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Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe’s Public Entities

Comparisons with South Africa and Australia

Author: Dr Nomsa Moyo
Published: June 01, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-77615-059-5
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About the book

The role of public entities is crucial within the economies of developing and developed countries. They facilitate economic growth and sustainable development, help to attract global investment capital, while aiding to maintain economic stability and to stimulate economic growth. As business environments change, boards of directors form a vital solid buffer by ensuring good corporate governance.

Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe's Public Entities breaks new ground by focusing on the governance and effectiveness of boards of directors in public enterprises in Zimbabwe. Benchmarking with South Africa and Australia, the author critically evaluates Zimbabwean corporate governance models and legal, regulatory reforms with internationally accepted corporate governance standards.

This book focuses on initiatives, laws and regulations aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of boards of public entities. Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe's Public Entities is designed to influence the formulation of policies where the application of corporate governance and the development of the jurisprudence is not in advanced stages yet.

Spanning eight chapters, author Nomsa Moyo effectively follows a `law in action’ approach, drawing from a wide range of sources and based on her discussions with corporations and boards across the three countries.