Government publications

Government publications may be found on different levels in the Main Library.

The following are housed on level 2 of the Main Library.

For assistance please contact : +27 12 429-3214

  • government departments' annual reports
  • national states' publications
  • African states' publications
  • publications of the Central Statistical Service
  • Government Gazettes older than 20 years
  • Provincial Gazettes

    Current issues of South Africa's Government Gazette are shelved under South Africa in the Periodicals Collection on level 4 of the Main Library.

Government publications found elsewhere in the Library

  • Government White Papers, Green Papers, Commission Reports and Committee Reports are available on the open shelves.
  • Acts and Bills are located on level 6 of the Main Library.
  • South African Hansards are shelved on level 7 of the Main Library at REF 328.6802 SOUT

Last modified: 2016/10/09