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The Road to Democracy in South Africa – Abridged Version Vol 6

Author: South African Democracy Education Trust (SADET)
ISBN: 978-1-86888-786-6
Number of pages: 207
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About the book

Volume 6 of the Road to Democracy in South Africa Abridged Edition series tells the crucial period from the unbanning of the liberation organisations in 1990 to the triumph of South Africa’s first democratic elections in April 1994. The events detailed in this volume move beyond 1994 to discuss the aftermath of the elections; the on-going violence in areas such as Natal and the PWV region; and how South Africans of all political persuasions adjusted to the new dispensation and worked together to devise the 1996 Constitution that has received worldwide recognition as one of the most equitable and praiseworthy of its kind.

Other significant liberation struggle themes such as the struggle for non-racial sport, and the role of black students, that were woven into the tapestry of the struggle, have been given recognition in this final volume of the first phase of the Road to Democracy project.

Unlike the bulky academic versions of SADET’s Road to Democracy in South Africa, the Abridged Edition series is much shorter; it is quicker and easier to read. The footnotes, the lengthy quotations, and overwhelmingly intricate detail have been removed.

The names of authors of the Road to Democracy in South Africa Abridged Edition series have been removed from each chapter but theirs is the credit for researching and creating them. SADET acknowledges the sterling work by all these international scholars.

This Abridged Editions series should be read by every South African. The hope is that others on the African continent and elsewhere in the world will find much of interest in its pages. After all, the history of the liberation struggle in South Africa is one of Africa’s greatest success stories.

Table of content

Preface viii

List of acronyms xiii

Chapter 1

The dismantling of the garrison state 1

Chapter 2

The National Party and the changing of the minds: The 1970s and the 1980s 11

Chapter 3

Violence in Natal and Zululand: The 1980s 25

Chapter 4

The re-establishment of the ANC inside the country: 1990–1994 41

Chapter 5

The ANC in Natal: 1990–1995 53

Chapter 6

The ANC and the politics of the Orange Free State: 1990–1994 65

Chapter 7

Political identity and democracy formation in the Eastern Cape: 1990–1994 75

Chapter 8

The ANC and organisation building in the Northern Cape: 1990–1994 87

Chapter 9

The re-incorporation of the Transkei into South Africa, 1987–1994: Turning against the master? 97

Chapter 10

Political transformations in the bantustans of Lebowa and KwaNdelebe: 1980–1994 109

Chapter 11

Bophuthatswana and the transition into the North West province: 123

The 1990s

Chapter 12

Survival politics by the Qwaqwa homeland government: Resistance and collaboration, 1990–1994 135

Chapter 13

The ANC’s Radio Freedom, its audiences and the struggle against apartheid in South Africa: 1963–1991 145

Chapter 14

Supporting war resistance in the South African struggle 155

Chapter 15

The struggle for non-racial sport in South Africa 167

Chapter 16

The return of the ANC ‘exiles’ and other challenges in the early 1990s 179

Chapter 17

The ANC, CODESA, substantive negotiations, and the road to the first democratic elections in South Africa 191

Chapter 18

The National Party and negotiations: 1990–1994 209

Chapter 19

The Inkatha Freedom Party and the multi-party negotiations in South Africa 223

Chapter 20

Violence in Natal and Zululand: The 1990s 233