C2 rating, underscoring her profound dedication to archival outreach and advocacy research. NRF ratings are allocated based on a researcher’s recent research outputs and impact as perceived by local and international peer reviewers.


Prof Nampombe Saurombe

As a full professor, she not only imparts expertise in teaching Archival Public Programming and Advocacy (ARM3705), but also supervises master’s and doctoral students in Information Science, nurturing the next generation of scholars. Her engagement with the National Archives to take the archives to the people is commendable. The project advocates the importance of archives in general and creates enthusiasm among communities as their historical experiences are collected and protected for future generations.

Saurombe’s impactful initiatives extend beyond academia, including leading efforts to develop inclusive archives benefiting local communities and spearheading innovative projects, such as integrating artificial intelligence in records management in the public sector. Her thriving academic career, with numerous publications in local and international journals and active participation in conferences, solidifies her status as an established researcher.

Additionally, her influential roles, such as co-chair for the Expert Group for Research Services and Outreach (EGRSO) at the International Council on Archives (ICA) and memberships in esteemed organisations, including the ARMA International Educational Foundation and the InterPARES Trust AI- Artificial Intelligence (international) project reflect her global leadership in advancing archival practices.

Chair of the Department of Information Sciences, Prof Lorette Jacobs commended Saurombe for her outstanding achievements and celebrates her invaluable contributions to the discipline of Information Science related to archives and records management. Jacobs added that the award as an NRF C2-rated researcher for the department brings accolades and international research acknowledgement. "As the biggest department in Africa, offering training in archives and records management, the award bestowed on Prof Saurombe solidifies the important value of the department to educate and train records managers and archivists for the future," Jacobs concluded.

* By Nnana Martina Jege, College of Human Sciences

Publish date: 2024/05/28

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