TVET colleges


What is a TVET college?

It is a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college. Unisa has an agreement with a number of TVET colleges to offer classes in its higher certificate qualifications.

How can I benefit?

The TVET colleges with which Unisa has agreements offer classes and support on Unisa’s study material. Students who follow this route have been very successful in their studies.

Will I have to pay extra?

Yes, the colleges charge extra for tuition and support. This cost is, however, subsidised by government to make it more affordable. The cost differs between the colleges. Contact the college where you would like to study to get a quotation for the tuition support it offers.

Do I still apply and register with Unisa?

Yes, you must apply for admission to Unisa during the normal application period. Once accepted, you must register with Unisa during the registration period. At the same time, you must register for tuition at the TVET college of your choice. Remember to make sure that your college of choice offers support in the higher certificate you have applied for.

What can I do with a higher certificate qualification?

A higher certificate is an accredited qualification and it may allow you into diploma or bachelor degree studies.

Last modified: 2023/08/07