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Critical reasoning and the art of argumentation

Author: MES van den Berg
Published: October 07, 2010
ISBN: 978-1- 86888- 597-8
Number of pages: 152
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About the book

Back by popular demand, this revised edition is now even more lively, accessible and offers an improved and reader-friendly introduction to the art of clear thinking.  Critical thinkers who think for themselves, rather than blindly following the instructions of authoritarian and indoctrination practices of a closed system, are the key role players in a free and democratic society.

Developing and applying critical reasoning skills are globally recognised as basic competencies, like reading and writing. We are confronted with many social, political and moral issues, and the ability to think critically is of great value in dealing competently with these issues. The revised edition is filled with up-to-date as well as new examples from major socio-political events that took place in South Africa in the past few years, such as the Zuma trial, political conflict, race relations and xenophobia.

Other new examples have been based on events that took place in the rest of Africa and the world, such as the Zimbabwean condition, political events in Darfur, and the war in Afghanistan.