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The Road to Democracy in South Africa Volume 3 parts 1 & 2

Author: South African Democracy Education Trust (SADET)
Published: June 09, 2008
ISBN: 976-1- 86888-795-8
Number of pages: 2146
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About the book

The third volume in the series examines the role of anti-apartheid movements around the world. The global anti-apartheid movement was very successful in creating awareness of the liberation struggle in South Africa, and in contributing to the downfall of the apartheid government.
This volume, in 2 parts, brings together analyses which in the main are written by activist scholars with deep roots in the movements and organizations they are writing about.

Table of content

Chapter 1
By Gregory Houston
Chapter 2
The United Nations and the struggle for liberation in South Africa
By Enuga S. Reddy
Chapter 3
The International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
By Al Cook
Chapter 4
In the heart of the beast:
The British Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1959–1994
By Christabel Gurney
Chapter 5
The Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement
By Louise and Kader Asmal with Thomas Alberts
Chapter 6
Sweden and the Nordic countries: Official solidarity
and assistance from the West
By Tor Sellström
Chapter 7
From Jan van Riebeeck to solidarity with the struggle:
The Netherlands, South Africa and apartheid
By Sietse Bosgra
Chapter 8
Anti-apartheid activity in the European Community and selected West European countries
Part 1 The European Community and apartheid: Minimal effective pressure
By Sietse Bosgra
Part 2 Austria and South Africa during apartheid
By Walter Sauer
Part 3 The anti-apartheid struggle in Belgium as perceived by the Comité Contre le Colonialisme et l’Apartheid
By Paulette Pierson-Mathy
Part 4 Hoera vir die Boer hoera! Pro- and anti-apartheid struggles in Flanders and Belgium
By Jan Vanheukelom
Part 5 France–South Africa
By Sietse Bosgra, Jacqueline Derens and Jacques Marchand
Part 6 A history of the Anti-Apartheid Movement in the
Federal Republic of Germany
By Gottfried Wellmer
Part 7 Italy, ‘beneficiary’ of the apartheid regime, and its internal
By Cristiana Fiamingo
Part 8 Switzerland and apartheid: The Swiss Anti-Apartheid Movement
By Peter Leuenberger
Part 9 Other Mediterranean countries: Spain, Portugal, Greece
By Sietse Bosgra
Part 10 The Liaison Group of Anti-Apartheid Movements in the EC
By Sietse Bosgra
Part 11 AWEPAA: European activists–politicians against apartheid
By Peter Sluiter and Sietse Bosgra