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Effective Study

Author: At van Schoor, Elsabe’ Mill and Deirdre Potgieter
ISBN: 978-1-86888-190-3
Number of pages: 169
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About the book

This is a revised edition of a text that over a number of years has become an indispensable part of the study repertoire of many learners. It provides beginner learners, veterans, teachers and members of the general public with practical and effective techniques to improve their study and work performance.

Table of content

  1. The EFT Study Process
  2. Assessing the study process
  3. Creating a quality environment for effective study
  4. Effective time management and planning
  5. The organization and running of study groups
  6. Writing assignments
  7. Reading and making notes
  8. Making the most of your memory: thinking and learning successfully
  9. Dealing with multiple-choice questions
  10. Effective examination techniques
  11. Academic anxiety
  12. The effectiveness of the study process