Postgraduate Programmes

Honours Degrees in Psychology

An Honours BA degree may be obtained in the subject Psychology according to three different streams.
Degree codes:

Honours BA Psychology (Psychological Counselling)                                   99422-COU
Honours BA Psychology (Community and Health Psychology)                     99422-CHP
Honours BA Psychology (Applied Psychology for Professional Contexts)    99422-APP

Admission requirements:

To be admitted a student must have an appropriate Bachelor's degree with Psychology as a major and an average of 60% or more for Psychology 3.
Students who did not obtain an average of 60% or more for Psychology 3 will NOT be admitted into Honours in Psychology.

Please note: Due to the sharp rise in applications of students who fully comply with the admission requirements we do not consider any applications which do not fully comply with the admission requirements as stated above.

Students who attended other universities must request their previous university to send their complete undergraduate academic record to Unisa. This should include percentages obtained (symbols are insufficient). An application for admission can only be considered if an academic record for Psychology 1, 2 and 3 have been received.

Last modified: 2021/08/26