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Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela

Reflections through the eyes of poets

Author: Munzhedzi James Mafela
Published: March 15, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-86888-796-5
Number of pages: 190
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About the book

In this innovative anthology of essays, Munzhedzi James Mafela brings together voices that give a radically fresh perspective on the life and work of Nelson Mandela. In a ground-breaking multilingual context, contributors view the life of Mandela through the prism of poetry written about him. The poetry, in a number of indigenous southern African languages with translations, is interpreted and analysed, thus bringing previously scattered, neglected or unknown material into the public domain.

Since Mandela’s release from jail, much has been published on his life, including poems in various languages. This publication is distinguished from all of them as a garnering of scholarly research into selected African indigenous poetic works about Mandela, and in this way the volume serves as an appreciation and critical appraisal both of the man and of the poetry about him. Through the poetry, the writers examine aspects of Mandela’s early life, his leadership and character, his role as a freedom fighter, and the element of alienation in his life. Their offerings present a rare and original insight into the life of the man as it unfolds.

Together, poets and interpreters weave a wide net, drawing in the interest not only of literary and political science scholars, but also sociolinguists, sociologists, historians, and anthropologists interested in literary anthropology – in fact, anyone interested in the life and work of Nelson Mandela.

“A celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and work, challenges and tribulations, through the poetical eye. This book honours Mandela through multilingual southern African poetry – it is an all-inclusive, multicultural poetic mirror to Mandela’s being – and appropriately so.”

- Russel Kaschula (African Languages Association of South Africa, and holder of the NRF SARChI Chair in the Intellectualisation of African Languages, Multilingualism & Education at Rhodes University).

Table of content

Contributors                                                                                                                pages vi–vii

Munzhedzi James Mafela. ‘Preface’                                                                          page ix

Munzhedzi James Mafela. ‘Introduction’                                                                   pages xi–xviii

Cynthia Daphne Danisile Ntuli. ‘Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela: His Social Life’           pages 1–48

Mampaka Lydia Mojapelo. ‘Mandela: Leadership and Character’                           pages 49 –80

Ximbani Eric Mabaso. ‘Mandela: The freedom fighter’                                            pages 81 –124

Munzhedzi James Mafela. ‘Mandela and the element of alienation’                       pages 125 –161

Appendix: A list of the poems analysed                                                                     pages162–163

Index                                                                                                                           pages 164–169