Unisa Archives

The Unisa Archives collect and preserve archival material concerned with the University's administration, staff and students, functions, history and development.

Valuable archival material has been accumulated over the years, for example:

  • the minute books of Unisa's predecessor The Board of Examiners (1850-1859), who were responsible for the civil service examinations in the Cape Colony
  • the archives of the Board of Public Examiners in Literature and Science (1860-1873)
  • the archives of the University of the Cape of Good Hope (1873-1918).

These documents are an invaluable source of information on the early development of tertiary education in South Africa.

Material belonging to the following categories is collected at present :

  • minutes of the University Council meetings
  • Senate and sub-committee papers
  • reports
  • calendars and prospectuses
  • programmes of graduation ceremonies
  • examination papers
  • study guides and tutorial letters
  • Unisa publications such as departmental journals and handbooks
  • inaugural lectures
  • papers by staff members
  • newspaper clippings
  • press releases
  • circulars
  • documents relating to the University's social activities
  • other material including photographs, audio tapes and commemorative objects

The papers of the Unisa Transnet International Music Competitions are also part of the Unisa Archives. These competitions date from 1982, when Prof Hennie Joubert organised the First International Piano Competition.

Theses and dissertations of Unisa students are kept in the special book collection.

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