Unisa Press

Violence in Schools

South Africa in an International Context

Author: Vusimuzi Mncube and Clive Harber
Published: October 12, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-8688-834-4
Number of pages: 223
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About the book

Internationally, violence occurs in schools on a regular basis; and in some contexts is particularly serious and widespread. One such context is South Africa, where, on an almost daily basis, newspapers carry reports of one or other aspect of school violence.

While a number of academic studies have delineated the extent and nature of such violence, and made recommendations on possible solutions to the problem, there has - until now - been no single book bringing together theory and research on the causes of violence, and on its reduction and prevention.

Finding suitable solutions requires a clear understanding of how and where violence is generated. Uniquely, Violence in schools: South Africa in an international context covers both the social bases of school violence and the role many schools themselves play in generating violent behaviour. It goes on to argue that school-generated violence is potentially much more amenable to positive intervention: solutions can be developed at the local level, by schools themselves, and in response to the specific circumstances generated in individual schools.

This study also asks why males specifically play such a large part in violence in South African society. Examining the theories and empirical evidence regarding the nature and causes of violence in schools globally, it explores them as they relate to South African schools specifically.

Overtly based on the value of democratic values in seeking solutions, the book provides very useful resources for a whole range of educational endeavours. It will be of considerable interest to government educational departments, NGOs, teacher-education institutions, and staff and governing bodies in schools.