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The Zayn Adam story

Author: Llewellin Jegels
Published: December 15, 2021
ISBN: 9781868887873
Number of pages: 100
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About the book

From the Foreword by musician, activist, museum curator, documentarian, and scholar, Dr Valmont Layne: “The emerging biography veers between the sublime and the sordid – from Adam warding off racism’s many guises on the one hand, to having to deal with shady characters and violent gangsters, even paedophiles on the other - to the adoration Adam continues to elicit to this day from fans and creative peers.”

No more was this undying adoration of Zayn Adam evident than when he celebrated his “50 years in music” concert at Grandwest in 2012, performing to sold-out shows. Many of Zayn’s lifelong friends were part of the act. Their names all evoke a bygone era in music: Richard Jon Smith, Sophia Foster, Terry Fortune, Loukmaan Adams, Vicky Sampson, Karin Kortje, Leslie Kleinsmith and Ronnie Joyce.

In this biography, Jegels seeks to reanimate the voice of Zayn through engagement with an interview Zayn did with Jonathan Stevens, segueing to various artists and historical information about events that are all inextricably bound up with the legend that is Zayn Adam.

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