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Computer auditing

What is computer auditing?

Computer auditing is a systematic and logical process that follows a risk based approach to determine whether the information systems of an entity, including its detailed information technology processes, controls and activities, will achieve its IT objectives and will thereby ultimately enable the organisation to achieve their organisational goals.

Although computer auditing is already a specialist field within auditing, there is a need for even further specialisation in areas such as computer assisted audit techniques (CAATs), IT governance, risk and information systems control, information security, information system continuity, disaster recovery, etc.

Why study computer auditing?

The purpose of this qualification is to develop intellectual competencies and practical skills in computer auditing (including CAATs), business and IT architectures, risk identification and assessment, as well as the design of controls in a CIS environment.

What career opportunities exist for the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Auditing?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Auditing (98232) is career orientated and enables you to pursue a career as a computer auditor. You can be employed as a computer audit specialist as part of a team of internal auditors, external auditors or even forensic auditors in either the private or the public sector. Many computer auditors also establish their own specialist computer audit firms that provide services directly to businesses for specialist assignments or even to other audit departments or firms that lack the specialist competencies.

Further study opportunities

After completion of this  programme, it is possible to further your studies by enrolling for the  Master’s degree and thereafter for Doctoral degree studies in Accounting Sciences. This qualification will also prepare qualifying students for ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) examination. The CISA qualification is an international qualification held in high esteem.

Our academic and administrative staff

The five modules of this programme are lectured by a team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced innovative lecturers in the School of Accountancy.

Where can I obtain more information about the  programme?

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