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The dynamics of residential satisfaction in low-income human settlements in South Africa

Author: GG Musvoto
Published: November 15, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-77615-190-5
Number of pages: 395
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ISBN: 978-1-77615-191-2

About the book

This book focuses on the dynamics of residential satisfaction in low-income city neighbourhoods in post-apartheid South Africa. There is well-documented evidence in post-apartheid South Africa that highlights the discontent of low-income city residents with their residences. The evidence includes violent service delivery protests, backlogs in services, overcrowding and mono-functional low-income settlements that are located relatively far from socio-economic opportunities.

About the Authors/Editors

Godfrey G. Musvoto is Acting Head of Department in  the Department of Town and Regional Planning at the Durban University of Technology, Steve Biko Campus.  He holds PhD and Master Degrees in Urban and  Regional Planning from the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN). He is a registered professional planner  with the South African Council for Planners. Dr Musvoto has extensive research and professional  development planning experience.

Table of content

Acknowledgements x
Contributors xii
PART 1: Overview of residential satisfaction factors in South Africa's low-income
human settlements 1
Chapter 1: Residential satisfaction in South Africa’s low-income urban neighbourhoods: An
Godfrey Musvoto 2
Chapter 2: A multivariate regression analysis of residential satisfaction in low-cost incremental
housing: A case study of Mayville
Tinaye Mahohoma and Godfrey Musvoto 19
Chapter 3: Residential satisfaction in a former apartheid women’s hostel
Robynne Jean Hansmann, Gilberte Lincoln and Tinaye Mahohoma 38
Chapter 4: Housing satisfaction in post-apartheid public owner-occupier housing
Calvin Nengomasha and Pauline Adebayo 59
Part 2: Case-based in-depth analysis of residential satisfaction challenges 81
Chapter 5: High-rise block apartments as a means for in-situ upgrading of informal settlements
Senzeka Phungula and Godfrey Musvoto 82
Chapter 6: Housing deficits in council rental apartments in South African cities
Godfrey Musvoto 107
Chapter 7: An evaluation of solid waste management in low-income neighbourhoods
Akhona Ngidi and Godfrey Musvoto 128
Chapter 8: Built environment strategies for reducing crime in informal settlements: A case study
Azola Dayimani and Godfrey Musvoto 147
Chapter 9: Covid-19 regulation compliance and household characteristics
Owen Rubaba and Gilberte Lincoln 166
Part 3: An evaluation of low-income housing policy in post-apartheid South Africa 195
Chapter 10: An assessment criteria for evaluating the houses produced under the
Reconstruction and Development Programme
Natal Buthelezi and Innocent Chirisa 196
Chapter 11: Housing ownership and wealth creation: Is the magic of title realised by the poor in
South Africa?
Pauline Adebayo 216
Chapter 12: Integrated and sustainable human settlements in the Eastern Cape
Adeleye Ayoade Adeniran, Sijekula Mbanga, Sibongangani Khonelihle Mngomezulu,
Jacobus Bekker, Winston Shakantu and Brink Botha. 238
Part 4: Spatial planning tools and techniques for co-production of settlements for
residential satisfaction 261
Chapter 13 : Insightful housing affordability and housing tenure-of-choice analysis
Emmanuel Kabundu, Brink Botha, Sijekula Mbanga and Gerrit Crafford 262
Chapter 14: Implications for residential satisfaction in peri-urban locations
Lovemore Chipungu, Nhlanhla Nkwanyana and Hope Hangwelani Magidimisha 282
Chapter 15: On location of affordable-housing developments in South Africa
Elizabeth Musvoto and Manya M. Mooya 307
Part 5: Comparative residential satisfaction studies: A Zimbabwean perspective 321
Chapter 16: Tenure security and residential satisfaction in informal settlements
Morgen Zivhave 322
Chapter 17: Residential satisfaction and efficient land use in housing in Harare
Nyasha Mutsindikwa and Aaron Maphosa 341
Chapter 18: Residential satisfaction in peri-urban settlements of resettled indigenous people
Goldmarks Makamure and Simphiwe Nojiyeza 359
Part 6: Concluding remarks and a synthesis of residential satisfaction dynamics in
South Africa’s low-income human settlements 371
Chapter 19: Conclusion: A reflection of residential satisfaction dynamics
Godfrey Musvoto 372
Index: 380