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Philip Quaque’s Letters to London, 1763-1811

Author: Prof. Adélékè ADÉẸ̀KỌ́
Published: October 02, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-86888-840-5
Number of pages: 176
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About the book

‘‘There are many reasons to welcome Adélékè Adéẹ̀kọ́’s new edition of the letters of the Reverend Phillip Quaque: the letters bring new insights into the contradictions that defined the encounter between Europeans and West Africans in the modern period, and of Quaque's complicated life as he tried to negotiate his role as a subject caught between the aspiration to be modern and the brutality of the slave trade. Adéẹ̀kọ́’s careful editing of the letters makes them accessible to modern readers and ensures that the troubled and troubling voice of the African will become central to our understanding of the “Black Atlantic”.’ – Simon Gikandi, Robert Schirmer Professor of English, Princeton University

‘An accomplished literary study, taking Quaque most seriously and paying very close attention to his language –  the tenor, tone, even identifying different dramatis personae of many Quaques in the letters occasioned by circumstance, and richly speculating on the meaningful relationships among and between all these literary strategies’. – Tejumola Olaniyan, Louise Durham Mead Professor of English and African Cultural Studies. University of Wisconsin Madison

‘This is a magnificent gift offering not just to the well-established field of West African church history, but to the wider area of identity formation in the era of early colonial capitalism.  A text to be celebrated!’ – Ato Quayson, Professor of English, FRSU University  & Director, Center for Diaspora and Transnational Studies, University of Toronto

Table of content

    1.   Arduous Pessimism of Native Agency in the Missionary Letters of Philip Quaque                     1

    2.   Letters of Rev. Philip Quaque                                                                                                      40