Journal collection

Where to find periodicals

Periodicals are housed on level 4 in the Main Library. Science periodicals are kept in the Science Library (Laboratory Block, Theo van Wijk Building). 

Older volumes of certain periodical titles and cancelled periodical titles are shelved in the Little Used Collection on level 1 of the Main Library. This is indicated on the Library catalogue with a status of Compactus periodicals.

Use the Journal Title Search to find out whether the Library has a particular periodical title in stock and where it is housed.

Please note that the Library does not issue periodicals or newspapers.

Photocopies of periodical articles are supplied to students on request, subject to the Library's regulations and the provisions of the Copyright Act 98 of 1978.

Requesting journal articles using the Library Catalogue

Journal articles may be requested online via the Library Catalogue.

No prescribed articles can be requested via the Library Catalogue, however you can obtain these articles by either downloading the article or posting the relevant request card.

Need help? Assistance is available at levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 or on contact number 012 429 3134.

Last modified: 2016/10/09