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From Around the world in Eighty Days

Author: Ari Sitas
Published: August 14, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-86888-775-0
Number of pages: 127
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About the book

Have a kerala coffee on the go; hop on a train to see the Elephant Man; stop for a moment to sip on a Sula or order a chai.Ari Sitas awakens our senses with this unique sensory encounter. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of India with Aouda and Passerpartout. This book forms part of the prestigious Unsia Flame Series for interdisciplinary works.

Ari Sitas awakens our senses with this unique sensory encounter. With full colour original Kerala art work, this truly is a unique work of art.

Around the world in 80 days takes us on a seven-day journey to India. A reconstruction of Jules Verne’s journey of 1872, Phileas Fogg, Auda and Passepartout are transferred to the 21st century, in a dialogue of what was and what is and what remains … undecided …

"Have we defined India, Passerpartout, what is the verdict …"

About the author

Being well-known as academic, writer, poet, playwright and activist, Ari Sitas is a collaborator and creative leader par excellence.

Ari Sitas joined the University of Cape Town as a professor in May 2009, after 26 years at the University of Natal and later the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He was a senior fellow and research associate in a number of institutions: the University of California, Berkeley, Ruskin College and Oxford University and president of the South African Sociological Association, a vice-president of the International Sociological Association and an executive member of the African Sociological Association. He has completed a fellowship at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and acts as guest professor at the Albert-Ludvigs University of Freiburg.

Ari completed his  PhD at the University of the Witwatersrand on the emergence of trade unions and social movements among black urban and migrant workers (1960s–1980s) under the supervision of Eddie and the late David Webster in 1984.

On the theatrical front he has previously participated in creative projects with contemporary artists such as Malcolm Purkey, William Kentridge and Ramolao Makhene within Junction Avenue Theatre Co., in the insurrectionary Community Action Support Group with  Allahpoets and a range of jazz musicians, and in the Culture and Working Life Project with Alfred Qabula, Omar Basha and Astrid Von Kotze and others. His and Sumangala Damodaran’s brainchild Insurrections re-gathered for two remarkable performances at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town in 2012, directed by Neo Muyanga and Sumangala Damodaran.

Ari Sitas’s poetry volumes include: Tropical Scars (1989); Shoeshine and Piano (1991); Songs, Slave Trades (2000); The RDP Poems (2004) and Rough Music, Ari’s selected poems of 1989–2013 (2013). His latest sociological work is The Mandela Decade: Labour, Politics and Culture in Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) and Gauging and Engaging Deviance 1600–2000 was recently published in India. He shifted paradigms with a collective project of Indian and South African poets and musical composers, under the banner of Insurrections.

Table of content

Unisa Flame Series Foreword 1
Preface 3
Acknowledgements 5
The Tedium of the Passage 10
Mumbai 13
Captain Fantastic 14
Mooring 16
Posh Time 18
At Russell Square 21
Passepartout 23
Pune 27
Master and Slave Dialectics 31
Human Kindness 35
Kiouni 37
Connaught Place 40
Saving Aouda 45
Learning to Love 52
Love Song to Aouda 54
Remembering London 59
Allahabad 62
Kissing League 65
Varanasi 66
My Roach 68
Melancholy 69
Bihar 70
Kolkata 1 73
Kolkata 2 74
Remembering Milano 77
To Go 78
Farewell 80
Master and Slave Dialectics 2 83
They are Shooting Monks (in Mandalay) 86
Death Toll 89
Kokovoko 92
Postscript 96
Appendix One: Aouda Fogg 101
Appendix Two: Passepartout 107
Endnotes 111
About the Author 113
About the Unisa Flame Series 114
Audio Credits 117
Track List 119