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HAIKU for Africa

Author: Marie Heese
Published: July 08, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-86888-724-8
Number of pages: 82
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About the book

Mother Africa shares her wisdom within this collection of more than fifty haiku, through the voices of three formidable women – author Marie Heese, artist Edith Bukani and voice artist Natalia Molebatsi. This gift book contains an audio book on CD.

Author Marié Heese takes us on a journey, following the footprints of women before us, women amongst us; women just like us to experience the continent of Africa afresh. Enjoy glimpses of shifting landscapes, the shadow of a smile – fleeting moments captured in a handful of words. An ideal moment of repose is captured with wisdom and poise.


from a review by Norman Morrissey in Carapace 22: ‘[T]he effect of Heese’s collection is like listening to a robin with a repertoire, tones ranging through wit and self-irony and sympathy to the crystal of just being somewhere almost beyond words. It’s a good, warm, sophisticated voice, each little vision worth its moment of reflection ...

About the author

Marie Heese, veteran South African novelist, former teacher and education speacialist studied at the University of Stellenbosch and Unisa (Universtity of South Arica). In 2010 she won the Commonwealth Writers’ Price for Africa for the book The double crown: secret writings of the female pharaoh. Other recent publications include: The colour of power; A story of Theodora, Empress of Byzantium (2011) Karoo-Kantate (2013) Vuurklip, ’n roman van die oertyd (2013)

Table of content

Bushveld afternoon 1
African bushveld twilight 2
What does Africa smell of? 3
A good question 4
Thunderstorm 5
Facts of life 6
Cyclone Demoina 8
Despite the odds 10
Summer in Empangeni 11
A haiku lie 12
Landscape 14
Hauteur 15
Freedom 16
Surprise 17
Darting bird 19
Carrion 20
Small mercy 22
Blood brothers 23
Reaction 24
On his way out 25
Treachery 27
Revival 28
Progress 29
Strength 30
Resistance 31
Faith 33
No escape 34
Quest 35
Insomnia 36
Recollections of childhood 38
A Christmas carol 40
Seascape 41
Gift from the sea 42
Pause 44
After birth 45
Observation 46
First grandchild 47
Labrador puppy 48
Siamese cat 49
Do you love me? 50
African history 52
Undone 53
Paleontological literacy 54
No good 55
African miracle 56
The survivor 58
Long live the king 60
Christmas ‘94 62
Nelson Mandela 63
In exile 64
Anthem 66
Loss of memory 67
Called away 69
Author’s notes 71