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From Columbus to Castro

The History of the Caribbean

Author: Eric Williams
Published: January 01, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-86886-607-4
Number of pages: 582
Prices: R 260

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About the book

University of North Carolina Press; reprinted by Unisa Press

`Eric Williams is forced to write about so much greed and cruelty that it is remarkable that he keeps his temper and his perspective. He succeeds, and his practical discussion of the current state of the Caribbean is among the best of its kind …’ The New Yorker

This narrative history of the entire West Indian area since the fifteenth century, collates all existing knowledge of the Caribbean in relation to the rest of the world and examines the political, social and economic forces that have shaped this region since 1492.

Dominated by the history of sugar, which is inseparable from the history of slavery, From Columbus to Castro is a seminal work about a profoundly important but often neglected and misinterpreted area of the world.

Dr Eric Williams was best known in two roles: as a consummate historian, and as first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and head of government for twenty-five years, from 1956 until his death in 1981.