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ARCSWiD01 Special assistance form for students with disabilities (PDF 71KB)
Registration confirmation
Login to myUnisa. Click on "My Admin", "Edit Registration", "Request Registration Letter" and "Request Letter". A secure PDF document will be sent to your myLife e-mail account. Use your ID number / passport number to open the secure PDF.

Addition and cancellation of study units application form (PDF 103KB)

You can also request the addition / cancellation of study units via myUnisa. Login in myUnisa. Click on "My Admin" and "Edit Registration".


Changes of address/examination centre and contact numbers (PDF 64KB)

  • You can also change your address and contact numbers via myUnisa. Login to myUnisa. Click on "My Admin", "Biographical Details" and "Update Address Details".
  • To request a change to your examination centre, click on "My Admin" and "Edit Registration". Please take note of the deadlines for requesting exam venue changes.
DSAR04 Application form for exemption of study units (PDF 72KB)
DSAR06 Application form for final-year students requesting registration for 12 modules (PDF 56KB)
DSAR07 Application form for re-admission (PDF 55KB)
  • You can request your academic record via myUnisa. Login in myUnisa. Click on "Academic Record" and "Code". Your academic record will be sent to your myLife e-mail account.
  • To may also apply for a formal letter of academic record (hard copy format). Complete the Application for academic record or credit certificate form (PDF 109KB) and submit it via e-mail to Include your postal address so that a hard copy of your academic record can be posted to you.
DSAR09 Appeal for re-admission (PDF 51BK)
DSAR16 Application for admission to Honours Degree, where undergraduate qualification is incomplete (PDF 33KB)
DSAR25 Teaching practical placement form - RSA students only (PDF 191KB)

Application for deferment of studies (PDF 28KB)

Please note:

  • You must apply in writing for a deferment (using DSAR form 26) if you want to take a break from your studies (ie you are unable to continue with your studies in a particular semester or year).
    * Do not use DSAR form 26 to apply for an exam deferment.
  • If you want to defer an exam to the following semester, please click here for the rules and the application form for aegrotat and special exams.
DSAR27 Teaching practical placement form - students outside RSA (PDF 189KB)
DSAR29 Application for a letter confirming the completion of a qualification (PDF 106KB)
M30 Application for a Certificate of Conditional Exemption (ONLY for admission to Bachelor's Degree studies - not for BTech degree studies) (PDF 33KB)

Form codes